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Gibbs slept for a half hour and woke with a start as loud laughter drifted through their door from the hall. Abby's naked body was draped over his, her heavy breathing indicating that she was sleeping soundly. For so many years, this was what he had wanted. He couldn't believe that he had waited so long, denying himself the comfort and pleasure of this incredible woman in his arms. She was everything and more than he ever imagined. From the moment he had met her, she had been like a force in his life. A force that kept him steady, made him happy, brought him comfort. But also a force that pulled at his heart, and then his desires, and eventually his self-control.

It was another thirty minutes before Abby slowly came awake. She moaned against his chest, then pressed her lips against his skin, and tugged him closer with her arm around his waist. His fingertips were sliding up and down her spine and she was still amazed that they had finally… FINALLY come together. What he had done to her… god, he had made her come twice, so close together, so hard! The man was amazing… simply amazing, and they were finally… FINALLY together!

Pushing up on her elbow, she tilted her chin to look at him with a smile on her face and said something she had always wanted to say. "Hey, sexy."

The low gravelly words drifted into his ears and settled low in his belly. "Hey, yourself," he responded and slid down so that he was looking directly into her beautiful green eyes. For several moments they gazed at one another, while beneath the covers, their legs entwined and he pulled her hips flush with his. Abby's hand rose and her fingertips ran across the bristly whiskers on his cheek then around his chin. Her light touch sent tingles over his skin. "I should shave," he finally stated.

"Not yet," she murmured as her eyes followed her fingers over his delicious lips then along his rough jawline. "I like this. It's rough and masculine and… sexy."

"So you rather I had a beard?"

Laying her soft palm against his coarse cheek, she looked into his deep blue eyes. "No. It's not what I prefer, but sometimes I like it. It's rugged and makes me feel… wild."

Gibbs' arm tightened around her waist. "I like that," he murmured then pressed a hard kiss to her lips. The kiss quickly deepened with probing, dueling tongues and wandering, grasping hands on naked skin. His lips gradually fell to her neck and he traced her spider-web tattoo with the tip of his tongue. Nipping her shoulder, he mumbled, "Merry Christmas, Abby."

She blinked her eyes a few times, trying to form words and finally gasped, "Is it… still Christmas?"

His lips were blazing a trail, headed for her breasts. "For about another hour," he growled as his body was responding once again to her softness, her smell, her soft whimpers. Suddenly he felt her legs tug free and she shimmied backwards while pressing against his chest. "Abbs? Where ya going?" he asked with concern.

Slipping from his grasp, her bare feet sunk into the shag carpet and the sudden coolness of the air on her bare skin raised goose-bumps across her body. "I'll be right back," she said with a shiver. "Just gotta do something before it's too late."

She disappeared into the bathroom and Gibbs rolled to his back, breathing deeply as his body slowly calmed. Noticing that the room felt a bit chilly, he rose and slipped on his dark blue sweatpants and white t-shirt. He was intent on stoking the fire when Abby returned and came up behind him. He was knelt down in front of the hot blaze and he stilled at the feel of her hands gliding over his shoulders and her fingers slipping through his hair. Without standing, he spun slowly and looked up as her fingers in his hair tugged his head back. Instinctively, his hands cupped the backs of her legs and slowly glided upwards.

Abby had slipped on a bright red silk nightie that barely fell to mid-thigh. It had spaghetti straps, a deep lacy cleavage, and it hugged her curves perfectly. The feel of his rough hands slipping towards her heat made it difficult to think, but she concentrated hard and whispered, "Are you ready for your present?"

The look on Gibbs face turned devilish. "Oh, I like it. You're beautiful, Abby." Once again his body was beginning to throb as his fingers encountered the soft swell of her ass. So when Abby suddenly backed away, he wondered if she was actually trying to kill him. He had never had a woman put his body in such a state of flux.

"Gibbs, I got you a gift. You know, one wrapped in Rudolph paper with a bow?"

Pushing to his feet, he watched her pull a narrow package from her suitcase. "Oh… okay," he stated haltingly and walked to his own bag. "I got you something, too." As he withdrew the small envelope, he was again uncertain if he had chosen the right gift. Surprisingly, this year it hadn't been easy for him to find the perfect Christmas gift for his girl. For two long evenings before leaving DC, he had walked through the mall and along the sidewalks, window-shopping and entering innumerable stores to peruse items he was never satisfied with. What he had eventually decided upon, still made him feel unsure, but the moment had come and he had nothing else.

He looked at Abby who sat on the edge of the bed, bouncing with anticipation. "I'm not happy with what I got you, Abbs," he confessed.

Her enthusiasm couldn't be diminished. "Oh, I'm sure it's perfect. C'mere," she said, patting the spot beside her. "You open yours first."

Gibbs sat beside her and she wiggled closer, slipping the package onto his lap. It really was wrapped in Rudolph Reindeer paper with a white ribbon and bow. It was obvious that she had gone to a lot of trouble and put a lot of thought into his gift. Nervously, he tilted the envelope he held in his fingers and reluctantly handed it to her. Smiling widely, Abby pressed it against her breasts, then leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Are you going to open it?" she asked impatiently.

Gibbs picked up the package and was surprised that it had a bit of weight to it. He had no idea what it could be and as far as he was concerned, he had already gotten his perfect Christmas gift. Glancing up at Abby's lovely face, he caught a bit of her excitement and let his fingers tear into the wrapping. When the paper and ribbon was removed, he held a plain brown narrow box that gave no clue as to what was inside. He gave it a shake, but nothing rattled. He lifted it to his nose and sniffed at the end-flap.

Abby leaned her shoulder against his, causing them to tilt to the side. "Gibbs, what are you doing? You're not gonna guess what it is."

His face developed into a broad smile. "I smell leather."

"Okay, yeah, it's a leather necktie," she answered coyly, sitting up straight.

"Mmmmm, I don't think so. Slippers?"



Abby was enjoying this little game but acted exasperated. "No! It's a whip, alright?" When she waggled her eyebrows, Gibbs' mouth nearly fell open.

Quickly he recovered. "Nice try, Abby." His long fingers pulled open the flap. "A wallet… a holster… a belt," he kept guessing and finally withdrew a thick leather roll. Slowly, he turned it over and around until it lay stretched across his lap. His eyes and fingertips grazed over the small bulbous wood handles of a six-piece palm carving tool set. "Abby…" he whispered softly. The ends of the tools were slipped into individual pockets on a leather pouch and he withdrew one. The end of the short metal shaft was an eighth-inch gouge.

Abby felt a lump in her throat as his finger tested the sharpness of the tool. "There's six different shapes and sizes," she commented softly. "Plus a sharpening strop and stone and a honing compound." Briefly, she nibbled on her lower lip. "Do you like it?"

Gibbs looked over and there was a shininess in his eyes. He cleared his throat before speaking. "I love it. This is a beautiful set. How did you know…?" he said and turned back to his gift.

"You have any idea how many tool catalogs are out there?" she started and rambled on. "I looked through at least a couple dozen and then whenever I came and visited you, I would look over what you already have and compared it with what I had seen in a picture. I've learned all kinds of things about tools I never knew. And you know what?" She paused briefly. "All the different tools that you have, are really interesting. The more I looked and read, the more fascinating it all was. I'm thinking about building my own little wood project."

Gibbs put his arm around her and pulled her into a tight embrace. "Oh, Abby," he murmured. "Do you have any idea how good you make me feel?" His lips sought hers and the only thing on his mind was giving her a proper thank you.

As his large hand rubbed up the side of her silky outfit, she pulled back. "Wait… wait a minute." He slowly withdrew and when she caught his blue eyes, she said, "You're going to have to control yourself a little bit longer. I want to open my gift, now."

Closing his eyes, Gibbs gave a deep sigh. "It's not nearly as special as what you got me. Let me take it back and get you something else," he stated and reached for the envelope.

Abby leaned away and held it in her outstretched hand as he tried reaching across her body. "No way, Gibbs. I know how much thought you put into your gifts, and this is the one I want." Smiling, she gave him a quick kiss against his lips. "Now sit back, please." When he pulled away and sat staring at the floor, she gave the envelope a little shake. Then she lifted it to her nose and sniffed. "It's not perfume," she said thoughtfully. "And it's not chocolates." She glanced at Gibbs who looked up and rolled his eyes. "But I think I smell…" she sniffed it again. "Could it be… ink?"

Eagerly, she tore at the envelope and opened a Christmas card. Silently and quickly she read the note inside and smiled and giggled. Then she picked up the plastic gift card and looked at it closely. "Oh. My. God. Is this? How did you know?" She looked at Gibbs with delighted surprise. "Ziva told you, didn't she!"

Gibbs felt the weight beginning to lift from his heart. "No…. You like it?"

Abby flung herself into his arms, straddling his hips. "Oh, Jethro," she purred joyfully. "For over a year I've been wanting to get another tat. And this place," she said, raising the card again, "the Britishink Tattoo Studio, is THE best!" Flopping back onto the bed, Gibbs felt a flood of relief rush over him as Abby continued, "I've heard so many great things about the artists there, but it's expensive and I've been saving my money. Not to mention, I've been trying to decide on a design and where to put it."

"I could help you with that," he replied with a half grin and with a burst, he rolled them over so that he was on top. Bracing himself up on one hand, he trailed the other one lightly down her side. "When I get to a good spot for a tat, you let me know," he grinned playfully. His hand moved painfully slow across her red nightie. She could feel the heat from his large palm glide over her stomach then inch up towards her breasts. When his hand kneaded her supple flesh, her back arched off the bed. "This isn't a good spot?" he asked lowly.

Abby rolled her head to the side and bit her lower lip. "Uh uh."

As his hand slid south, off her breast, he said thickly, "I'm gonna need a better look at the potential locations." His hand slipped under the hem of her gown and his fingers gently tapped the inside of her thighs. "How 'bout a tat here?" She only moaned in response and he slowly pushed the silky material up her body, letting his eyes drink in her nakedness once again. All thoughts of a tattoo fled his mind.

Gibbs slipped the material over her head then trailed his fingers down her heated skin. Moving rapidly and silently, he stood and removed his clothes then settled between Abby's legs, grasping her hips in his strong hands, lifting her closer. She released a long ragged gasp as he slid inside her, agonizingly slow, then he stilled.

He could feel his control slipping and he had to fight to rein himself in. Falling forward, Gibbs captured her mouth in a demanding kiss and could feel her all around him, throbbing and writhing. Her nails dug into his shoulders and he ground his hips into hers.

Abby lifted her legs, rubbing her thighs back and forth against him, feeling her body clench around him. She felt him withdraw and return to her with urgency and force. Swiftly, he moved out and in. In and out, then slow… so slow. She felt her body swelling, her heat growing and she moaned and whimpered with his movements.

Gibbs mouth slid to her neck, his breathing increasing as he thrust faster, faster, faster. Lifting his head, he saw her neck arched, her lips parted, and her forehead creased as if she were desperately reaching for something. His blood felt like fire coursing through his veins.

Abby lifted her hips, anxious and fraught with the need for her body's release. Deep inside, she felt the pressure flow heavily, steadily and god… she was so close!

Gibbs felt as though he were drowning as his name ripped from her throat and her climax tore through her body. He thrust deeper, over and over, then lowered his head as the first shudder swept through his body and her name rolled from his mouth. Shudder after shudder rippled through his muscles.

He fell and collapsed to her side and they laid there silent, unmoving, listening to one another breathing, their bodies still humming.

Abby heard Gibbs mumble something and she turned her head slightly to look at him. "What did you say?"

He rolled to his back. "I said wow."

She cuddled into his side. "Oh, most definitely, wow!"

Gibbs pressed soft kisses against her raven hair. "We'll have to consider a location for that tat some other time."

Abby placed a kiss against his chest and smiled. "I wanna make sure we find the perfect spot."

"I'm sure we'll find one eventually," he smirked.

"Maybe we could look again in the morning?" she suggested hopefully.

"I think I'll be up for that."