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Chapter 17 Games and questions.

The room was quiet for a moment as Sam contemplated what they had been talking about until he had got them off track.
"What were you going to do after school if you needed physics? What other subjects did you do? Math, scienceā€¦I can't remember."
"That's because I took three science classes and three math. English because it was mandatory like P.E."
"Three math and three science classes? Is that even allowed?"
"It was a special program for math and science students meant to fast track them to collage. I was never going but I liked the program 'cause when we moved I had to take my records with me and a couple of the schools couldn't cope with the program so I got time off."
Sam shook his head. "Trust you to use it for time off. Other kids would have been studying their asses off."

Dean looked a little annoyed when his head came up again. "I didn't need that stuff, Sam. I knew what I was going to do. Sure it was handy sometimes but it came easy to me so high school was enough. Besides who said I never studied?"
"That's what I wanted you to think."
Sam frowned again. "So you could have come to Sanford with me. They have a great math program."
"But not the best."
"Where then?"
"M.I.T? That's tough to get into."
"Not that tough."
"Dean did you get in?"
"No. Never applied." It was the truth so Dean could tell Sam that without issue and put the subject to bed.

The room was quiet again and Dean could sense Sam wanting to talk more but he had done enough talking about that time.
"Just read the clues out and stop overthinking everything."
Sam frowned again but cleared his throat deciding to leave it for later. "Okay but I still don't know how you did it."

Dean laughed softly as he lay back down and Sam read out more clues. Sam had his laptop open and was looking up the words Dean spelled out to him to fill the blocks. What was freaking Sam out the most was Dean wasn't asking how long the word had to be or if there were any letters in the intersecting boxes. When the puzzle was done they went back to the Go board from the night before and finished the game at lunch time. Dean was happy to see Sam was starting to use his brain and get better at it.

Dean went down to get lunch at the diner just to prove to Sam he was on the mend and ready to get going. Sam wanted to go with him but Dean insisted he was just getting food and finally won the argument telling Sam he had his handgun and phone. Sam paced for the thirty seven minutes and ten seconds until Dean came back through the door with a small snow drift on his coat. After lunch Sam challenged Dean to a game of poker which finished very quickly with Sam's mouth hanging open.
"Don't worry about it Sam. While you were earning an honest living I was honing my skills. You have probably forgotten how."
"Show me."
"Show you?"
"I guess I need to learn again now that I'm back on the road."
"Okay." Dean said softly and taught Sam again how to win rather than get his ass handed to him.

Sam got to the stage where he could stay in the game for longer but Dean was still beating him easily. Dean even dumbed it down by putting two other 'pretend' players on the table with the cards showing. After a few rounds of beating the invisible players Sam got the idea Dean may have been counting cards as he seemed to know what was coming out of the pack. Dean had Sam to the point he could cheat a bit by dinner time when Sam quit for the day and heated some dinners. It was just as well they were leaving the next day as there was very little left in their stash.

They had one more game of chess after dinner in which Dean beat Sam after a close tussle. Dean packed the Go board up and got his things together so they could get on the road the next day. Sam stressed it would be subject to an examination of Dean's wound as he handed him more painkillers and an antibiotic. They watched a movie in bed during which Dean fell asleep halfway through.

The next morning Sam was up showered, dressed and packed before Dean woke. Dean went into the bathroom slowly while Sam fixed a light breakfast with the few slices of bread they had left and coffee. Dean came out and munched his way through his toast sleepily feeling Sam's eyes on his the whole time. Dean took his morning meds before letting Sam lift his shirt and change the dressing on his wounds. Sam was satisfied Dean was starting to heal and the redness seemed to be backing off. He loaded the car while Dean cleaned up and dressed. Dean wrapped the sword in a blanket and told Sam to store it under the back seat. Sam lifted the seat to find a wooden box with what looked like a sniper rifle inside so he tucked the sword up close to it. He had never seen anyone store stuff under the seat before so it made him wonder when Dean had started using it. Another question for the drive home.

Sam checked them out and came back to find Dean sitting in the car with two jackets, woollen hat and gloves on. Just as well since he was going to insist. Sam pointed them south only driving for an hour before stopping for fuel, snacks and hot coffee. They were on the road another hour before Sam turned the music down making Dean turn from looking out the window at the white tundra.
"So Dean, I think its question time."

Dean sighed deeply knowing he had agreed and he was also stuck in a car for four days with Sam's questions and even worse Sam's farts.

The end

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