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Chapter 4: Battle One Begins

Draco ended up convincing me to miss my classes today, insisting we go and have some fun. Fun for him means talking his father into letting us go to Paris for the weekend. Luna, Blaise, Pansy, and Dalphne came along too, refusing to be left out of a trip to France. I shook my head in dismay when Draco told me the 'good' news. I knew it didn't take much for Draco to get what he wanted, but I didn't expect his father to a pay for six teenagers to go to Paris unattended.

" Harry, relax!" Draco patted me on the back as I climbed onto the Malfoy's private jet. I just got off the phone with mum and dad, who gave me their permission to go as long as I was back for school Monday.

" I've never been on a plane before Draco." I muttered, nervous and embarrassed. In all my years of hanging out with Draco, I had never been on a trip with him surprisingly enough.

" It'll be okay. In a couple of hours we will be landing in Paris and have fun." Blaise pushed me into one of the seats with a smirk on his face.

Luna came up beside him, her features soft and in the clouds. " Don't fret Harry, we will land safely." She then gave me a knowing look and I relaxed a little more.

Everyone else was already on the plane, sitting down so Blaise and Luna went to sit behind me and Draco. Pansy and Daphne sat across from us, giggling about clothes. Draco rolled his eyes and looked at me.

" Clothes and shoes, that's all a woman can think about."

A female cough was heard behind us and Luna poked her head around my seat. She looked at Draco, a serious look crossed her face, something that never happens.

Draco blushed. " Umm…well of course not all women think about clothes and shoes. Sorry."

She nodded, seemingly accepting his apology and starting talking to Blaise again. Draco stared at me for a minute before I laughed. He muttered something before turning his head to the window. I rolled my eyes at his antics and got out my ipod.

Just as I was told, a couple of hours later we arrived in Paris. We headed to what I thought would be our hotel, only to find out that the Malfoy's owned a 4 bedroom apartment. I rolled my eyes again when arriving to the apartment.

" Of course you would own an apartment in Paris." I spoke up quietly as I laid my bags down in the lobby.

" Duh! My parents own a lot more places. Why do you think they're always gone? They can live in a summer season the rest of their lives by just switching places."

Couple of hours later, we were at a small café enjoying lattes and mochas when the trouble began.

" Harry, why are you not in school right now?" Lily came up to the table with James right behind her.

I stared at them in shock, all of my friends giving me confused looks but Luna.

" James and Lily Potter, Harry's blood parents." Luna filled in for the rest as I tried to figure out what was going.

" How? Why?" I questioned them. Why the hell were they doing here?

" Dumbledore told us you didn't show up for school and decided to figure out what was going. Your just lucky he has the connections he does."

I blinked for a second, confused. " Lucky? Why in the world would I think that's lucky? I came here with my friends to get away from all the drama of my life right now, including the two of you."

James glanced at Lily, giving her a what do we do look. I rolled my eyes at the two of them and motioned to my friends that we should just leave. I didn't see why I had to sit here and deal with them. They were no longer my parents and had no say if I miss one day of school. As everyone started to stand up and Draco put a few bills on the table to pay for our food, Lily tried to block our way. Luna instantly stood behind me while Draco stood before me. Blaise and Pansy each got on one side, and Daphne gave Lily a look that probably told her to drop dead. At first I didn't understand why my friends decided to circle around me, but then I noticed that Lily was holding a needle in her hand.

" I would not come in closer if I were you, Lily." Draco spoke, his words harsh and cold. I see his fae features were trying to break through his glamour, but he held himself back.

" Harry, please we just want you to come back with us. You're one of us, not them! Look at him, he can barely control himself. They are evil creatures that need to die!" James spoke, his voice going from soft to harsh.

I glared, wishing I had powers of some sort so I could get us out of this mess. Draco's ears had by now broke through the glamour, along with his claws and teeth, if the growling was anything to go by. I put my hand on his shoulder, wrapping my arm around his waist.

" Dray, it's okay. They can't hurt me." I whispered, hoping to calm him down some. It seemed to work as I noticed his claws and ears disappearing.

" Why Harry, why?" Lily seemed crushed by my display of calming Draco down.

" Because they are my friends, and that will never change, now why don't you just go back to Dumbledore and tell him you failed in getting me to come back with you."

James decided that wasn't good enough. He jumped towards me, a needle in his hand ready to stab me with something. Luna, probably having seen in it before it happened, took a butter knife off the table and attempted to stab James with it. While it didn't cause much damage, it still surprised him enough that he pulled back in shock.

Draco lost him temper and his glamour fell down. Before anyone could react, his hands were around James' throat, his silver claws causing blood to trail down his throat and chest. Blaise moved in front of me and no one else made a move. Lily stared at Draco before deciding to take the needle to Draco's arm.

" NO! Draco watch out!" Before anything could happen, I raised my hand on instinct, aiming it at Lily, and a fireball shot towards her. She jumped out of the way just in time but her jeans did catch on fire. While she was busy putting out the fire, I grabbed Draco and motioned for the others to take off. James fell to the ground, grasping for the breath and Lily stared at me in shock. Her features conveyed a look of surprise and understanding.

Shaking my head, me and Draco took off down the street, catching up with the others.

When we got back to the room, we all collapsed in exhaustion, while I stared at my hand in shock. I had shot a fireball out of my hand, out of my bloody hand!

" Harry, calm down." Luna kneeled before, her hands grapping mine. Her grey eyes were soft, caring. " It's going to be okay." She seemed so sure that I ended up laughing.

" How is this going to be okay? I'm sitting here trying to figure out why I can all the sudden shot fireballs out of my hand! I'm fighting my birth parents who want to drug me up with something and fight a bloody war for them! Please tell me how any of this is going to be okay?" I shook her hands off and marched out of the room into the room that me and Draco were supposed to share.

Out of hanger I punched the wall, not noticing how the wall had caved in. I didn't know how I was supposed to deal with any of this. My friends weren't human, my parents trying to drug me, I was supposed to some type of hunter to end the war, and now it didn't look like I was human either. A pair of arms wrapped around me, a pair of lips kissing the back of my neck.

" Harry, it is going to be okay. I will make sure of it." Draco whispered, turning me around. He pushed back my hair, making sure to keep eye contact with me. His grey eyes trying to give me some sort of message that I couldn't read.

" How?" I whispered back. " How can any of this be okay?"

" Cause we will make sure you are safe. We will ask our Lord what he thinks is going on. We will make this okay, even if it kills me." His voice seemed so determined that I couldn't help but believe him.

" Okay." I nodded. There was no sense in fighting him, no sense in fighting any of them.

We had decided to stay for the night and head back home in the morning, knowing it was no longer safe for us to be here without some type of adult with us. That night, we stayed up watching movies and playing board games. I knew they were just trying to get my mind off things and I was glad that I had friends like them, but it didn't work. All I could think about was the fire and rage that had come with it. What was I? I've never seen Draco shoot fireballs. Could he? Or was it something else?

" Father!" Draco ran into the manor just leaving his bags in the lobby. Following his example Luna and I did the same, though we did not run. We had dropped Blaise, Pansy, and Daphne had their houses, deciding we had enough excitement for one weekend.

Lucius Malfoy was staring at his son with a cold expression when we had caught up.

" What is the matter with you? Running in the house? I thought your mum had taught you better?"

Draco gulped. " But father, Harry shot a fireball out of his hand!"

Lucius looked at Draco then me. " A fireball?"

I nodded. " Yes sir. Lily was trying to attack Draco and I just ended up shooting a fireball at her."

" How interesting." Turning around, I saw the man that I ended up seeing the other night.

" My Lord." Everyone but me bowed their heads in respect. I ended up staring at the man in shock.

He was more handsome then I remembered him that night. He was a few inches taller than me, with broad shoulders and slender built. He didn't' have any glamours on, making it even harder for me not to stare. His wings were clear with shiny red speckles intertwined around the edges. I finally made it to his red eyes. He was staring at me in amusement, probably realizing I was checking him out.

" Hello Harry. It seems you've had an interesting day yesterday." He smirked as he spoke, the look in his eyes spelled danger for me.

" Y-yes." I chocked in my word, remembering how he had could have ended my life the other night without blinking an eye.

" Don't be nervous Harry. I promise as long as we are fighting on the same side I will never have to kill you. Now follow me, it seems we have things we must discuss."

I followed the man into the den. He stood beside the ceiling to floor window, an indifferent look gracing his face. I choose to sit down instead of standing, waiting on the man to speak up.

" Your birth mother, Lily Potter, is actually you mum's half-sister."

I blinked, letting this information sink in. " What does that mean exactly."

He turned around, his face still not allowing any emotions to slip through. " It means you are not completely human. You are what we Fae and Hunters call Veela. Based on the extent of your powers, you a more than likely half-veela, meaning Lily is somehow full-blooded veela."

" Full-blooded, but that would mean my grandmother would have half or full-blooded veela, wouldn't it?"

He smiled, apparently happy with my understanding of what was going on. " Correct. Your grandmother was indeed half-veela. She managed to hide from her husband, probably fearing for her life and her children's."

" But that would mean that my mum is quarter veela."

" Not necessarily. Your grandmother married a mortal who's genes were stronger than her veela genes. It means your mum and cousin/brother are mortal. Until someone down that line mates with another veela or possibly a fae, they will continue to have mortal children. Lily on the other hand, her actual birth father would have to be a full blooded veela, causing you to be a half-veela. Lily probably knows she wasn't completely human and it explains why your grandmother wanted your mum to marry James instead of Lily, so there would not be any half-blooded veela's running around in a Hunter's family. Your grandmother didn't realize that your mum would rather die than fight, giving her no choice but to allow Lily and James to marry. "

" Wow, this is a lot to take in." I tried to wrap my head around the fact I wasn't human. " Hold it, what is a veela?"

The man smiled, " I wondered when you was going to ask that question. It's a creature when full-blooded, can turn into a mighty bird and has no problems shooting fireballs. You usually have a mate you are destined to be with, sometimes you don't have a mate. Veelas have the same issues we do. Hunters hunt them down and kill them. They're nearly extinct."

Sitting there, I tried to process all the information. Grandmother had an affair with someone who was a full-blooded veela, causing me to become a half-blood. Half human half veela.

" Hey." I was startled when I felt soft fingers lift my chin. Looking up, I realized that sometime during me spacing out that the man had moved all the way to the chair and kneeling in front of me.

" Call me Marvolo by the way. And don't fret so much right now. I will see what I can do about training, but for now you should be fine unless someone threatens someone you consider family."

I nodded blushing at how close I and he were. I never found myself attractive to many people, but for some reason Marvolo caused my body temperature to rise and my stomach to fill up with butterflies.

" Your dismiss, though we will be in touch soon."

I left as quickly as I could, rushing to get to Draco's room, uneasiness settling within me. I didn't understand what I was feeling at the moment and with everything crumpling down around me, I didn't feel like this was the right time to form a 'crush' on the leader of the Fae. Worse timing ever and not to mention you would never have a chance in hell with someone like Marvolo. My mind whispered viciously to me.

Couple of Days Later

Returning to school with Dumbledore being the principle of the school caused me to be nervous. Had Lily told Dumbledore that I have developed Veela powers? Would she be brave enough? Or would she confront me herself again? With those fears in mind, I was glad that Draco and Luna refused to leave my side. They both were determined to make sure a repeat of what had happened this past weekend didn't happen again.

Dumbledore, though, had other ideas. He walked out of his office, a lemon drop in hand.

" Ah, my boy, I was just about to go looking for you. Can we speak in my office."

I glanced at Luna and Draco, both of them shaking their heads at me.

" Don't." Luna whispered in my ear. She had a weird look in her eyes when she looked at Dumbledore. Fearful and suspicious, there was something else in her eyes, causing me to become afraid.

" I'm afraid you will have to call my adoptive parents first before we may speak, Dumbledore." I decided that was the best way to do things. If Luna was telling me not to go in there by myself, then something bad was bound to happen if I didn't listen to her.

Dumbledore glared at my two blonde friends, the twinkle in his eyes leaving. " Harry, I insist you come with me right now. I promise nothing bad will happen."

" I'm sorry sir, but I refuse to in there alone with you. If you need to speak to me, you can speak to me with Luna and Draco with me, or you can just come by the house this afternoon." I made my point clear, staring him directly in the eye. I wanted to show him that I wasn't scared even though my world was turning upside down. I needed for him to know that I wasn't scared.

Dumbledore's glare did not leave but he did nod at though he understood. " I'm sorry it has to be this way my boy." He walked back into his office, the blue sparkle in his eyes fading from view.

" Why did you tell me not to go in there Luna?" I turned to her, my green eyes curious.

Luna stared off into space, a grim look in her face. " He has plans Harry, bad plans. It has to do with the drugs that Lily was trying to give you the other day. I think they are meant to control your veela side."

Control? My mind spun in circles. So she had known I would end up being a Veela and instead of helping me she was just going to drug me. I had to blink away a tear before I faced Draco and Luna.

" Harry, don't worry about it. Lily and James were never your family. Remember they left you so they could hunt us down?" Draco's grey eyes looked at me, concern written all over his face.

I tried to do a half smile, so he wouldn't worry about me so much, but I couldn't do it. My whole life was turning upside down every day I got out of bed. Was I not born to be normal? Was I born to live this cursed life? Even my own family would be hunting me down once the war begun because I couldn't turn against my friends. " I'm sorry Dray, I just can't sit here anymore and do nothing. I have to do something before all of this gets out of hand. Lily almost used those drugs on you instead of me. What if something like that happens again? What if I can't control these powers and I end up hurting someone I love? I think I'm going to ask Marvolo to train me."

Luna had a secret smile on her face, once again knowing something that no one knew and Draco looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

" He lets you call him Marvolo?"

" Yeah?" I looked at him confused.

" Bloody hell." He muttered, shock still not leaving his face.

" What's the big deal about that? What do you call him?"

" My Lord." Luna spoke softly. "He is after all the king of the Fae. He's the one who granted your mum protection from the Fae when she declared she was going neutral."

I stood there, remembering the night he had attacked me from behind, his blood red eyes searching for something. " If he doesn't let his people call him anything but my Lord, then why does he let me call him Marvolo?

"I don't know." Draco took his arm around my shoulders, dragging me off to class. " He must like you if he's letting you call him by his name instead of my Lord. Think of that has a good thing though. It's better for him to like you then hate you."

I nodded, agreeing with his statement. After all, Marvolo had already pinned me against the wall once, willing to kill me right then and there.

I wish I could say the rest of the day was uneventful, but then I would be lying. I had been sitting at my usual lunch table with Draco, Blaise, Luna, Pansy, Daphne, Neville, and the Weasley twins, when Ron, Hermione, and Ginny came up behind me.

" So I heard that your parents are back, you must be happy." Ginny started out, putting her hand on my shoulder with a smile.

I shrugged. " Not really. It doesn't change anything, I'm still living with Vernon and Petunia."

" Why?" Ron asked. " I thought your parents would let you move back in with them. After all it has been like 8 years since you last seen them."

I raised my eyebrow at my redheaded friend, wondering what he was trying to get at. " Ron, you know that Vernon and Petunia are my real parents. They were the ones who raised and looked after me. I don't give a rat's ass about Lily and James. They could die for all I cared. "

Hermione and Ginny gasped. Hermione probably still didn't know what was going on unless Ron had decided to fill her in , which I doubted.

" Hermione, if you're parents decided to abandon you because they wanted to be hunters, then how would you feel?" I stressed the hunters part out for Ginny and Ron, to show them that I finally understood everything.

Ron glanced at his sister with a worried look. Hermione on the other hand hugged me.

" I'm sorry Harry. I feel so angry and betrayed that I would probably feel the same." I hugged her back, motioning that she was free to sit beside Luna and Neville. Hermione took the seat with a sad smile on her face.

While I knew Hermione had a crush on Ron, I also knew she would feel sorry for me when I told her about my parents. She may not understand about Hunters and Fae, but she did understand sympathy and would eventually understand the situation I had gotten myself in.

" Come on mate. Lily and James love you, you know that." Ron seemed to be drawing at straws now, unclear as to what he was supposed to say.

I stood up, feeling somewhat confident and made sure I spoke directly in his ear. " I have chosen my place beside the Fae. I hope I don't see you on the battle field, but if I do, I will not hesitate to kill." I said all of this, watching his face go white. I didn't know if I had the guts to actually kill someone I had considered I friend or not, but I wouldn't stand by and let him hurt my family either. I knew when it came to war, I couldn't be soft. I had to hard and determined. Something I was afraid I wouldn't be by the time the war peaked.

Ron and Ginny took off, Ron telling his sister that they had to speak to Dumbledore. I shook my head, wondering why they even bothered anymore. I wasn't going to fight on their side and they needed to get that through their thick skulls.

" Well then."

" It seems that,"

" Our dear brother,

" Just can't handle

" The truth."

The twins spoke up. I looked at them, wondering not for the first time, what side they truly were on.

" Don't worry Harry.

" Yeah, don't worry!" They stood up and bowed at me.

" What are you guys doing?" I asked, clearly confused as the rest of the group.

The twins smiled, their eyes dancing with mischief.

" Well you see Harry,"

" We're just declaring that,"

" That we are fighting at your side."

They stood tall with a smile. George speaking by himself for once. " Ronnikens will just have to get over it. "

" So will the rest of our family." Fred spoke up. Determination set in both of their eyes.

Draco gave me a look before eyeing the rest. " I think it's time we start doing something other than sitting on our asses."

" Like what?" Pansy asked, still looking at the twins for explantion.

" Training." I spoke up, finally understanding Draco's look. " Neville, I know you know what the hunters are and I also realize you have already decided not to fight. Hermione, I realize you have no idea what we are talking about and if you really want an explanation, then I will explain. But realize what I will explain will cause you to be unsure in everything around you."

Neville nodded. " I'm just not fighting material Harry. You've seen me in gym. It's a mess. I'm willing to help in other ways, but I can't fight and I really don't want to."

" I understand Neville, this isn't your war, but thanks for offering the help. Hermione?" I looked at the brown eyed 16 year old who looked completely lost.

" Harry, you and Ron were my first friends when I transferred here. I would like to know what's going on and how I can help. Ron is obviously being an ass about something and I want to know what it is."

I stared at my group of friends, each other them having some level of determination in their eyes. Realization dawned on me. They were willing to stand beside me, no matter what. Even Hermione, who didn't know the truth about what was going on. It made me realize that I did have a strong family, a family that was definitely worth fighting for.

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