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Chapter 1: Broken hearts.

Neku listened as another song began playing, closing his eyes and listening closely. He didn't listen to music as much as he used to. It had always been an attempt to ignore people, but he didn't do that anymore, Why would he now?

He had great friends and a good life, being such a loner wasn't a good way to pass time. He only listened to music in the times when he wasn't feeling the best or if he was unbeliveable bored and had nothing else to do.

Today he was stuck waiting. Shiki had wanted to spend the day with him, but before that she had something to do with Eri. So Neku had to wait until it was done. He had no choice but to wait because there was nothing else to do. Rhyme and Beat were off somewhere doing something, he wasn't sure but he decided to let them stay by themselves for today.

He'd been standing in front of Hachiko for around an hour, Shiki had taken longer than he thought she would. maybe something happened. He wasn't all that concerned, he didn't want to know much about girls matters. They never made much sense. Boys were not made to make sense out of them.


Finally, Neku had gotten extremely bored standing in that same spot. He walked over to where Shiki was calling him.

He noticed she was wearing a dress he hadn't seen her wear before,

"That new?" He asked,

"Hmm?" Shiki looked down to the Blue fabric of the dress, "Yeah, Eri was ranting on about how good it would look on me and sort of forced me to buy it"

"Forced you?" What kind of friend forces you to buy stuff.

"Not really, I like it too, it was a bargin as well. So it doesn't matter"

It had been three years since the reaper game. Neku was almost eighteen, same as Shiki and Beat. Life was pretty normal. Different from what it had been, but still what is considered as normal. Neku wasn't such an anti-social person as he once had been, he spent as much time as he could with his friends. Shiki was still making clothes with Eri, She'd improved on the designing part of it, but still wasn't as good as her. but it didn't matter, she was better at the other things. Beat still wasn't very smart, But he was doing good at other stuff anyway. Rhyme would soon be starting her first year of high school. She was actually quite smart, unlike her brother. Apparently the other day she'd been told by a boy that: 'At least now your not going to be mistaked for a boy'. Was that a compliment or an insult? She didn't say who he was, But Neku had an idea of someone that might say something weird like that. So all in all they were having a rather normal life. The only thing that could be considered weird would have to be that from time to time they talked to Shibuya's composer, yes that was definately the strangest part. Neku had things that he would never forgive Joshua for, but still, he trusted him. But he didn't know whether he could still consider him a friend, it was a little complicated.

That day Neku and Shiki spent the day talking and walking around Shibuya. They didn't have much to do, so the day was spent having random pointless conversations and window shopping. Neku dumbly didn't notice that Shiki had new glasses until she mentioned how a guy had knocked her over and the lenses shattered and the frame was damaged badly. The new ones were square with a red frame, they didn't look as geeky as the old ones, Eri had chosen them for her. They looked better, And apparently Shiki needed new glasses anyway because she needed a new perscription, Neku didn't even know what she meant by that. Shiki's hair was longer now too, She looked kinda pretty with her hair at that length.

They ran into Beat and Rhyme in one of the less crowded parts of Shibuya, Beat was trying out some new tricks on his skateboard. Rhyme was just watching. It was a strange sight seeing Rhyme in a skirt, she would only wear one at school ,other than that she was in pants or shorts. Her mum had been buying her more girlish clothes and she was being forced to wear them. Not many mums like their daughters looking like sons. She wasn't bothered much having to wear clothes like she was wearing now, but she prefered what she usually wore over a skirt.

The conversation that Rhyme and Shiki were having was disrupted by a loud crashing sound, which without looking it was already obvious that Beat had stacked.

"you alright?" Rhyme dashed over to him, She tried bending over but couldn't from her skirt going too far up her legs, Which she had to quickly fix up.

"Damn, still can't do that move" Beat began complaining. Nobody had been looking when he stacked so nobody knew what he was complaining about.

"Well practice makes perfect, you just have to keep trying" Rhyme tried encouraging him.

"I've done it so much and i'm still failing, Damn" He kept on.

Rhyme still tried getting him out of his annoyed mood, Shiki was helping her.

Neku's mind was off in another place, he was thinking about other things that had nothing to do with what was going on now. Shiki looked back at him and took notice of how he was blankly staring.

"Hey earth to Neku, you alright?"

"huh?" His thoughts were cut short, "um, I'm sorry I think I just went into a trance"

"little stupid" She giggled, "what was going round your head just then?"

Yeah, what was going round my head, Crap how did I forget it that fast.

"I just forgot?" God that confused him.

"Thats pretty dumb" She turned back to helping Rhyme with encouraging Beat so he wouldn't keep on complaining about his constant failing on a particular move.

What the hell was I thinking about, how did I forget it so fast? Neku was wondering. Shiki's right, that is real stupid.

His thoughts were cut short again by Shiki when she grabbed onto his arm, with a grin she joked "mission accomplished" Looking back Neku could see Beat getting back on his skateboard.

"Come on I wanna go somewhere else." She pulled him along, With a wave to Rhyme they left. What was with that funny smile she just gave us? What's she thinking?

Neku and Shiki grabbed lunch at a fast food restuarant and ate it outside. half way through the meal Neku had to mention,

"Did you notice that weird way Rhyme was smiling, she was thinking something weird"

"Rhyme? Yeah I noticed it, I asked why before we left."

"What she say" Neku questioned.

"Something about that 'she knows something that the people it's about don't even know' "

"That doesn't sound like something she'd say" Neku mentioned.

"She got the way she said it from someone else, but she was already aware of whatever the 'something' is"

"Real hard to guess who 'someone else' is" Neku mumbled.

"Yeah, got that right" Shiki agreed.

Neku was noticing how Shiki was looking more happier than usual. He wondered what was up with that. But he didn't ask why just yet.

"So what was the thing that you and Eri were doing before you came to see me?"

"What we were doing? didn't I mention about a certain thing we were doing a couple of days ago?" She asked back.

"Must have drowned out" He emitted.

"Meanie" she wacked his hand,

"ow, what was that for?"

"What you think?" She laughed.

"I did something stupid? anyway, what was the thing?" He was curious about that now.

"Something awesome" She giggled happily.

"And what is that?"

"organising certain stuff connected to how after graduation we're going on a trip to Europe"

How the crap did I miss her saying that?

"Really?" Neku exclaimed a litlle surprised.

"Why would I kid about a thing like that?" Shiki laughed.

"I can find no proper reason why some one would."

"Course you can't"

Shiki had such a bright feeling around her, the trip didn't see to be all the news.

"So how long after graduation is trip?"

"About two weeks" She smiled.

" So in a months time you and Eri are going to be in Europe?"

"Pretty much" Shiki was looking really happy at the moment.

It was nice when Shiki was actually in a good mood. Not like she was constantly in a bad one, but from the amount of times she got bullied she did get sad a lot. Why do people have to be so judgemental over appearances? She wasn't even ugly, she just had glasses. In Neku's mind he really couldn't see that as a actually reason for someone to be bullied. Luckily she was spared from it getting too bad, at least she followed the trends. Neku didn't give a damn about them, and had people wasting their time giving him insults for it, insults which had nothing to do with their reasons. Shiki and Eri would only joke about it, they didn't care what he thought about clothes, but found his outdated things an easy thing to make a joke out of. They didn't mean anything mean by it, it was only when they were bored would they waste time on such things.

"I just remembered that one of mr mews stiches has come loose, I need to fix it before it gets worse" Shiki started mumbling, changing the subject.

"The pig?" Neku asked,

He recieved a look which cleary read 'you idiot'

"He's a cat neku"

"pig, cat, no big diffrerence"

"Yes there is" Shiki face palmed. "You want me to show you what a pig is?"

"And what are you meaning by that?"

"I'll show you later"

What is she talking about?

A couple days later, after school they had decided to go see a movie together with Beat and Rhyme. Neku was the third one to get there, Shiki was late. They spotted her walking with Eri, who they guessed was forcing Shiki to let her go too, which she did constantly.

Rhyme mumbled that Shiki was holding something in her hands to Beat, Neku didn't hear it, and only relised she had been holding something when that thing hit him in the face.

It knocked him over as he hadn't expected it, When he picked up the thing he found out that it was a doll, of a pig. Looking up Shiki was standing over him.

"And that's what a pig looks like, Nothing like mr mew at all right?"

Oh, thats what she meant yesturday.

"Can you please stop calling him a pig now?"

"Why does it matter in the first place?" Good point.

"Because Mr mew is a cat" She complained, "i'm getting annoyed by the amount of times you call him a pig"

Neku got back up and went to hand the plush toy back to Shiki, but she refused it back,

"No you can keep it, It can remind you what a pig looks like"

Neku was beginning to think Shiki had gone a little crazy, what was the point being all caught up on a pig? He had to stop thinking for a second as he relised the others were already leaving.

When he caught back up Eri came up to him and whispered,

"Just saying but i'm the one that dared her to hit you with it, but I didn't think she'd actually do it." she laughed then went back to walking side by side with Shiki. And Neku was stuck with the random pig toy, Great idea, start calling it a cat.

The movie they had been planning to watch, had been sold out by the time they got there. So, to Shiki's dismay, They chose to watch one of the only other good movies there, which happened to be a horror movie. Oh joy.

Beat laughed the whole time, Rhyme was thinking about how the failures the victims had that led to a murder, could have been easily changed so they survived. Neku was quitely laughing at such failures. Eri was getting confused at the characters stupidity. And Shiki, well she was just plainly terrified, well it's not a horror movie for nothing, someones has to be scared or it must have been a total waste of money. She was sitting there horrified and mumbling to herself the entire time.

'why are japanese horror movies so scary?, I wish I wasn't japanese no more'

'How is this funny to them? they've gone insane, oh crap I'm surrounded bu crazy people'

'End now you evil movie, why am I even watching this?'

Shiki's continueous muttering caught Neku's attention, Peeking over to her seat he saw how freaked out she was getting.

"Are you alright?" She looked damn terrified.

"Oh of course i'm alright Neku, Currently I can't breathe, When I blink I see a phantom on the back of my eyelids, and I'm scared that when I leave A ghastly grim reaper is going to hunt me down with a literally bloody scythe, So how alright do I sound?"

"Absolutely terrified" He concluded.

"I'm stupid aren't I?" She asked, going back into her little 'i'm stupid' mood. God she needed some more self confidence.

"It's a horror movie, your surposed to be scared"

"but your not scared" She whispered sadly.

"Not everyone gets scared, but someone always does, trust me 'bout half the people here are going to be having some horrid nightmares tonight" He comforted her.

"Anyway" He added in " You know that a reaper doesn't look anything like that creepy black cloak guy"

"Neku!" She half laughed giving him a hit on the arm.

If it wasn't for Beat and his obnoixous laughing one of the others would have noticed their conversation, And maybe Shiki and Neku would have noticed Eri and Rhyme Laughing after Neku got hit, mumbling about them having a 'lovers quarrell' "

After the movies Eri and Rhyme were continuing their conversation but now switched to talking about the characters failures,

"why would you even go in there, I mean seriously, choosing between a people packed street and an abandoned house? Come on"

"That's not even the dumbest part! Usagi had a perfect chance to kill the reaper, But she didn't! what reason could there be not to?"

"I knew from the start that Yuki would do it, she was awesome from the beggining, shame all the others died"

"well that's a horror movie for you"

Shiki was staring at them obviously confused how they enjoyed it.

"Wow, not only were they not scared, but they predicted how it would end, I am stupid" Shiki grumbled.

"Your not stupid,everyone gets scared from a horror movie sometime in their life"

"have you been?" She asked curiously,

"My parents made me watch one when I was three, Something about a dragon that reminded me of godzilla, called top threat was rippping people apart, Had nightmares about him for the rest of the year, no joke"

"What kind of parents make a three year watch a horror movie?" Shiki exclaimed in confusion.

"Well mine did repeatively"

"Mine did worse when I was three, you can shut up now" rhyme called out from in front of them, Speaking much unlike her usual way of speaking.

"Hey that was rude, don't interupt them" Eri went off at her, before bursting out into a fit of laughter.

"Whats so funny?" Shiki questioned her, "You've been laughing way more than usual, it's getting weird"

Neku had noticed that too, Eri seemed to be thinking about something strange, which in turn was making her laugh heaps, much more than the amount she already did. She had some inside joke of some kind, which for some reason Rhyme knew it too.

"Never mind" She chukled, Rhyme gave her a funny look, But then walked closer too Beat, who was still going on about all the action scenes,

"And then when Yuki stole his scythe and"

"Enough, we all knew what happened you don't have to keep going on about it" Rhyme stopped him, "Now come on we have to get home before we get in trouble"

Rhyme waved to the others and pulled Beat along with her in the direction of their house. Eri turned back from waving and gave Shiki and Neku a smile,

"Well I should be going too, Byes" Giving a small wave before skipping off.

"Eri! I don't want to have to go home alone!"

But Eri had gone too far away already to have heard that, leaving an angry Shiki behind.

"I can take you home" Neku walked up next to her.

"Thanks, but I have a feeling my parents might be angry with me if they found out that I walked home with a guy" Shiki murmured.

"They know that we're just friends don't they?" Neku asked,

"Yeah" Shiki replied "But still, you know how parents are"

"Not really, my parents are rather neglectful, they wouldn't care much" Neku confessed.

"Really? That's not nice" Shiki responded.

"Tell me about it"

Shiki thought for a moment, before saying anything more.

"I guess my parents wouldn't really go off at me for walking home with a boy. They know that we're just friends"

"Fine then, just one more question" He piped up,

"And what is that?"

"Do I really have to keep this pig?"

Neku held up the pig plushy which he'd been stuck holding the whole time, shiki gave him a grin and a quite laugh, before announcing,

"Yes you have to keep it, I'm not taking it back" She giggled a little.

"So I have to keep this cat"

Utter silence was her response, Before cracking out laughing, Neku laughed himself, he got the perfect reaction from his joke.

'You idiot it's a pig!" She got out through all the laughs.

"Hmmm, Personally I think it looks like a cat" He looked down at it.

"Stop being stupid Neku, you know it's a pig" Shiki was still in a laughing fit.

"I'm not stupid, how dare you say that" He joked around some more.

"Stop it, I can't breathe" Shiki waved her arms in front, regaining her breath.

Neku smiled before begining to walk off,

"You don't want to be left behind do you?" He called out, Shiki ran to catch up with him.

Shibuya's street were near empty, they were almost all alone walking through the shadowly streets. A person would pass them everynow and then, but it was nothing compared to the usual in the daytime.

"This place is more empty than usual eh?" Shiki began. "But it must still be crowded at the scramble"

"Yeah, that place is never without a bunch of people" Neku agreed.

It was a pain making out where things were, darkness was covering half the place.

"I think we're closer to my house right now"

"So I still have walk part way alone?" Shiki whinned

"Don't worry, I'll still go with you all the way, I can just walk back here afterwards."

"Thanks Neku" Shiki thanked him,

"Don't want to leave you alone when your scared about the grim reaper going after you" He joked ruining the niceness of the moment.

"Hey, that's not very funny?"

"I know, It got in my head and I was really tempted to say it, sorry" He apologised.

"Don't say something like that again, it's mean"

'Because of how stupid it sounds?"

"Yes because it's stupid"

"You should stop putting yourself down, I thought you got past all that stuff" Neku was getting sick of that bad habit she had. Most time she went on about things she thought she was bad at or starting thinking about how stupid she is, it really wasn't true.

"I try not too, really" Shiki whispered quitely, "But it keeps coming out"

"You really should try harder, There's nothing wrong with you, You underestimate yourself so much" he tried reassuring her"

Shiki looked up at him, "You really think that?" She asked,

"course I do"


Their conversation was interupted when a man rushed out of no where and knocked into Shiki but kept running, she was about to fall but Neku caught her at the last second. Her glasses however slipped off her face and hit the ground.

"Ah oh no!" Shiki picked them back up and inspected them, "They're crooked, aren't they?"

Neku looked at the frames, it was hard to see good in the darkness, but he forced his eyes to make out the glasses properly.

"Looks that way"

"Crap, I just got these, I'm going to be in so much trouble" Shiki began panicking.

"How much were they?"

"$190, expensive aren't they?"

"yeah" He was slightly shocked, he was aware about glasses being expensive, but that just seemed stupid.

He had to stop thinking about stupid prices when he noticed that Shiki seemed, from what he could make out, looking even more scared. For god's sake.

"Um, Neku?" She started,

He took a guess where she was going with this,


"Your house is only about a block away right?" She asked, even though she must have already known the answer already.

Mental facepalm.

"Are you so terrified now that your too scared to go a couple more blocks to your house?"


"Hey don't put it that why" She complained right off,

"I'm guessing I got it right?" He chuckled.

"Oh come on, I can barely see anyway, I can't fix the frames in the dark"

She had a good point, it would be mean to make her have to keep walking when she was having even more trouble seeing and she was plainly still scared as all hell (even if she wouldn't admit to it)

"Fine, you can stay at my house for awhile"

"Thanks, your parents wont have a problem with me being there will they?" She questioned, just a little curious about it.

"My parents would not be home, so I wouldn't know"

'What? Why?" she asked now.

"Because they are visiting my mum's sister, they won't be back for a week"

"And they left you behind?"

"Yeah, pretty much" He shrugged.

"Wow, your parents are neglectful"

Neku took a key from his pocket and unlocked the door, He entered and Shki followed behind him. she'd only been here a couple times before, neither of them went to each others much. Last time Shiki was here Neku's parents came home and went into some weird suspicous parents mode. It got creepy, which was when she decided she didn't like them very much. At least it wasn't like the time she had gone over to Rhyme's and beat's house and her mum went extremely over controlling. That was scary, And apprently if Rhyme cuts her hair she will get grounded.

Shiki took a seat on the couch and began straightning out her frames without much luck. She could get them back in place, and while she was doing so she spotted scratches on one of the lenses.

"Damn it, how did one fall do this to them, you'd think they were stronger"

Neku stood in front of her, looking down as she tried attempting to fix her screwed up glasses.

"Failing I take it?"

She glanced up and gave him a look,

"Yeah, Failing"

Neku sat down next to her, still watching her failings.

"So what exactly are your eye problems?"

She stopped her attepts and looked back at him,

"Why do you want to know that?"

"I don't really know, just asking" He said plainly.

"I'm short sighted in my left eye, a bit in my right eye, but it's not as bad"

His look changed after she said it, which was confusing for her because he didn't really have a reason to be confused or something similar at the moment.


"Just thinking, if your sight isn't really all that bad, then when you were complaning that you couldn't see before, was that a lie because in truth you were really just extremely scared that a grim reaper was going to pop out of nowhere and kill you?"

Bullseye again.

"N..no! Don't be stupid!"

Definately a bulleye.

"The faster someone denies something the more likely it's true"

"Now where did you hear that from?" She sounded angry, but she was really embarassed.

"Because when people lie they answer right away, like you just did" He gave an evil smile.

Which in turn she hit him with a couch cushion to shut him up.

"Now your just being mean!"

Neku put the cushion back in place, before laughing some more. Shiki was still glaring at him.

"Stop making fun of me for getting scared at a horror movie, like you said, everyone does sometime, you know it's not funny"

Knowing that doesn't make it any less easier to stop laughing.

"Most people also get tempted to make a joke over it, sorry"

"It's still annoying me"

Shiki fiddled with her glasses' frames some more, giving them a look she put them on, finding them crooked still she began trying to fix them again.

"Not having much succsess?" Neku looked down at them.

"It's not exactly easy when my sight isn't best"

"is it annoying?"

"Hmm," she looked to the side, "Annoying?"

"Having to wear glasses to see right"

"Sometimes, but it's alright, my sight is much better than many others. It's only one eye thats bad"

"So not really?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Why do you think people get bullied so much for having glasses?"

Shiki gave him a funny look for asking what was already obvious.

"Because having glasses is stereotipical for nerds. So when people see someone with them, they will think that they're a nerd" She explained simply.

"Which I know is stupid, anyone with glasses do especially, even when they are the stereotype. I'm dumb and I have them, so that proves the stereotype wrong." She added in.

"Your not stupid" Neku layed back on the couch, "You get better grades than I do."

Shiki had the most Irritating habit of saying such bad things about herself, saying she was stupid, when she was a little above average. Saying she was bad at things, when she was better than so many others.

"Stop saying that, I am stupid!"

"No your not, what are you going on about"

Neku leaned more closer. Shiki looked at him for a second before getting embarrassed over their close proximity. jumping up off the couch with a blush on her face.

"Stop it!" She yelled. Angry now, over stupid things. secretly hiding her embarrssement.

Neku got up after her, she didn't like the look he gave her.

"Whats wrong with what I'm saying, I'm saying the truth, your not stupid, why do you keep telling yourself that you are?" He snapped.

"Because I am!" she strongly believed that it was a fact.

Neku was getting sick of her acting this way, he steped closer and grabbed onto her clenched fist. Her blush went deeper, he must have known by now why her face was so red, that it was from more than her being angry.

"Shiki stop this please, you are not stupid, no matter what you say you are not. Don't go comparing yourself to some genius. This is pointless."

She unclenched her hands and looked into Neku's eyes. He was right, but she didn't want to believe in his words, for such idiotic reasons she wanted herself to be true. She felt like crying right now, not knowing why at all.

"Shut up Neku' she whispered dejectedly.

"I'm stupid and I'm ugly"

"No your not!" He interrupted.

'You are not stupid, and you are certainly not ugly. How many times do I have to say it?"

Shiki continued looking up into his eyes, She wanted those words to comfort her and take her out of her distraught mood. But still she wanted her to be right about it all, why did her mind have to work that way.

"Even if i'm not stupid, no matter what I am still ugly." She was declaring it, like it was impossible for her to be wrong.

"Shiki your not ugly"

"How can you lie like that?" She responded angrily.

Neku's grip tightned on her hand.

"How could you think I'm lying?"

"Because you must be, I am ugly, and nothing you can say will ever change that!" She was near screaming now.

"Stop all of this, what the hell is the point in insulting yourself? huh?" He was yelling back at her,

"Nothing you do will make me think that you're ugly, I could never think that, stop thinking such horrid thoughts!"

"Why should I deny the truth? I don't have to hide from what I already know!" She gave as her reply for his attempts at stoping the fight.

"What do you mean? What you already know? You mean what you think you know." He was refusing to agree with a thing she said.

"Your an idiot Neku!" She yelled in her anger before ripping her hand out of his grasp and turning to leave.

"Shiki!" He called to her.

"Shut up!" She stoped him before he could say more.

"Shiki!" He went after her, before she could react he grabbed her hand again and turned her around, she gasped but that was all that she got out before he pressed his lips against hers. She was shocked, her heart started beating fast, she felt a feeling that she wasn't use to.

When he let her go all she could was stare at him, her face had gone a far deeper red. She was confused over what just happened. she tried talking but found nothing coming out. Neku was the one to talk first.

"I, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that" He tilted his head, not looking at her face.

She could still feel her heart beating in a rapid speed. She was feeling strange, it wasn't from embarrassment only. Even if she had been denying it she couldn't lie that she did have some kind of feelings for him that went beyond those of friendship.

"I, didn't know you felt that way" It was true, but it made it sound like something bad had just happened.

He was still looking down, too embarrassed over the stupid thing he'd just done to a friend. Shiki was unsure what to do, to say something or turn around and leave. But she didn't know what to say, what would fix up this awkward moment. And she couldn't leave him standing there feeling like he had done something extremely wrong, when she didn't think it was so. Not to mention that she was still scared off being outside in the dark streets all by herself.

"You don't have to apologise" she finally got out.

He looked back up at her.


"You didn't do anything wrong" She didn't fully know where she was going with what she was saying.

"But I.." He didn't know what to say either, "kissing a friend is not really a good thing to do."

"I.." That was right, but did she want to be 'just' a friend?

Her confusion led her to start fiddling with her figures thinking of a solution to their current problem. It wasn't very easy, she had no idea of things to say in a pridicament such as this, she'd never been in anything similar.

Such an awkward moment they had landed themselves in. Never the less they persisted with thinking up ways to help fix things, despite constant failure over it.

Shiki was thinking of things, but she didn't think they would fix it, but would help to stop Neku from thinking he had just done something wrong. Walking up closer she kissed him softly on his lips, then lowering her head because of her continuous embarrassment over the situation they had put themselves in.

"You didn't do anything wrong" She barely got that sentence out, Her heart was beating so fast and her face was so red.

she could hear Neku breathing from how close she was to him, not like she'd never been that close before, it had happened plenty of times. But the situation was making it seem far different from all the other times. She tilted her head up to look at him. He was blushing too, which actually made her face go a deeper shade.

"I, still feel bad for it," He began, "We're friends after all, and I.." He was stuttering badly.

Shiki leaned her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around him, He was surprised that she wasn't still far too embarrassed and feeling so awkward that she was alright doing that.

"Do you want to be friends?" She whipered it softly, but clear enough for him to fully hear it.

He blushed and continued staring down at her for awhile longer,


He didn't know how it ended up the way it did. From standing in the middle of the lounge room with their arms around each other, to something so much more. Neither had it in their heads that maybe what they were doing was wrong until what might have been hours afterwards, but it was too late they layed on Neku's bed in a loving embrace, Shiki had fallen asleep sometime ago, but Neku couldn't get himself to go to sleep. Should this have happened at all? Even if Shiki really didn't want to be just friends, this shouldn't have happened at this point in time. What people would think of it was also something on his mind, not like they would openly admit to it, but there was always the chance of someone finding out about it anyway ( the problem with knowing a person that can read your mind). They were both still young, that itself was enough reason that this shouldn't have happened. One thing for sure would be if their parents found out they would be dead.

Neku forced himself to stop thinking about such things, they weren't important in this point in time, he could worry about them later. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Neku woke up to rays of sunlight peeking in through his bedroom curtains, that was when he noticed Shiki talking, twisting over he saw her talking to someone on the phone, whoever it was they didn't seem to be happy with her.

"No don't think that! It was closer and my glasses were broken, I couldn't have fixed them in the dark"

The other person's voice could be heard from the other end, it was loud but unclear, so the only thing Neku could figure out from it was that it was a woman.

"I'm sorry I didn't go home, but it was really late and it wouldn't have been very smart to go outside at that time of night"

The other voice was still talking in a loud tone, but not as enraged as before.

"Um, ok, " Shiki said before the call ended.

She turned her gaze from forward to over to Neku to see him awake. She blushed slightly before saying anything.

"That was my mum, She's pretty angry at me for not going home" She explained.

"I figured that out from the yelling"

"And I have to go home now or I'm grounded" She finished.

Neku sat up in the bed, "Now?"

"Yeah, now. Schools in a couple hours anyway, best be going. If I missed school my mum would be even more angry"

"She'd be more angry if she found out what happened here wouldn't she?" Pointing out the obvious.

Shiki blushed deeper and whacked him on the arm,

"Don't say it like that"

Neku rubbed his sore arm, "Theres not really a nicer way to say it is there?"

Shiki face was getting redder and redder. Neku pointing out the obvious was not helping in anyway. She got up out of bed and picked her clothes off the floor and put them back on, She still had the massive blush,

"Can you stop talking like that, it's kinda embarrassing"

"Fine, sorry" He apologised.

Shiki gave him a kiss before she had to leave. Neku got out of bed too and began getting ready himself.

School passed by slowly. Neku didn't talk to Shiki that afternoon, She did call him, to say that Eri was forcing her to go shopping with her for new materials for the clothes she wanted to make. The next afternoon was when they got to talk again. Neku had spotted her talking with Rhyme,with Eri sticking with her like usual. They were having a conversation about school exams. Which from what he could make out, the reason that Rhyme was still hanging out with friends when she was suposed to be studying for her entrance exams was because she got it all done at school, as she didn't have friends that went there, the bad thing when you make friends with older people. Neku could do most of the studying he had to do at school for the same reason. Shiki and the others all went to a different school. Shiki was lucky enough to have Eri with her, they had all the same classes to add to that.

Neku had been standing by himself for awhile before Shiki took notice he was anyway near them.

"Ah! Neku" She quickly went over to where he was still standing. From his point of view he saw the look of suspicion that appeared on Eri and Rhymes faces, to be honest he was tempted to do a mental facepalm.

"Hi, Shiki" He greeted as he stoped in front of him.

"There's something I want to talk to you about"

She didn't look very happy, but it wasn't a sad look either, so he couldn't be sure what she wanted exactly. Lucky there was so many people around or Eri and Rhyme might have been catching some of this, thanks to that the only people that could hear a thing wouldn't have paid attention anyway.

"What's it about?" He questioned in his curiosity.

"Not here, The two behind me are going ultra suspicous of me and it's getting creepy and annoying."

Neku took a look behind her to see that the two she was referring to were tilting their heads slightly to get a better look at them right now. He had gotten use to that behaivour from Eri, but why had Rhyme joined in?

"Um. Alright, somewhere else then" He agreed to leave.

just before they walked off the other two did walk right up to them, laughing between them, Rhyme was having an attempt at talking, but failing rather largely.

"Sorry, I figure you two are going somewhere but before you do, does this make sense, I got told this yesturday. ' you guessed right on the matter but the truth is higher than you aimed"

What the crap was that?

"I can guess from your faces it doesn't" She took a second and laughed at their confused expressions, then continued,

"It made perfect sense to me, and now I think I'm terrified" She began laughing harder before she went about leaving. Eri gave them a shrug showing she was just as confused, before following after her.

As they both dissappered from view they heard Rhyme near yell "And then I got told something evil, oh just wonderful",

After that they could no longer see them, they left the area themselves.

Shiki didn't say anything more until she was sure that nobody else but her and Neku would hear.

"I feel stupid for even wanting to say this" She sounded sad, her head was tilting downwards, so as to not look Neku fully in the face.

"What is it?" Something about the way Shiki was acting gave him a bad feeling.

She bit her lip and looked to the side, trying to avoid what she was planing to say.

"Shiki what is it?" Neku was getting impateint.

Shiki covered her face with her hands, she sounded like she was about to cry. It was hurtful to see her like that.

"I'm sorry but.." She bit her lip harder, still averting her gaze. Whatever she was trying to say she was making it clear that even she didn't want to say it.

"Shiki are you alright?" Neku steped closer to her but was pushed back. She kept her arms up to stop him if he tried again.

"Don't!" She yelled it before she made another crying sound.

"Please" she said again but a whisper this time around.

Looking back up Neku could see that she was crying. She was against saying what she wanted to, but she wasn't leaving without having said it.

"Shiki, what is wrong?" He came close to yelling that himself.

"I"m going to sound like a bitch if say this" That came out more quiet than she'd wanted it, but it was still clear enough, but it further confused Neku about what ever was troubling her.

"Why, what is going on?"

She was having problems getting the words out of her mouth, she was really trying now, but now she couldn't even make a sound.

"God I'm sorry, but.." Her voice stopped halfway through. She was forcing herself so hard trying. Tears were running freely down her face by this point, making it harder again for her to talk.

"I can't be in a relationship with you"

"What?" He basically screamed it. "Why, what's wrong?" Why can't we?"

She tried stiffiling her cries, but it wasn't easy for her.

"I'm confused right now,alright" Her voice was filled with her sadness upon saying such things.

"I barely know if I really want to be with you, this can't work out." She choked back her tears

"What are you saying, if you don't want to be then why did you do such a thing with me? I never forced you."

'I just said I'm confused alright!" She screamed before he could say anymore, "I don't know what I want!"

Her eyes were red from crying by now, her arms were wrapped tightly around her, she couldn't look Neku in the face.

"God I'm stupid" She shook her head, and let more tears drip down her face.

"I'm such an ugly person aren't I?" She breathed.

"Shiki!" He grabbed her hands and stood close, " Shiki you're not ugly." He wanted so much to convince her.

She stared up into his eyes, he was crying now too, she was hurting him she knew, but she wasn't going back on her words.

"Love can make you say anything"

She ripped her hands out of his grasp, And ran away from him.

All he could do was watch as she dissappeared from sight.

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