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It was 3 hours before the party started, and the raven-haired teen was just about to leave for it.

He had worn something a bit different from his usual outfit. He had a red beanie covering some of his explosive hair. He wore a white, woolen sweater, with a large, red Pokeball logo on the side. The sweater had been a gift from his good friend Yellow. He wore his usual jeans, although their color had begun to fade from standing on the peak of Mt Silver each and every day.

As he picked up his rucksack to make sure that everything was there, his doorbell rang. As he walked towards the door, he could hear a muffled conversation on the other side.

He opened the door, expecting to see some nervous challenger hoping to have a battle with the champion. Rather, Yellow stood at the door, her back facing him. Red decided to entertain himself for a while, leaning against the opened door and listening to his friend debate to herself.

"Maybe I should just leave. He's probably busy."

"What am I saying... I've already made up my mind. I should just go ahead."

"Then again, I don't wanna be a burden..."

"Argh! C'mon Yellow, be a brave girl and just knock-that-door!"

She swiftly turned around, and without looking, pounded her fist directly into his chest.

He flinched slightly, although it didn't hurt much. Served him right for watching his friend's dilemmas.

"Oh Red!" Yellow exclaimed, starting to panic.

Red waved her worries away, and invited her in.

As Yellow took off her coat and scarf, Red couldn't help but smile. She had worn a mustard colored vest over a long-sleeved, black sweater. She also wore a pair of black, skinny jeans that completed the set. While Yellow removed her vermillion sneakers, Red made hot chocolate in the kitchen for the two of them.

Once all was settled, including Yellow's endless apologies for her previous actions, the two teenagers sat on the sofa, sipping their warm beverages and making small talk.

Red decided to cut to the chase. Setting down his mug onto the table in front of the duo, he asked: "So Yellow, what were you talking about at the door just know?"

"Erm…" Yellow's fingers unconsciously started playing with her golden locks of hair. "I was wondering…"

Her face flushed a deep beetroot red, and her hand seemed to tremble in what seemed to be a mixture excitement and fear.

"Hey, are you okay?" Red placed his hand on top of hers. Upon contact, a spark flew up Red's veins, and something clicked in the boy's dense brain.

It was a peculiar feeling. It wasn't the feeling he got when Deoxys was near. It wasn't the feeling he got when he battled Giovanni. It wasn't even the feeling when he hung out with Misty, whom he had thought he liked.

It was the feeling of love. And he liked it.

"I was wondering… if we could go to Platinum's party… together?" Yellow managed to stammer out. But the only reaction she got from the teen was a blank stare. But Yellow sensed something else in those ruby irises of his. Was it affection, perhaps?

And ever so slowly, Red's hand wrapped around hers. The party could wait.

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