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Becoming a family in Skylands.

It was a peaceful day at Skylands Spyro and Cynder were flying over the water racing each other, so far Cynder was winning.

"C'mon Spy don't let her win!" Trigger Happy yelled.

"I'm not letting her win she's gotten really fast!" Spyro started to beat his wings even harder, but the female dark dragon had won.

"I win Spyro." She said calmly. Spyro was catching his breath when a totally different female voice spoke to him.

"Spyro that was really pathetic, I mean I know you much better than that"

Spyro looked up to find Najada with some of her piñata friends and her boyfriend Tanner. Suddenly Spyro caught his breath.

"Hey NJD" He greeted. Najada grimaced

"Why do you call me that?" she asked.

"It's a cute nickname, don't you think so?"

"Whatever, anyway you remember my friends?"

"Teddy, Tina I heard about your separation and I'm glad to see you guys together." Said Spyro.

"How did you know about that?" Teddy asked.

"Let's just say that there's nothing sheep like to do more than gossip"

"It's nice of you to come by Najada." Said Cynder.

"Well Tanner and I decided to adopt Tina and Teddy. Dr. Quackberry didn't have their birth papers so we were hoping Hugo would have them."

"Does Tina and Teddy know about this?" Cynder asked. Najada shook her head. She lowered her voice.

"We're making it a surprise. I wonder if they'll like it."

"Naja, as much as those twingersnaps love you and as much as you and Tanner love each other. You all would make a great family." Cynder assured.

"Thanks Cynder. Tanner c'mon" Najada called. Tanner came to his girlfriend and future mate. They walked towards the core.

"Where are they going?" Tina asked Cynder.

"They have some work they need to do. C'mon I'm sure some of the other skylanders will want to meet you two." Cynder took them to meet some of the undead skylanders. Meanwhile Najada and Tanner were speaking to Hugo.

"Here they are, Tina's and Teddy's birth papers just sign these and Tina and Teddy will belong to you." Said Hugo.

"Thanks Hugo. Tina and Teddy are going to be so happy when they find out."

"Yes, so when's the wedding and where is it?" Hugo asked

"Oh well we thought about having it here in skylands with your permission of course." Said Najada. Hugo fixed his glasses

"Of course you can have it here, but first I'd break the news to Tina and Teddy." Hugo whispered. The two dragons nodded and they left for the beach

"Tina and Teddy twingersnap pleasure to meet you" said Lighting rod. Cynder was now introducing the twingersnaps to the air skylanders.

"Tina, Teddy we have some really great news for you two" said Najada. Tanner handed them the papers. A smile crept over the twingersnap's faces.

"We're your kids?" Teddy asked. Tanner nodded.

"I knew they'd like it Tanner!" Najada jumped happily.

"We're having our wedding tomorrow. Yo Spyro want to be my best man?"

"You bet I do!' Spyro yelled.

"Tina, want to be the flower girl?" Najada asked. Tina nodded.

"Teddy, how does being ring bear sound?" Teddy smiled at his now mother.

"We'll have the wedding tomorrow!" Tanner announced. "Spread the word!"

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