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The Fabrays and Lopez families are infamous in the trade of illegal activities, when the patriarchs and their wives were murdered when Quinn and Santana are only nineteen, their children took over from them. Anyone who wanted anything illegal done, call upon the now married Quinn and Santana. Committing crimes to cover other crimes has pushed them deep into a dark world where their loved ones and livelihood are under constant threat from the competition. Story starts ten years after the deaths of their parents.

Chapter 1

Santana watches in silent fury as Finn leads Detective Schuester into the library where she is sitting on an over stuffed armchair. She eyes the man's sweater vest in disgust, standing up and shaking his out-stretched hand. The Latina notices Quinn entering the room behind the two men, one sharp look from her hazel eyes dismisses Finn, the tall awkward man stumbling in his haste to comply.

"Detective" Quinn greets with a polite smile, shaking his hand. "What can we do for you?" she asks, gesturing for the man to sit down, both women doing the same thing.

"I received a call from Leroy Berry this morning, his daughter didn't come home from work this morning, I understand she is a maid here" Will Schuester states, looking back and forth between Quinn's concerned expression and the latina's impassive one.

"I'm afraid that you're mistaken, Miss Berry hasn't worked here for almost a month. We had to let her go. She grew a little too fond of our good china, if you know what I mean" Santana replies, staring back at him with dark unreadable eyes. The older man frowns, pulling a small black notebook and a pen from his pocket, scribbling something down before turning his attention back to the women.

"Mr Berry told us she was definitely working here yesterday" the detective argues, his ice blue eyes boring into them.

"I don't know what to tell you Detective, she hasn't worked here in weeks, you are more than welcome to ask any of the staff" Quinn informs him coolly. "Maybe she was too embarrassed to tell her parents that she was fired. I'm sure she's out there, looking for another job right now" she adds, the detective growing uncomfortable under her strong gaze.

"Now if there's nothing else, we have plans that we simply cannot cancel" Santana says in a bored voice, noticing Karofsky hovering in the doorway. "Mr Karofsky here will show you out" she adds, gesturing to the door of the library.

"Of course. Thank you for your time" Will smiles tightly, standing and walking over to their personal guard and following him down the hall. The women sit in silence, waiting for the news to come through that the detective has left the complex, a small sigh of relief leaving Quinn's lips. Deep brown eyes meet beautiful hazel as they study each other, Quinn's fingers drumming on the arm of her chair, the only sign of her slipping composure, Santana's face still a mask of indifference, only those who know her well enough can see emotion in her eyes.

"He's gone" Karofsky states, appearing in the doorway, another guard standing behind him.

"Good, Anderson,find Puckerman and tell him to go to my office and wait for me there" Santana orders, her eyes lowering to the cell phone she pulls from her pocket, nimble fingers sending a quick text.

"He's training the new guard, ma'am" he responds nervously, unable to bring himself to look at the powerful women in the library.

"I don't give a damn. I give the orders" the latina snaps, Karofsky smirking as the young man pretty much runs to do as his boss bids him to. "How did it go last night?" she asks, looking up at the burly man.

"Perfectly Ma'am, they're safe. Matt won't allow anything to happen to them" Dave informs her.

"Good job Karofsky, you can go. I'll call you if I need you" Santana tells him, waiting until he leaves before gracefully rising from her chair and walking over to Quinn, kneeling down and placing her hands on the woman's knees. "Things will be okay" the latina murmurs. "That greasy detective is no match for us" she adds, tipping her weight forward and pressing a warm, gentle kiss to Quinn's lips. The brunette swipes her tongue along the other woman's bottom lip, the blonde parting her lips and allowing her entry. Their kiss comes to an organic end, the latina resting her forehead against her wife's, looking into her eyes, silently conveying her love.


Quinn smiles softly at the sleeping blonde laying on the huge double bed in their living quarters, looking down at her peaceful face. She slumps down on the antique chair that sits in front of the dresser table, unable to keep the smile, that always appears when she's around Brittany, from her face. She watches the younger woman sleep, thinking about how only a year ago she was just another servant and now shares her and Santana's bed. The twenty nine year old woman gazes fondly as the twenty year old starts to wake up, her blue eyes finally flickering open, a sleepy grin taking over her face as she notices the other woman.

"Hi" Brittany whispers when Quinn moves to sit on the bed, brushing strands of silky blonde hair from the girl's face with her fingers. "Are the others here?" she asks.

"Santana is" Quinn responds simply, noting the dark look that flashes across Brittany's face. "We had to do it sweetheart, there was no other way" Hazel eyes plead with the taller woman.

"You knew I didn't want this to happen so you waited until I was asleep?" Quinn eyes the girl warily, never before had she seen anger on her porcelain face. She twists her body out of the way as Brittany pushes passed her, grabbing a pair of sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt, throwing them on and stalking out of the bedroom and into the livingroom.

"Where are you going?" Quinn demands, following her as the tall blonde opens the door to leave her mistresses' living quarters. "Do not even think about leaving until I call Chang to escort you" she tells her, "Brittany!" The ex servant freezes at the stern tone of voice, turning to see a mask of anger on the older woman's face. "You have the right to be angry but I will not allow you to place yourself in danger by leaving without a guard" Quinn informs her. Brittany nodding, folding her arms and looking every bit like the petulant teen she used to be not so long ago.

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