Author: NagiLite

Rating: PG...I think

Disclaimer: I have yet to buy Weiß Kreuz from Koyasu-san...but I'm getting around to it, honest. *crosses fingers*

~Germans and Tarot Cards~

Setting: A perfectly average day in the Schwarz residence. Lightning rumbled forbiddingly outside the house, shaking the windows and making the indoor lights flicker. Farfarello snorted indignantly and lit two candles, just in case. He was engaged in a violent game of Go-Fish with Schuldich, and he didn't want the other man to mess with the cards should there be a black out.

"Do you have a--"

"No," Schuldich said automatically, not letting Farfarello finish. "Go Fish." There was a pause as Schuldich waited for the Irishman to grab a new card. He smirked. "You've got a King. Go on, hand it over."

Farfarello grumbled but complied. "You're cheating. It's against the rules to read your opponent's mind."

"Is that stated directly? Can you cite me a source?"


"Well, then. On with the game!"

"Fine. Do you have--"

"No, Go Fish."

"Damnit, let me at least complete my own sentence!"

Schuldich smiled sweetly. He had only one card to get rid of, and then he'd win the game. Yes, he was in good spirits tonight.

"Farfie, Farfie, Farfie. Don't you know that me reading your mind in the middle of such an important game as this...don't you know that it hurts God, oh, so badly?"

Farfarello narrowed his eye suspiciously just as another clap of thunder sounded overhead. "Really?"

"Really, really."

And that was when the lights flickered, once, twice, and went out completely. The only light was from the candles. There was a crash from down the hallway, and Crawford stumbled into the room, glasses hanging halfhazardly off his nose.

"Heya, babe," Schu said, winking. The American ignored him and felt his way into the kitchen, where he was SURE he had a flashlight. Somewhere...Farfarello listened with utmost interest to the clangs and bumps following Crawford's departure.

"Should have predicted this," said Schuldich in a sing-song voice that Crawford could hear clearly in the near silence.


So much for silence.

Even before the thunder and the following flash of lightning could finish, a small but fast figure darted into the living room, where Farfarello and Schuldich had set up their card game almost a half-hour previously.

Behind the figure marched a parade of stubby candles which settled themselves in mid-air. Nagi Naoe scrunched up in the over-large armchair, wishing to the Powers That Were that he could have been born a pyrokinetic. Schuldich, fighting a fit of laughter, handed one of Farfarello's lit candles to the boy. "Afraid of the dark?" he asked, as an afterthought.

"Not at all," said Nagi, but his voice broke on the last word, and it sounded unconvincing. He lit his army of candles which floated in a protective circle around him. "I'm not afraid of anything," he added.



"Relax, Nagi. It's just our Fearless Leader walking into a wall."/You okay in there? Finding your way out, Bradley?/

'Yes. The flashlight needs batteries.'

/Look in the breadbox./


/I hid them so Farfie wouldn't eat the battery acid./


"Nagi's afraid of the stoooooorm, Nagi's afraid of the stoooooorm," Farfarello sang under his breath. Nagi glared, but didn't argue.

"Wanna play, Nagi?" Schuldich asked. "It may take your mind off the storm." The mockery darkened his voice, and he grinned wolfishly.

The telekinetic shivered and said, "No thanks, I'm going to stay riiiiiight here."

A brilliant light shone in suddenly, blinding all three of them. When the initial shock had worn off, Schuldich saw it was Crawford who was in command of the bright light. A flashlight. The Oracle looked quite pleased with himself.

"The storm will last all night, but so will my flashlight," he said, "even after your candles burn out."

/You predict that?/

'Oh yeah. The future's looking bright. For me, that is.'

/Of course, you're staying in here. If you leave, I swear I'll hunt you down and give you the Headache of the Century./

Crawford pushed up his glasses, expression stony. But he sat down, glancing questioningly at Nagi, who looked like a deer peering into headlights.

"Schuldich, are we playing this God-Forsaken Game?" Farfarello asked. He said "God-Forsaken" with the utmost reverence.

"I guess."

"You're going to lose, Farfarello," Crawford intoned.

"Shut up, Bradley," replied Schuldich absent-mindedly. He then said, "You have an eight of spades."


"Schu?" Nagi's eyes were wide, really, really wide. But curious too.


"Are you a Nazi?"

Schuldich glared. "You have no idea how much I get that. Just because I'm German doesn't mean I'm some Neo-Nazi freak. Does that make sense?"

"Um. I read in school about Nazis. You seem a lot like them."

"Good. Your education comes to some value. Now leave me alone...Go ahead and Fish, Farfie, I don't have any cards you can have."

"Cards?" Nagi grinned, suddenly, forgetting all about his fear of the storm. Or lack thereof, he assured himself. "I saw a commercial the other day about cards. They had a weird name...Tarot. Yeah, Tarot cards."

"Utter nonsense," Crawford interrupted loftily.

"Naw. We all know Brad uses Tarot cards," Schuldich confided not-so- secretly with the two youngest Schwarz members.


Nagi didn't even notice. He turned an amazed gaze on his leader. "No kidding?"

Crawford sighed in exasperation and shined his flashlight right in the Japanese boy's eyes, making him yelp in pain. "Of course he's kidding, it's all he's good for."

Schuldich rolled his eyes. "Gee, thanks a lot, babe."

"And don't call me that."

"I'm going to say I won this round, Schuldich," Farfarello said abruptly.

"No the hell you're not! I have one card left. Uno. Ichi. Ein. I'm closest to winning, and therefore, win by default."

"I claimed it first. The default win thing, I mean."

"Can you do all that stuff Miss Cleo does, Crawford?" Nagi asked, making his candles twirl around.

"I told you--"

"Can you predict if I have a long lost brother or...or...or, like, if my husband's cheating on me?"

Crawford sweatdropped. "You don't have a husband."

"Oh. But can you?"

"I'm a pre-cog. Not some self-proclaimed Mystic. I see small yet incredibly useful glimpses of the future, nothing more, nothing less. Completely scientific. I don't need cards for that."

"...You're really boring."

Crawford chose to ignore this as he ignored so many other things. Like the cat fight that was currently going on between Schuldich and Farfarello. Yes, some things were better left overlooked.

Nagi sighed. "So Schu isn't a Nazi, and you aren't Miss Cleo. I wish I'd never asked. Then I could still have my happy delusions."


Without any conversation to keep him occupied, Nagi squeaked in terror and hid his head in the crook of one arm. Crawford smirked. Every kid needed a healthy dose of fear. Nagi was getting a double dose. Ah, the pleasures of his life...

"I won!!!"


...Short-lived though they were.