Chapter 5

Last chapter we all saw Alucard and Seras. Yaknow I'm actually a big fan of Alucard, if you looked on my flash drive you would find a majority of two things; Music and Alucard pictures. However I have this annoying habit of putting my Oc's against my favorite characters it really gnaws on my insides when I do too. But if I put my characters with a character I like against a character I like I feel better. Does anyone else feel the same way? ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

"Father Anderson, what's going to happen with the four girls?" Prue asked, Anderson shrugged.

"They're orphans, so they will be sent to an orphanage the Vatican looks over." He explained. "No need to worry about them though, they weren't bitten."

"I know that, but still, they're just kids imagine the psychological trauma to them after seeing their friends be slaughtered by that, thing." Prue said somberly.

"That's why it's Iscariot's job to destroy all demonic monsters." Anderson said, Prue nodded.

"Now as for that plane ride backā€¦" Anderson then said, Prue twitched. "We won't be able to go home for a while, given the situation we will need to find a place to stay, since this bug problem is out of control."

"Say, that reminds me Father Anderson; You said those vampires were from Hellsing," Prue began. Anderson gave her a sideways glance.


"What is Hellsing? I remember reading the name in a book somewhere; but I can't remember which." Prue said. Anderson narrowed his eyes, not even wanting to think about the Hellsing organization.

"We're a secret organization; which specializes in finding, and killing vampires." Said a voice from behind them, Prue turned, to see a short blonde woman with glasses and a dress suit, Prue cocked her head.

"Who in Lilith's name are you?" she asked, the short woman glared at the back of Anderson's head.

"My name is Integral Fairbrook Windgates Hellsing." The woman then said. Prue put a hand on her hip then pointed her thumb to her chest.

"Prue. What do you mean you kill vampires? I thought only Lilith's group and Iscariot took care of that." She said, Integra narrowed her eyes.

"We're very top secret to those who don't know about the vampires." She said then glared at Anderson who had remained quiet. "I thought I told Iscariot to stay out of my country!"

"Well if you kept yer bug problem under control I wouldn't be here, and neither would a person from Lilith's Group." Anderson said turning to face the short knight.

"Speaking of which what's Iscariot, or anyone for that matter, doing teaming up with Lilith's Group?" Integra asked, looking down at Prue, who was almost at eye level with the young woman.

"England's vampire problem has spread all the way to America. The women of Lilith's Group sent me to help Iscariot and Britain eradicate the inflation of vampires." Prue said, "My sisters in Lilith's Group have also been sent to places all around the world, so Miss Integra, your vampire problem is now the world's vampire problem."

Anderson was a little put off by Prue's attitude, normally she was childish and clumsy and just plan foolish. Now however she seemed to be a bit more professional, what was it that made her change her tone?

"And for the record, Miss Integra, Lilith's Group has been slaying the vampire centuries before the Hellsing organization was even thought of." Prue said in almost a growl, Integra narrowed her eyes.

"How dare you, a child talk to me in that tone? Just what kind of manners are the women of Lilith's Group teaching their young slayers?" she said, Prue had heard enough, she took out one of her guns and aimed it for Integra's head.

"You arrogant little female dog!" Prue shouted, "I'll teach you to insult my family like that!" suddenly there was the sound of gunfire and Prue fell to the ground with a bullet wound in her head. A laugh sounded from behind Integra.

"Looks like someone should have kept their mouth shut." Alucard said Integra turned and glared at the vampire, Anderson however just stared at Prue's bloody body lying on the ground.

"Alucard, what'd did you do that for, she was just a child!" Integra growled. Alucard only smiled.

"I had every right when she points a gun at my master." He said. Integra looked down at the girl with a hint of pity. Then all of a sudden Prue began to move.

"Don't look down on me with your pity, you English female dog." She growled as she began to stand. Her red scanty like uniform now stained with the dark crimson of her blood. Integra stared in amazement, Alucard looked amused.

"Yeah that's right dog, I can be shot in the head and still stand." she growled looking up at Integra and her guard dog.

"That's enough Prudence, let's go." Anderson said grabbing her by the shirt collar and walking off.

"Next time I find you that vampire won't be around to save you!" Prue shouted.

Short chappy, sorry. But hey you all got to see Alucard and Integra. Man imagine the head ache you'd get from getting shot in the head. Aha it makes my head hurt just typing that out. Tell me what you think in reviews. Ja-ne!