"Everyone I would like to welcome our mayor who took time out of his day to do a public speaking just for you. Please welcome Vlad masters," Principle Ishiyama said. Upon coming on stage, the entire student body let out just how they felt about Vlad in one word.

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Vlad expected this from the entire student body, but he only grinned and took the hate from the enraged student body, mainly because many of them still remembered what he did the last time he had a public speaking here.

"Students of Casper High, I know you don't like me for…"

"Go back to Wisconsin where you came from!" Another student shouted, but no one could find out where it came from or who had spoken. Danny gave a little chuckle at that. He was hiding in the back of the auditorium unseen by everyone.

"That's it! The next person who says something negative to the mayor or boo's him will have a month's worth of detention!" Mr. Lancer said causing the angry crowd to simmer down.

"Thank you. Now that I have you attention, I have come to tell you that it has come to my attention that one of you is dating a ghost,"

"And as we all know, ghosts are dangerous and to even think of approaching one would be deadly for your life," A voice said as everyone turned to the entrance to see none other than Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, fully clad in anti-ghost weapons.

Danny moaned inwardly, of course Vlad would do this, but if he thinks I'm going down, then he's coming with me. Danny thought still hiding in the shadows. When Vlad had said that every student, other than Jazz, Danny, Sam and Tucker, in the auditorium turned to look at Pauline who had her arms crossed and was frowning. Well, that settled that. It wasn't her, but then who was it.

Mikey was shaking a little. This is what he had said before and no one believed him. Perhaps with the mayor's help everyone would, but he doubted it and he was shaking again since the first time he had done that, the jocks, Star and Pauline had beaten him up, badly and he was scared of another beat down. "If you will all look at the screen," Vlad said as the projector screen slowly rose up from behind him and then the projector connected to the ceiling of the auditorium turned on…and there he was. Danny Fenton willingly kissing a Ghost, but not any Ghost, this was Ember McLain!

"Wow, Baby-pop, you are so good at that." They heard her say with a wicked smile on her face. "If it wasn't for the fact that you have school, I would take you to my lair for some…fun," Ember said in a seductive tone as a hint of blood came from Danny's nose, causing her to laugh as she fell into Danny's right with his hand in hers.

However everyone in the auditorium was shocked as Danny hid deeper in the shadows.

"Not that I'm not happy that you're here, but what is the occasion," Danny's voice asked over the video with a smile as he kissed Ember's cheek, causing her to smile.

"No reason, just wanted to see you Baby-pop and say how proud I am for tricking your friends like that last night,"

Immediately Jazz's, Sam's and Tucker's eyes went wide at that, but the continued to listen, "That was awesome. Who knew that with just a little help, you could be quite the bad boy when you want to be," Ember said as Danny frowned at her.

"Oh, right, you're still feeling guilt for lying to them, aren't ya?"

"Yes, Em," Danny sighed, "I know that there is not a chance they could accept us together, but still I wish I had someone to tell," At that sentence Jazz's mind immediately connected the dots. "Other than you and my friends in the Ghost Zone, Em," Danny's voice continued. Ember pouted at that, but then wrapped Danny's arms around her and leaned against him.

"Relax baby-pop, it'll be fine. It always is," Danny smiled as he lightly hugged Ember.

"You're right, like always…why is that?"

"My little secret, dipstick," Ember said with a smirk as Danny frowned at that causing her to chuckle a little. "Now before I forget, you forgot your lunch when you left my lair. We really need to find yours…"

"Or I could just stay with you, my dancing flame," Danny smiled as he grabbed the lunch box from Ember's hand as her face turned bright red. Soon, however, she laughed,

"Hmm, that could work. Be sure to pick me up on time tonight for the party and do look out. Rumor is that the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady are going to cause some havoc today," Sam's and Tucker's eyes went wide at that.

So that is how Danny knew…and the reason why no Ghosts have been showing up is because he has become friends with them…actually dating one… Both of them thought in shock. "Thanks for the heads up, Em," Danny said with a moan knowing that those two together was going to be a pain. Ember just smiled at that,

"See ya later, Baby-pop," With that Ember vanished in a wave of flames as Danny smiled.

After that the video stopped and everyone turned to where Danny was attempting to hide while Vlad was inwardly smiling like a rotten hyena. Checkmate, Daniel. You lose, Vlad thought as Danny slowly stood up to stand in the walkway.

"Hmm," Danny muttered as he looked around and went through every last plan he had in case this happened and couldn't find one to help him in this case.

"Well, guess that this time after all I did, I'm," He jumped back towards the doors. "Busted,"

"Wait what…" Sam asked looking at Danny who frowned.

"Sorry, Sam, but I could never find the right way to say 'I love you as a friend, while I know you love me as something more, but I wish to only remain friends' without hurting you badly."

"SO YOU DECIDED TO LIE!" Sam roared as Danny frowned and shrugged.

"I had no choice. After dating Valerie and how you both spied on me, which I paid you back with spying on you and Elliot, Sam, I knew that the feelings I had for you Sam, were friends, nothing more, nothing less." He then noticed the group around him and smirked. "Besides I'm not evil, just corrupt."

"What?" Maddie asked in shock fearing that her son had become a bad boy and all because of a Ghost! Danny rolled his eyes.

"Go on, Vlad, you must have that evidence as well, so go on and show them. I do not care anymore," He said in a cold voice, almost echo-y like a ghost's. Vlad's eyes had narrowed when Danny had said that and since he had used the Maximum Plasmius on himself, he couldn't transform into his ghost form for another three hours.

Does Daniel have a hidden trick up his sleeve? No, that is not his style, but still there is something going on, but regardless I am sure I am well prepared for it. Vlad thought as he cleared his throat.

"Daniel is right. I do have another piece of information. Behold everyone the fame Ghost boy, himself." With that the recording changed to show footage of Danny Phantom getting thrown into a wall. A ring of bright light formed around his waist, splitting into two as he struggled to get back up.

As the rings finished their journey, a gasp rippled across the assembled students and Danny's parents, because there, on the giant screen, was a ten-foot high, bruised and bloody Danny Fenton staring directly at the camera. "Danny Fenton!"