A Forbidden Love


Chapter 1 ~ Just a Little Crush


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Italics ~ Fett's alter persona thinking.


"I'm so happy you could come on such short notice." The figure Luke was talking to simply bent his head, and proceeded to walk down the corridor. "You are probably wondering why I asked for your presence, me being a Jedi and all." No reply. *ahem* "Well, I want you to track down a regenade sith for me." Still no reply. "Somehow he has been able to block himself from my mind scans."

"How do we know it is a he?" the man asked such a simple question, but suddenly it produced endless possibilities.

"Well, to tell you the truth, we don't," the figure simply nodded and continued to walk, finally coming to a door. Luke pressed a couple of buttons, and it hissed open. He led the man into the room. It was modestly furnished, with a simple wooden table and chairs.

Leia and Hand were sitting at the table conversing quietly with each other. Hearing Luke enter, Han rose slightly from his chair. He smiled at Luke, and simply nodded his head in the other man's direction. "Let's get to business. Shall we begin Mr. Fett?" The man who was called Boba Fett nodded and took a seat.


"So, who do you like?" the holographic projection of Tika asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Jaina shot back.

"Just wondering! Jeez, touché."

"Well, than who do you like?" Jaina asked.

"Nope, I asked you first!"

"Fine, I'll tell you if you tell me."

*sigh* "Okay... you have to promise not to tell, though."

"Swear on my speeder I won't tell," Jaina put up her right hand.

"Okay. Fine. Your brother."


"Shh! Not so loud! But, yeah."

"Woah. That's just kind of scary."



"Sooo... you have to tell me now."

"Okay, but let's get out of the kitchen, Anakin always comes in here around this time." Taking the holo projector, a bowl of cookie dough, (AN: come on people, they have to have cookie dough.) Jaina walked out to the dining room, ironically also the place where Boba Fett, Luke, Han, and Leia were also talking.

Everyone looked up as the door hissed open. Luke and Leia in surprise, Han in annoyance, and Fett barely acknowledged the newcomer's presence.


"Okay, okay! You have to promise that you won't tell anyone."

"I promise."

Jaina stopped for a second to lick off some dough off her fingers.

"You're stalling."

"Okay! Okay. It's mumble mumble."

"What? I didn't hear you."




"Oh. What!?!"

"I'm not repeating it."

"No, I mean what can you see in him?"

"I don't know, I guess I'm just attracted to mysterious men."

"You've got that right. But, I mean, he has to be at LEAST as old as your dad. Eew! Bad mental picture there."



"Shut. Up."

"Jeez touché!"

Their voices faded away as they walked down the hall, replaced by an embarrassing silence. Boba Fett cocked his head, almost as if wondering if he had heard correctly. *ahem* "Well, as I was saying..." Han continued. Later, he would have a little talk with Jaina.


Boba Fett was walking quietly down the hallway, the meeting long since ended. He was deep in thought, staying in the shadows, dodging anybody that came along. What did all of that mean? What Jaina had said. Did she really mean that she was attracted to him, or was she joking?

I cannot believe you're even thinking about this. A little voice mocked. Do you like her? Has the strong, impenetrable Boba Fett finally been broken? Shut up. Ah, you just don't want to admit that you like her. I'm not a school boy anymore. I don't get crushes. But you must admit, she is beautiful. With that silk, auburn hair, those bright green eyes. Yeah... Wait! No. Of course not. Get out of my head! Touché.

The thing in his head seemed to smirk as Fett shook his head. Looking over, he saw a door. Good. The exit. Oh? Or are you hoping that this might be Jaina's room? Hmmm? "Shut up!" Fett hit the button to the door, and without looking in, he ran into the room hoping to get rid of the damn voice. He was met by a rushing cloud of steam. "What the..." He wiped a hand across his T-shaped visor, trying to clear the steam off it. No such luck. When it was wiped off, it was replaced by even more. In annoyance, Boba Fett took off his helmet to see clearly. Running a hand through his already damp hair, and tucking his helmet under his arm he proceeded to examine the room. Soon he realized (to his horror) that he was in a bathroom, and someone was taking a shower! Deciding not to stick around to see who it was, he turned around just as the water was turned off. Shit. Slowly making his way to the door, he accidentally knocked over a trash receptacle. That wasn't there before. Fett thought with frustration.

"Hello? Is someone there?" Double shit. It was Jaina. "Hello?" Hastily, he made his way to the door. Bang! A resounding sound went through the rest room as Fett, in a very unbounty hunter-like action banged his shin into a low-lying sink. Cursing silently, he grabbed his knee, and in the process dropped his helmet. Fett watched in horror, Jaina in confusion, as his helmet rolled out of the steam cloud Boba was in, to land at her feet like a really cheesy horror holo-film. Jaina picked up his helmet, looking very beautiful in that towel too, No, stop it! the confused look giving way to an angry look. Jaina said so quietly that Fett barely even heard her, "Jacen, I am going to kill you."

Quickly, she strode out of the room. Fett let out a sigh. The steam had shielded him from her. She thought it was her stupid brother, Jacen. Not wanting to try his luck at anything else, Boba Fett quickly got out of the room, and out of the building. (Thankfully without anyone noticing) He practically ran to the forest calling Slave IV as he ran, to pick him up. He had hidden his ship behind the resident moon. Finally, getting on his ship, and checking that everything was secure, he collapsed in a chair, and considered what had just happened. This was the worst day of his life. No, check that, second worst. His first, by far, was when Solo made him fall into that damn Scarrlac pit. It seemed all of the Solos were out to make his life miserable. The man called Boba Fett got up to go get his spare helmet, and to think over the days' tragic, yet in a way, good, events.

A/N: Boba's hearing voices. This can't be a good sign.