AN: Well I decided add AU to the summary so no one else will be confused. I hope everyone already realized that this was AU from the very first AN in chapter one. It was brought to my attention in four reviews (now deleted) I don't know anything about this couple, characters were Ooc and I made up history.

I'm willing to admit, I don't know anything about this couple, but it was clearly said in the first chapter that I didn't. I also said it was AU (so I can make things up since it does not follow canon) and I apologized for the Out of Character in the first Authors Note.

Anyhow the AU in the summary should fix this. Thank for reading and I'm very sorry for the abrupt ending.


Scarlett was in perfect form as she performed her push-ups. Her mind was clear and she was counting without thinking. She could feel sweat dripping from her nose as she continued. Seven weeks had passed since she was had returned to the Pit. She had gotten back into the swing of things relatively easy.

She finished her last push-up and stood. After doing a couple of stretches she started jogging. Seven weeks since she escaped from the underground base and it was destroyed. She remembered every single day from the moment she returned. The alternative personality was completely gone. No more blackouts or confusion. She was back to herself or as much as she could be.

Physical Training ended and she headed to the showers. The alternative personality that was forced upon her had actually worked to help her. Shade had offered her help to take down the base. She escaped the Pit and faked her loyalty to the Conductor. It was an intelligent plan that General Hawk agreed upon.

After she sent out encoded information on the layout of the base and the guards shifts he sent in his best to retrieve her and destroy the base. It was like clockwork and Scarlett could only remember waking up after the sound of explosion. After that point she didn't have any more interference from the personality, it was gone. Scarlett was confused but she met up with Snake Eyes and Helix to complete the mission. The whole episode felt like it was from a bad dream.

She left the showers after cleaning up. Passing two other Joes on her way to her quarters she gave a greeting and kept on heading to her room.

She had explained her silly reason to Snake Eyes and received what she could only call a lecture of some sort. He was so angry with her she could barely follow the swift signs he had made when he was signing to her.

After a while he had to just leave. She assumed he had no words for her, which she didn't mind. She had no real words to explain her stupidity during those moments. She had let emotions get in the way and caused a lot of troubles.

They talked to one another again after that and she had to promise him she would never do anything so stupid again. He didn't quite believe her but he let the matter rest after a couple of days. It wasn't quite the makeup she wanted but she was satisfied for the time being. There were plenty of things that she didn't tell him, not because she didn't want to. But she wasn't ready to. She would one day but not anytime soon.

She finished dressing in her quarters and then headed to her workstation area. She had a lot of work lately but she had to admit it was better to stay busy. No time was allowed to dwell on mistakes. Busying herself with the day's workload she forgot about her train of thought.

It was finally a normal day for Scarlett.

AN II: I really did enjoyed writing this story at first. I wish everyone was in character and I could read every comic so I could learn the characters, but that's impossible and that's okay.

Again thank you for reading and the reviews; they encouraged me to write this story that was completely out of my norm. And I really thought it was okay for my first try. If it seems I am just ending this because of a few bad reviews, it not. It's because I don't want to go on and I don't think this story is good, (so maybe alittle because of the reviews) but mostly because of the writer's block. The ending should have been in 5th chapter and I messed that up thinking I should have gone on. I'll probably change it one day to the true ending I wanted, but for now this is the end.

Anyway this is it for me and this fandom. I'm no good at it anyway.