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"SIRE!" Merlin called as he entered the throne room of the castle.

Normally he would call his king 'Arthur' but since Arthur was supposed to be in a court meeting right now, it was best to call him either 'Sire' or 'my lord'. That is if you liked your head staying on your shoulders.

"Merlin!" Arthur yelled from the end of the table which stretched across the room. Agravaine stood behind him, giving Merlin a disapproving look.

"Sorry Sire, but you told me to come get you when the knight returned." Merlin replied

The knights had left for a 2 day patrol of the woods. That was a week ago and Arthur had grown anxious, it meant either... The knights had been killed, meaning enemy activity in the woods. Or the knights had taken longer than expected because they found something which endangered the Kingdom's wellbeing.

Now they had returned, he could find out for himself what happened.

"Thank you Merlin, this council is dismissed" Arthur spoke loudly as he rose from his chair and followed Merlin out of the room.

They reached the courtyard in time to see Leon, Percival, Elyan and Lancelot dismounting their horses. Attached to an empty horse was a cart with a lump covered in a white cloak.

Merlin's heart clenched when he saw the missing knight. He ran towards Lancelot who was holding a strange moving object wrapped in a red cloak of Camelot.

"Where's Gwaine?" Merlin asked him, glancing at the body shaped lump in the cart.

Lancelot laughed and asked sarcastically "Where does he always go when we come back?"

Merlin sighed in relief before joining him in laughing.

Arthur approached them, his face pale as he too looked at the cart. "Gwaine?"

Merlin laughed again "Tavern"

Arthur shook his head in annoyance. But even Merlin could see the smirk on his face.

The laughter stopped suddenly as Arthur asked "Then who is this?" He nodded towards the covered body.

Leon pulled the cloth off the head of the body to reveal a pale woman with short blonde hair and unfocused blue eyes. There was a line of blood across the front of her neck.

"We found her and her husband being attacked by some bandits. Or so we thought." Leon explained.

Elyan picked up "Her husband was one of the bandits attacking her, she was killed before we could draw our swords"

Arthur looked around at the solemn faces of his knights, while Merlin looked like he wanted to be sick.

"Why kill an innocent woman?" Merlin asked.

"Who knows" Gwaine appeared behind him, looking like he hadn't had any sleep in a week. There were bags under his eyes, his hair was more of a mess then usual and he seemed to be slightly crouched over.

"What happened to you?" Merlin asked playfully.

Gwaine pointed at the bundle in Lancelot's arms "That thing wouldn't let me sleep"

Arthur took the bundle from Lancelot, who passed it to him strangely gently.

Arthur un-wrapped it and his eyes grew wide. He looked at Elyan with a questioning look.

"The woman was clutching it to her chest while she was dying. The man was about to take it"

Arthur gave the bundle to Merlin, who looked at him confused.

"I need to speak with my uncle and the knights need rest." Arthur explained "You'll be the temporary mother"

"Mother?" Merlin asked, un-wrapping the bundle to find a small pale baby with long brown hair and light blue eyes wearing a thin brown dress and pieces of brown fabric tied around its feet for shoes. The baby smiled a toothless grin at Merlin, before sneezing.

Merlin pulled the baby close to his thin chest to keep it warm, remembering what his mother did when he had a cold.

"And what am I going to do with it?" He asked Gwaine as Arthur and the other knights walked off to the castle.

"Feed it, change its diaper, get it some new clothe-"

"Stop calling her an it" Merlin told him, growing annoyed at Gwaine's lack of motherly instincts. "We'll have to give her a name before we decide what to do with her"

Gwaine looked at Merlin like he had just grown a second head. Before breaking in to a smile.

"Well, you're the mother. You pick the name." Gwaine smacked Merlin lightly on the back before heading towards the castle.

"Fine" Merlin called after him. He looked back down at the child "What would you like to be called?"

Suddenly it hit him "Aurea, your name is Aurea"

Merlin walked off towards the castle.

Not noticing the specks of gold in Aurea's eyes.

It took me forever to find a name in Laten that sounded like a baby girls name.

Well, hope you like it.

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