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Chasing you down .

Chapter one; Lust.

She should be happy; her heart should swell with joy and pride. Her life should be smoother. Life once again tossed her over edge. Leaving it up to her to figure everything out, to be able to climb up once more. Everything had changed; it was if everything that was is now flipped into something new. She grew away from the ones she loved much. It seemed as if they did not see, or did not mind her growing more. The only thing keeping her here, was one little secret.


The fire burned wildly as the wind pushed agents the fighting flames. Shadows bouncing around the small camp shedding good enough light to see. She couldn't wait to get back to the village, this would be the last time they head out. The final batter was over, the worry was over, the pain along with sorrow over. It seemed like everything was over for everyone besides her. She should have seen it coming, considering the luck she always had.

Dinner was done; as everyone sat around the fire everyone had finally got their share. The group had grown more. Shippo had found another young fox demon, who he had fallen for. Along with Kikyo.. It had been weeks since she had joined the group. The woman had a way of getting between people she cared for. She once more stole Inuyasha, along with her best friend, Sango.

After dinner everyone settled down, Kagome waiting for everyone to be ready to have a few drinks. In this time you had to be over thirteen to drink. She was almost nineteen years of age now.


Silent feet hurried away, along with the smothered giggles. As two bodies moved away from the camp, It was the perfect time. Praying no one seen them, they hurried off to find a place for themselves. They were always around others, and were in dying need to spend some alone time with each other.

"Over here." Her breath picking up, as her voice held low. Her eyes turning to meet his, heat flushed in her face.

He wasted no time grabbing her by the hips, leading her back to a tree. Lips brushed as both felt the heat from the other. His hands held tightly to her small frame as his lips crashed hard upon hers. Forcing her mouth open to show he would be the one to be in charge of her. He broke from her lips and trailed the kisses down her pale neck. The small nips along her soft neck caused a over whelming arousal of the woman he still pinned. His chest pushed tightly to her, as he started to suck on her neck. His hands let go of her hips as he pulled her to the ground. Allowing to pull himself on top of her .


Small feet started to come closer and closer. A bottle in her hand she pushed branches that threaten to smack her in the face. Her blue eyes scanning, her ears opened to hear any talking. A small grunt came to her near right. She turned to push through the bush, but it seemed her body gained a hundred pounds. She saw what she never wanted to see, the two of them. After a couple blinks she stalked off, not wanting to see the two anymore. For the first time the pain didn't slam into her like it always had. She walked on, deeper into the trees till she found an opening. Moon light helped the darken lake; the water sparkled under the dim light. Kagome looked around to see no one around, taking this time to take a quick bath. She knew all the other couples wouldn't miss her or set out to look for her.

Slipping from her clothing, she picked the bottle back up before slowly sliding into the water. If she was going to be alone at least have somewhat of a little fun. She never was a big drinker yet she did like to have a drink once and a while. She had bought this in her time a while ago; her friends helped her get it. Opening the bottle she took a long smell of it before allowing the liquid to flood into her mouth. It had a warm after effect; at least she would really freeze in the water. She moved slowly to a rock as her breast pushed agents the rock she stared out into the open night sky.

'It's always beautiful over in this time. You can see the stars shining. If I had demon eye's I could see more depth of the night time sky.' Kagome let out a giggle as she allowed another sip to push past her lips. Unaware of the masked demon lurking in the shadows. Golden eyes watching her not from afar.

I wonder how much longer I will stay here. Would it really matter? Inuyasha now had Kikyo, Sango and Kikyo were best friends. Sango and Miroku were about to be wed. And Shippo found his mate. Where does that leave me? My little secret, how long can I have it for? It seems the only thing left to do is wish on the Jewel and return home' Kagome let the breath she held out slowly, She had almost finished the bottle, and it was already taking the effect it was made for. A tear slipped from her eye, she was slowly starting to let her heart open, and the alcohol was not helping the matter. She huffed as she laid her head onto the rock.

"Miko, why do you cry?" His voice was rough as stayed behind her. He could smell the panic before her body could react. She could swear she felt her fly from her body as she turned around into the water. Forgetting the bubbling alcohol in her veins. Sky blue met gold, as they stared at each other. Once she came to she ducked lower into the water. Her chest crawled red along with her shaded red face. His brow lifted seeming the flush in her. She flushed more as her eyes lowered to see he also having his bare chest opened.

"You- your naked!" Kagome stuttered she didn't know if it was her being in shock or her being drunk.

"Should this Sesshomaru of came with his close on in the water, Miko?" His voice was deep and toned, yet did not hold the same cold, bitter ring it normally had.

"Oh. . your right. . What are you doing here? I have not seen you since battle . . " Her voice soft, she knew he could hear her though. Her blush seem to have a mind of its own, as it would not go away. She was naked in front of him, along with him. 'Does he know we are both naked? Well duh Kagome! He is no fool! Oh what is going on! I mean. ." She shook herself from the racing mixed thoughts, not wanting to miss anything he says.

"Did this Sesshomaru not promise you to see you again? Or did you forget so soon?" His eyes never moved from her, he noted her blush. It was common with most females to blush to seem in such state which was close to never. Kagome could of slapped her self almost forgetting the last talk between the two. Yet she never thought it would be like this. Struggling to keep her thoughts together she shook her head.

Her eyes didn't want to listen to her, slowly scanning over his chest while she hid hers under the water. His body was beautiful, from what she could see. The silver hair rested on his firm chest, He was more built that she thought. Then again she never seen this much skin of his. Her blush deepened the moment she was caught.

"Do you like what you see?" He growled softly, Kagome's stared wide eyed at the western lord. She thought she would have been killed for doing such an act. She was after all just a female human. Even though she was a miko, neither less still human.

"Um uh..eh.. " Her mind was not working for her at all, 'I am never drinking again' She yelled at herself within her mind. She knew what she was doing was stepping over the line. And prayed this was only a dream. Her body's want was fighting her brain. Her vision had blurred, her hand seemed far away yet she knew where it was going. She felt it then, the soft skin, and the now wet skin. Her hand brushed on his chest slightly. Not feeling her arm being ripped from her body, her hand fully rested on his chest. His skin was soft but solid muscle.

Eyes widen when he was the one himself to close the space between them. Her back was no pushed softly to the rock behind her. Her eyes dared to look up, within the blur she could see red entwined with gold.

"Lord Sesshomaru?" Her voice was soft, that was the first time she ever used his title. Red in demons eyes she thought only when they were mad. Not wanting to anger him anymore, she sucked it up and used his title. Little did she knew, he was far from angry, if her eyes were not so blur from her drunk she would see lust. Next she would see, her words pushed him over the top. Giving in to the beast within, he pulled her to him. His lips finding her, as he found the opening and her submitting to him. A low growl in pleasure. Kagome couldn't understand what was going on or how anything was. She knew her body didn't want anything to stop.

He held tightly to her as his tongue found its way in. He picked her from the water, and moved without her notice. The grass was soft, but his pelt was softer. Her body under him, it was now his time to study her body. His eyes taking in the beauty in front of him, his chest rumbled that even Kagome herself could hear it. His hands slid up to cup her breasts. His fingers slowly rolling over her nipples till they grew hard. Her breath was growing shorter as he leaned in and took in her nipple like a new born baby. His hand played with the other one, as she let out a small grunt, she never felt anything like this. Sesshomaru could smell her arouse and could no longer ignore it, his hand broke free from her breast, not his mouth. Sliding slowly to her woman hood, leaving Kagome frozen the moment his hand made it. His fingers, sliding slowly over her wet spot. He knew she wanted it, he could tell from her scent and her heart rate. Slowly rubbing the clit his mouth moved to the other breast. His hand didn't stop as she only grew wetter. His fingers running up and down, teasing her entrances. Slowly he allowed one finger slip in. Once inside he slowly started to pull out and slide back in, gaining a groan from the Miko under him. He started a little fast, after a little while he allowed another finger to join. Her juice flowed from her freely down his hand. Her smell filled into his nose and lungs, he finally removed his hands and mouth. Sliding his tongue slowly down her stomach till it found what it was in search for. His eyes viewing her woman hood before his tongue slid across her clit. He could see the Miko's back starting to arch. His eyes looked up to see she was enjoying the things he was doing. His tongue slid down to take in more of her juices. His fingers once more found her hole; he had no problem teasing her. He liked how she moved. She couldn't hold back the small whimpers pressing from her lips, looking down she could see Sesshomaru's member harden. She waited till he was done and moved back to be face to face with her, that's when she felt him. Him pressing his man hood upon her, she didn't know a man could be that big. Then again he was no human, and he was no low class demon.

"Be easy" She breathed.

He nodded. He could somewhat still understand what she was saying when his beast was out. He pulled her legs apart, he couldn't believe this was going on. Or when he had got lust for this human. He didn't fight it. He pressed his member agents her entrance. The juice sliding onto his cock, as he pushed a little into her. Her walls were tight, very tight. He tried his hardest not to rush and hurt her. Pushing more and more into her depth. Slowly pulling out he pushed in a little faster. Once her body started to form around him he laid his chest back down on her. He pushed her legs close to his chest, giving a harder thrust he felt it. Her cherry popped, His eyes widened.. this female had never been bedded before. He was the first one. He howled as he didn't waste any time. He thrust again, pushing harder and faster. Kagome cried out, for a minute it hurt then she felt a over whelming pleasure. He was hitting the right spot, at the right time at a fast timing. Kagome's hands looked for something to hold, her whimpers turned into a deep groan. Her chest pushed agents his ,her back arched as her body took in the pleaser.

Sesshomaru found his fingers tangled in her hair, pulling her hair hard to keep his grip as he pumped. Kagome didn't mind at all. After a few moments, his beast growled within him coming back once more. This time taking control, his demon blood pumping into every vain. Sesshomaru pulled out and let Kagome go. Flipping her, he was no longer gentle. He pushed her head down and her legs apart, he didn't wait to force himself in. He just pushed in allowing all of him this time in. Kagome cried in pain, as her body tried to take him all in, he was swollen inside her. He gave her no time to get used to it, as his hands held onto her hips his claws dug into her hips. Blood drawn from the small cuts, he pushed deeper into her core. His beast growled as he pumped, she was going to climax soon he know it. His beast grew happy with giving her pleasure. Drawing near to his climax he allowed his cock to speed up. He felt her wall tighten around him. With his beast in control, he allowed his seed to fill into her womb. Leaning down to sweating panting female he moved her hair to the side. He licked her neck and nuzzled her ear.

"Kagome." He purred. This was the first time ever calling her by her name.

"Hm?" She still couldn't catch her breath, she didn't dare to speak. She could feel him still inside her.

"This is going to hurt."

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Her tears stained her cheeks. She looked to the sky, as if Kami would give her an answer. None came, She turned to the bone eaters well. Something that got her into all of this. She could run, but how far? Until he got his hands on her. 'This pain will be the death of me'

She didn't know how right she was.