First Meeting

Luneth, a thief, stealing to make a living was one day astonished by the sight of another person…

Luneth wore a green bandana on top of his silvery grey hair, a white shirt, black pants and a green scarf thing around his waist. His violet eyes were searching from left to right around the market for a good victim to sponsor his dinner for the day. Suddenly a blonde knight who was standing by one of the fruit stalls looking spaced out caught his attention. He looked rich and seemed to pay almost none attention to his surroundings, slowly sneaking up on him Luneth hoped he wouldn't notice him and turn around to ruin his whole stealing plan. His heart was pounding faster and harder for every step closer to the man he took but before he was close enough to carry out his plan the blonde knight snapped out of his thoughts slowly turning around. Luneth stopped immediately with wide open eyes as the blonde's purely blue eyes was staring right at him, like he could see through Luneth's whole character! Trying to act casual Luneth quickly changed direction putting his hands on the back of his head as he walked away feeling the knight's suspicious stare in his back like arrows shot from a skilled archers bow.

Walking into a small alley he finally felt free and slowed down his pace before stopping completely letting out a sigh of relief. Curiously he turned around wondering if he dared to take a peek to see if he could spot the man. Thinking about it for a few seconds he decided a small peek wouldn't hurt and honestly he was too curious about the knight that he just had to see him again. Slowly sneaking back he peeked around the corner but he shouldn't have done that! The instant second as he did that he was meet by purely blue eyes looking at him with a small smirk, chuckling a little.

"Hello there!" The blonde knight said and raised his hand waving a little.

Luneth just stood there and shocked with wide open eyes. He tried to talk and make up an excuse for his weird behavior; though his mind was flooded with different excuses his mouth didn't let him speak any of them. All he could do was stutter some none understandable words.


The knight in the red armor patiently waited for him to speak while looking at him calmly. Luneth on the other hand was everything else but calm. He was still staring at him with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth. A few seconds passed for what seemed like an eternity before Luneth finally got back to reality, he quickly stood up straight and bowed to the blonde man.

"E…Excuse me!" He quickly turned around to dash off to get away from the awkward meeting but before he had even taken a single step he felt something holding his wrist stopping him from running.

Luneth turned around noticing that the knight was holding him with a steady grip and no intension of letting him escape. He looked at his caught wrist then back up at the man with a questioned expression, struggling to get loose.

"Lemme go!" Luneth almost yelled.

"I'm afraid I cannot do that." The knight replied still acting calm.

"I haven't done anythin' wrong!" By using a lot of strength Luneth managed to pull back his arm from the knight's grip and escape deeper into the alley leaving a quite astonished blonde knight behind him.

Luneth ran and didn't stop until his legs were too tired to continue, looking back he made sure the blonde stranger didn't follow him. His eyes couldn't spot that special blonde hair anywhere, the coast was clear. Sighing of relief he leaned against a wall and sank to the ground to relax and catch his breath before he made his way home. It was dinner time soon and this thief didn't have any plans on missing it. I know I said he stole to make a living and that today's prey was going to pay for his food but that's only because there is stuff he wants but can't get his foster parents to buy for him, plus he doesn't like to be a burden. As for the dinner, it's not every day you get your favorite dish at home so of course Luneth needed money to buy some real food if that were to happen.

"What was with that guy?" he exclaimed to himself between his heavy breathing. "Standing there all oblivious and then just turn around? And chase me?" That was the worst. Being chased and then on top of that he got caught by him. Such humiliation. Luneth's rage grew for every second he thought about that stranger, he just wanted to forget it but he couldn't. Somehow those blue eyes had left a deep impression on him.

"Gaah! This is driving me insane!" by throwing his arms up in despair he gained a few curious stares from by-passing people but he didn't care. "That blondie is going to pay for this! And he's gonna pay bad!" Luneth hissed between gritted teeth and got up from the ground to head home for that dinner he didn't wanted, he blamed Blondie for that too. If it weren't for him Luneth could have bought himself a burger but oh, no, now he had to eat that homemade grossness. Another sigh.