Don't own Danny Phantom at all, while I wish I did :(... On with the fic

"ARE YOU KIDDING?" A voice yelled so loud that the whole school shook. Inside, everyone looked over at the raven haired boy that had on blue pants and a white and red shirt. His best friends since forever were standing next to him. One of them with the same expression of shock on his face as him, the other was smiling smugly. One was a boy around the same age as Danny, the boy who had screamed, named Tucker and the other was Sam, a girl the same age as well, who was smiling at her two friends.

"Oh, come on, Danny," She smiled at him. "It'll be fun,"

"Who came up with this?" Tucker asked looking at Sam.

"Oh, that would be me," She said smugly.

"A school wide mandatory talent show? How in the world is this, a good idea?" Tucker yelled at her.

"Because everyone has a talent and showing it will be good for the school," She said as Tucker sighed, not another of her uniqueness plans.

Danny sighed when he heard that, but didn't say anything. He had no way to get out of it, unless a ghost decides to come when he was scheduled to go and the chances of that are…actually very high. He smiled inwardly as he thought about his idea to either ask Johnny or someone to help him.

"When is this talent show?"

"Friday afternoon to the night," Then Sam's mood turned sour. "Lancer made it a competition; unfortunately, the winner gets a gift card to the store of his or her choice." Danny's eyes went wide at that remembering the very expensive motorcycle he wanted to get, mostly because of Johnny.

He muttered a little under his breath so quiet that Sam and Tucker didn't hear him. Suddenly, the bell for class rung and everyone in the hallways started to walk to class. Danny and his friends soon followed them into Lancer's class. However, Danny had more on his mind then just English.


Danny sighed as he and his friends saw his parents run out of the house with Jack, his dad, yelling about ghosts and Maddie telling him about a ghost convention that he just remembered they were going to and that money for dinner was in the kitchen on the counter.

Danny sweat-faulted when he heard the Fenton RV pulled out onto the street, hitting a fire hydrant and then zooming away. Danny groaned when he saw that, but he and his friends just closed the door behind them and headed up to his room.

"So, what are you planning for the talent show, Danny?" Sam asked. "I don't know yet, what about you?"

"I might read some poetry I wrote," Danny's eyes twitched at that as Sam chuckled.

"You just had to,"


"Will you two lovebirds kiss already," Tucker yelled causing both Sam and Danny to blush and yell together

"Tucker." However, that just caused them to look at one another and blush again, making Tucker laugh.

"Yes, Tucker, laugh, but what is your idea for the talent show?" Sam asked causing Tucker to stop and then looked at the very interesting stairs.

"Thought so," Sam said as she walked up the stairs and then past Tucker. Danny and Tucker soon followed her into Danny's room and found her sitting on his bed like nothing was wrong. Tucker smiled at that, but Danny just sighed and walked over to his desk and sat down in the chair next to him.

Tucker just grabbed another chair and soon the three friends were looking at each other in silence. This lasted for several minutes until Danny felt a chill run down his spine. He looked at his closet and inwardly groaned. Something or someone was in somewhere they shouldn't be, but he couldn't go and check until his friends were gone.

"Does anyone have any idea for what to do or are we going to continue to stare at one another?" Sam asked suddenly causing Danny to snap out of his thoughts and Tucker to look at her.

The two then shared a look and then turned back to Sam, "No," With that, Sam jumped up.

"Then I better head home and you," She said turning to Danny,

"Might want to start on the homework Lancer gave us," Danny face-faulted when he remembered that.

"Yeah, yeah,"

"Alright, see you guys later," Sam said as she left. Tucker then looked to Danny and said

"I see ya later, man,"

"You still don't know what to do for the talent show, do you?" Danny asked. Tucker face-faulted, but said

"Yeah, anyway, see ya,"

"See ya," Danny said as he heard the front door open and then close.

The second he knew they were gone, a frown came on his face and he opened a drawer and pulled a glowing green key with a skeleton head on it and run into his closet.