The Fae

A/N This a very AU. It's more like a fairytale nightmare with a few twists. It popped into my head one day, and at the end of the day I knew exactly how I wanted to start it and end it, with everything in the middle already worked out. Nothing is really as it seems in this story.

Warnings: Not really much, slash, violence, maybe lots of anger. Nothing too graphic or too horrifying I think.

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Chapter 1

The Beginning

Lily watched as James gave Harry to her sister. Petunia and Vernon didn't look to happy about having to take in another child after just having their own son.

" Really, Lily, must you do as that old man says?" Petunia thought once Harry was born that her sister would settle down and raise her child. Instead, a few months after Dudley was born, her sister is leaving Harry with her.

" Pet, why must you ask questions? You know this is my journey, one that Harry will join soon enough." Lily gave Harry a small kiss on his lightening bolt birthmark, and left the small house with her husband.

" I am not raising any child in this house to be a hunter!" Vernon turned red in the face, glaring at the leaving figures. There was no way in hell he would raise his own child to be taught any of this, and he wasn't about to raise Harry to be some stupid hunter.

" But, Albus?" Petunia rarely questioned her husband, but she wasn't sure going against the leader of the hunters was such a good idea.

Vernon gave his wife a heated glare. " I repeat, I am not raising any child in this house to be no damn HUNTER! Albus Dumbledore can go to hell for all I care." Taking Harry into the house to play with Dudley, Vernon left his wife to think over what he had just said.

If she let him have his way, Harry had a chance of growing up normal, but at what risk? If she intervened, and tried to train Harry herself, then Harry would never have a chance at a normal childhood. A normal life. Nodding to herself, Petunia made her decision.

5 Years Later

Harry was too busy being chased around by his cousin to notice that an old man had stepped into the Dursley's living room. It was when he heard the stomping of his uncle's footsteps that he stopped running around. Vernon was not at all happy to the old man in his house.

" How can I help you Albus?" He asked, his cheeks growing red from anger. He didn't want this man in his house. There was only one thing that the old man ever wanted from Vernon, and that was to train the boy to be like his parents.

" Lily and James are coming in a couple of days, and staying for a night to see their son. They have to leave by the next morning to continue on the mission, but I have granted them that night to spend with Harry. After all, they haven't seen their son in five years." Albus said, smiling while playing with his beard. He glanced down at Harry, who was keeping his distance.

" Hello Harry, do you know who I am?" Albus leaned down towards the boy. Harry had grown to look like both of his parents. He had his mother green emerald eyes and his father's face. His hair was unruly, but was a mixture of dark brown and red. He had also been gifted with his mother's small frame. The child would grow up to be beautiful, Albus had no doubt. As Albus studied the boy, Harry knowing that his uncle was not happy with the old man being here, ran off to the kitchen.

Albus watched the five year old run away, frowning. " Did I scare him?"

Vernon snorted, wishing he could make the man in front of him disappear. " Probably not, he just doesn't like you that's all."

Albus didn't like the sound of that. Harry needed to like him, to trust him. Perhaps he needed to talk to Lily and James about Harry's living arrangements.

" Very well, I will take my leave. Lily will be coming by in two days to get Harry. Please do take care."

Vernon watched the man go with a sneer on his face.

Just as Albus promised, Lily arrived two days later, a smile on her face. " Harry!" Lily ran to her son, who just looked at her. Harry knew who she was, Petunia had showed him pictures of her and his dad, but Harry wasn't sure what to make of her presence.

Lily hugged her child, almost crushing him. " I know its only for one night, but I promise me and your dad are going to make it special."

Petunia and Vernon watched as Lily left their house in a taxi.

" I don't care what happens tonight. I don't care if they tell him the truth on everything. Harry will not be raised to be no damn hunter." Vernon all but growled. His wife could only nod. She, too, agreed that Harry would not be a hunter.

" We will have to train him somehow though, just to make Albus leave us alone and just in case They come after him."

Vernon grunted. " Very well. I will enroll both of the boys in Karate classes next week. We can't leave them defenseless."

Petunia sighed in relief. She had been afraid she would have to fight her husband on this. She couldn't risk Harry growing up weak. His life may be spared if he grew up ignorant to his parent's life, but that was a big if.

Lily and James could only hug their child. For five years they had been gone from his life. They didn't like how this mission was keeping them away from Harry, but Albus was right. They were born for this, raised for this. They had to do this mission. Hunters were becoming scarse all around the world, leaving them more vulnerable then Albus wished them to be.

" Harry you want to play a board game?" James asked, placing Harry at a small brown dining table. The green eyed child glanced around at the room, noticing how bare the place was.

" Wanna pla chase!" Harry clapped, proud of himself for coming up with something to do. James nodded, and let Harry hop off the chair. For the next couple of hours, Lily watched as her husband and son played chase and hide and go seek. She was happy that Harry was comfortable with them.

A few hours later, much to Lily and Jame's disappointment, it was time for Harry to go to bed. While putting their son to sleep, Harry whined about wanting to be told a story.

" Go ahead and tell him the story, Lily. It won't hurt for him to hear it." James told his wife, who looked unsure. Was he too young to learn about his future?

" Well Harry the story is a very old story. A legend among us hunters, our origins."

Harry laid there, listening to Lily speak softly. In his mind, it was just another story, like the ones his aunt would tell him and Dudley. He didn't recognized the significance of it.

" During the dark ages, a mysteries race of beings started terrorizing villages. They were ugly deceitful beings, only wanting one thing. To cause pain. They would torture the villagers then burn down their homes. A king from a small country decided to put a stop to these beings. He ordered his knights to train and to train hard. For years they train in every form of fighting they could master. They made weapons especially made to hurt these horrible things. After years of training and preparing, there was a great war between the beings and the King's knights. A war that lasted for five long bloody years. For a while, the knights feared that they would lose, until they discovered the beings weakness. Cold iron. For the last two years of the war, blacksmiths would only make weapons out of iron. They would also carve runes into the iron, believing that it would harm the beings even more. The beings finally backed down, most running away, back to where ever they came from. The rest were killed or captured.

The King tried every trick he could to make the captured beings speak, but soon realized that he would get no information. The beings would even go as far as to kill themselves. For the next few years, the fear of these beings dwindle down to nothing, but the King refused to believe that the beings were gone for good. Instead, he made sure every knight knew how to defeat these beings. He passed down all of his knowledge to the next King. Each and every king took this knowledge and used it. As the modern ages began, there were no more kings and knights. Instead there were mentors and hunters. In every country, there are mentors training these hunters to fight these beings.

There is now a new type of hunter that has been born. His mark signifies the new beginning for a better world, a safer world.

As the seventh month dies,

A new hunter will rise,

Marked with a lightening bolt,

He will destroy all who wish him harm,

He will defend those who are close to him,

He will end a war that was long ago created,

As the seventh month dies,

A new hunter will rise."

By the time Lily was finished with her tale, the little five year old was fast asleep, curled up around his pillow. Kissing his head softly, Lily turned out the lights and closed the door. James was beside her, watching the scene.

" Do you think he'll understand?" Lily whispered to her husband, her fear leaking. She worried about his fate, how was he any different from the rest of the hunters?

James wrapped his arms around his wife, pulling in her close. " Harry will be fine, you worry too much. Albus will be his mentor when he is older."

Lily could only nod, hoping that James was right.

3 Years Later ( June )

Petunia sat on the couch, listening to her husband's conversation over the phone.

" Look, I don't care who is to blame for this accident! Just get the damn report in by tomorrow afternnon!" Vernon slammed the phone down, his face red.

" Is everything okay dear?" His wife asked, glancing up at him as he entered the living room.

" Yes yes, everything is fine. A guy at work had an accident yesterday and he's giving the boss a hard time about filling out a report."

Petunia nodded and went back to watching her soap opera.

" Momma!" A loud voice entered the house, slamming the door open. Behind him, entered a smaller calmer child.

Petunia sighed, turning off the TV. She knew she would never finish watching the episode with her son home.

" Yes honey, what is it?"

Dudley jumped up and down in excitement. " Master Gen taught the class a new trick!"

Harry, who sat down on the couch beside his aunt, nodded. " He's teaching us new kicking moves. They're really hard, but its still fun."

Petunia stared at both of the boys, a smile on her face. She was happy that her husband talked her into letting them join a Karate class. For a while, she had been worried that Dudley would become obese and Harry would never gain any muscle. Instead, she had two very athletic kids before her. Albeit, Harry was still smaller, having a much leaner frame then Dudley.

" That's great!" Vernon joined in on the boys excitement. " Now go get washed up, your mother will be making dinner soon."

Harry and Dudley rushed upstairs, both still excited from Karate class.

Petunia smiled as she watched the boys race each other up the stairs. By all rights, Harry was her child just as much as Dudley was. Lily and James still hadn't returned since that night three years ago, which was just fine with Petunia. She didn't want Harry to become some hunter, to have to fight for his life everyday. The boy was too fragile, too innocent to be shown such horrors.

" Petunia, your thinking too much again." Vernon placed his hand on his wife's shoulder.

" Perhaps I am, but I am grateful we are the ones raising Harry, and not some other hunter family, like those damn Weasleys. I think its time we look into adopting Harry officially."

Vernon looked down at his wife in shock. " Are you sure Pet?" For years, he fought with his wife about adopting Harry. His wife disagreed, not wanting to take her sister's child away from her.

Petunia reached for the phone. " I'm sure, Vernon. Harry is as much as our son as Dudley is. We have raised Harry his entire life. Lily and James made the decision to leave Harry with us and continue their stupid missions. I will not have Harry's life endangered because his parents are too idiotic to understand. I will call our lawyer, I'm sure we won't have much of a fight on our hands. After all, Lily and James will probably not be returning home from their mission anytime soon, so neither can fight for their parental rights."

And Petunia was right, a couple of months later, Harry Potter was officially adopted by his aunt and uncle. With his biological parents not showing up for their parental rights, and having left Harry in his relative's care since he was baby, the judge quickly agreed. Harry was happy, finally having his own parents. He could call them mom and dad instead of aunt and uncle.

Dudley was happy too, being able to call Harry his brother. For the next few years, Harry and Dudley continue to go to Karate class and attend school. With Albus' help, Harry and Dudley befriended the Weasley clan, Neville, and Hermione. Life for Harry was normal and the Dursleys planned on keeping it that way. Of course, as the saying goes, plans can change.

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