Setting: Takes place during season one around 'Scarecrow.'
Story outline: Dean and Sam hunt an ice creature in Alaska. Sam learns how smart Dean really is and how much he has missed his brother.
Warnings: The usual swearing. Added dose of brotherly smoop.
Disclaimers: I don't own any Supernatural characters and make no money from this story. Any place names are used for reference only.
Authors note: All details are fictional, including additional characters. Unrelated to any of my other stories.
Many thanks to rascalflattsgurl43 for the speedy and accurate beta on this story

Chapter 1 Weapon of choice

Sam Winchester looked across the table at his brother Dean with a shocked expression.
"Icicle Dean? Are you crazy?"
Dean's handsome face broke out in a grin. "It fits Sammy."
"What, the Barbegazi just picks up an icicle and stabs his victim?"
"Makes more sense than the pointy end of a pick."
"I think it said ice pick." Sam shuffled pages of notes in his hands trying hard to see under the single lamp they had on.
"Wrong again, unless they meant a mountaineers ice pick."
"Maybe they did."
"They are still wrong." Dean said stubbornly.

Sam took a deep breath knowing he would probably regret it but had to ask anyway. "Why?"
"See the wound?" Dean pointed to the chest cavity of the latest victim on the autopsy table between them. "See how the edges are smooth? Even further down the cut is smooth."
"Well a metal pick is smooth as well, Dean."
"On the way in maybe, not on the way out."
"The way out?"
"Well if it was left in, the icicle would have melted eventually and presto chango no evidence left behind."
"Presto chango? I think all the snow's getting to you. What about the wound again?"
"The edges are very smooth. If the weapon had been pulled out there would be fraying on the edges and as awful as it sounds there would be a plug of flesh missing as the steel was yanked out. Also he bled to death from cut wounds to the throat. If it had been a metal pick he would have bled to death when the pick was pulled out and the wound would be messier because of the twisting necessary to remove the pick."

Sam made a 'yuk' face before he spoke. "The cuts could have been made first."
"No way. The decomposition points to chest wound then throat. Then there is the angle of the cuts. They indicate the guy was bending over probably clutching at his chest. Ice or not it would still hurt like a bitch."

Sam looked up at Dean with a frown. Dean was always putting himself down and making himself seem dumb then he would completely ruin the charade with something so intelligent it made Sam feel stupid. Sam knew Dean had changed while he had been away at school and since he had been back, Dean's hunting sense had been spot on every time just like when they were kids. Although when they were younger, Dean hardly ever said anything and Sam knew it was because their dad would shoot him down as he had many times before when they offered suggestions.
"You've been watching too much Die Hard dude."
"Die hard?"
"You know the second one with the icicle in the eyeball? Doesn't matter I've just never heard of a creature using ice as a weapon."
"Barbegazi aren't supposed to eat people either but this sucker has killed four. I believed you about what creature it is. Ever heard of snow bullets?"
"No." Sam frowned feeling like his brain was reeling with information overload and someone had just pulled the switch to change tracks.
"The government apparently has some weapons that can make the bullets from pressed snow and fire them like bullets from this high capacity air gun. No evidence left behind."

Dean bent down to take another look at the wound while Sam searched his brain for a snappy comeback.
"Where did you read about these snow bullets? Conspiracies R-US?"
"It was in a spy novel I read once."
"Read? You mean saw the movie."
"Nope. I do read Sam."
"Skin mags."
"Those as well. " Dean grinned.
"So what? Spy novels?"
"Sometimes. Anyway, I looked on the Internet. They exist. It's beside the point this fugly is using something to hurt these guys. The cuts seem a bit of overkill but maybe that's just the way it hunts."

Sam took a deep breath as he stepped back.
"Okay well the weapon doesn't matter really. We have an idea what's going on by the sightings. Let's get out of here."
Sam slipped into his heavy winter jacket and pushed his fingers into warm, soft gloves.
"Friggin hate this state. Why did you take a hunt in Alaska?" Dean grumbled as he to pulled on his winter weight clothes.
"You agreed Dean and you drove almost all the way here so don't bitch about it now."

In truth Sam knew Dean was here because there had been two kids killed by this monster as well. Sam had offered to drive several times but Dean had been like a man possessed and got them there in just over two days. Sam was fortunate enough to sleep and not see Dean's driving even though he knew Dean wouldn't take risks with him or the car.


It's great to have a new story out so early in the year. This one is finished and ready for regular posting. Enjoy!