Time to Chill

January, 2012

A/N: Teen Titans characters are owned by DC Comics, Warner Brothers Television and Cartoon Network.

[A week after "Titans Vs. Slade"]

Starfire of Tamaran writes (Translated from Tamaranean):

After Terra did the kicking of Slade's butt and friend Edward's ordeal getting out of the concrete, the Titans needed some 'time off'. Friend Raven was going to be OK, but, she's been acting weird though. Since then, she's been doing the showing of affection with friend Edward.

Boyfriend Robin says not to worry about it too much. Since the Trigon was banished from Earth, friend Raven has been more willing to show her emotions.

But, we also got a visit from two other friends and they've done the boosting of the morale. Friend Cyborg explained it as making us feel happier…

[Chapter 1]
[Extreme Northern Canada]

After the final defeat of the Brotherhood of Evil, Kole had felt a desire to visit the upper world and her friends the Teen Titans. But, she was also apprehensive about being up there. The last few times she dealt with people, she ended up captured, even with the help of her best friend, a lunking guy named Gnaark with a fear of technology.

Kole was also unique in that she could transform her body into solid crystal and back at will. She wasn't much taller than Raven of the Titans, with pink hair, two strands standing up to form a pair of fake antenna.

Gnaark was a simple man who preferred to live in a relatively secret cave, for lack of a better term. There was a source of heat throughout the cave that gave it a tropical look despite the northern location.

Gnarrk couldn't communicate verbally but was still able to talk to Kole in ways that she understood perfectly. Well, he could talk, but, it was basically "Gnarrk!" He understood English, but, wasn't able to really communicate.

"Gnarrk," Kole said, "How would you like to visit the Teen Titans?"

"Gnarrk!" he said and mumbled a few other variations of his only word.

"No, silly," she said, "We'd only be gone for a week or so."

"Hmmf, gnarrk!" he said.

"You're worried about me, aren't you?" she asked.

He nodded his head.

"I'll be with the Teen Titans," she said, "We'll be fine. They'll help you as well, right?"

He sighed and nodded.

"Let me call them and see what they have planned," Kole said and pulled out her communicator.

"Kole to Titans Tower," she said.

Cyborg answered, "Kole! What's up?"

"Not much, Cyborg," she said, "I was wanting to visit you guys for a while. I miss you guys."

"Well, get your bags packed, Kole! We'll come get you and Gnarrk in a little bit," he said with a big grin.

He turned his head to someone off screen, "Hey, Edward! How do you feel about a trip north to pick up a couple of honorary Titans?"

The as yet unseen Edward yelled back, "Sure, I'd love to meet more members of the Titans. Let me get Raven if she's got the location in her mind. Ten minutes sound good?"

"Can you make it an hour?" Kole asked.

"Kole needs an hour!" Cyborg said.

Edward came into view and Kole dropped her jaw…She thought Edward was very handsome, but, was obviously unaware that he was already taken by Raven.

"Hi, Kole!" he said with a smile, "Nice to meet you finally. The team's told me about you. An hour's fine with me. I'll be bringing Raven with me since I can get your location from her mind."

"You're thousands of miles away, though," Kole said, "How are you going to get here so fast?"

"I'm a dragon, Kole," he explained, "I can teleport from the Tower to where you're at and back again."

"Cool!" she said, "What about Dr. Light?"

"In jail, again," Cyborg said, "He ran into Edward and Beast Boy and Raven frightened him into giving up."

"Nice," she said, "Well, the clock's ticking so I best get moving. I'll bring some of the fruit you guys like so much."

"Quit drooling, Cy," Edward said, "You'll short yourself out."

Kole laughed, "Better bring lots of it then! Last time, he beat Gnarrk in an eating contest."

Edward and Cyborg heard a "Gnarrk!" followed by a grumbling.

"It's OK," Kole said, looking off screen, "We won't get into any eating contests, I hope."

Cyborg chuckled at the memory. Edward looked like he had several question marks floating above his head.

"I'll explain later," Kole said chuckling as well.

"See ya soon!" Cyborg said and signed off.

Kole started packing stuff to take with her. Gnarrk availed himself to getting the fruits in question and lots of them.

It didn't take long for the tasks to be accomplished. Kole had her stuff as well as Gnarrk's ready for the trip.

An hour after the conversation ended, the sky darkened for a few moments as a 30 foot long dragon came in for a landing with Raven on his back…along with the other Titans who insisted on coming along.

Kole was surprised to see a skinny blonde there as well.

Edward lowered himself to the ground as the other Titans got off. He transformed back to human and was puzzled when Gnarrk cowered in fear.

Then again, Edward could sympathize. He said, "It's OK, I'm not going to hurt you friend."

"Friend Edward's right, friend Gnarrk. He's one of the Titans now," Starfire said. Gnarrk looked up to see Edward offering a hand up.

Gnarrk looked at Kole and she smiled, "Go ahead, silly. He's wanting to be a friend."

Gnarrk reached up slowly and Edward took his hand. Edward pulled gently and Gnarrk stood up.

"See?" Edward said, "I know how you're scared. I'm kind of like Beast Boy and you're not afraid of him, right?"

"Gnarrk," he said. Edward raised an eyebrow.

"He agrees with you," Kole said.

"I know," Edward replied, "I could tell by the tone."

He held out his hand to Kole. She shook it gratefully.

"Kole, this is Edward Barnes. Edward, this is Kole," Robin said.

"A pleasure to finally meet you," Edward said.

"Also," Robin said, "I'd like to introduce you to another Titan. Kole, this is Terra. Terra, this is Kole, one of the honorary Titans we inducted in your absence."

"Rock on!" Terra said, "It's a pleasure to run into honorary Titans." Terra gave Kole a fist bump as well as Gnarrk, who was puzzled by the move.

"Why the name Terra?" Kole asked. Terra responded by lifting a nearby boulder.

"She's a geomancer," Edward said, "Able to move earth with her mind."

"Nice!" Kole said. She transformed herself to crystal and that got Edward and Terra to drop their jaws.

Kole transformed back and laughed.

"OK," Edward said, "3,000 years old and this is another new experience."

"You're how old?" Kole said, shocked.

"Roughly 3,000," Edward said, "I'm also immortal."

"Nice!" she said.

"Friend Edward is more than that, though," Starfire said, floating happily.

"Let's not overwhelm Kole, Starfire," Raven said, "He's uncomfortable showing off."

Properly abashed, Starfire said, "Sorry, friends."

Edward replied in Tamaranean, "Relax, Koriand'r. For the honorary Titans, I'll show them some of my abilities."

Kole looked puzzled, "What language is that?"

"It's Starfire's native language," Robin said, "Edward's already very fluent in it. One of his abilities is learning different languages almost instantly."

"I wouldn't say that, Robin," Edward said, "It depends on the difficulty of the language. Tamaranean actually took me a while to master. It's harder than English or Japanese, to be honest. It's the first alien language I've learned. Earth languages have common roots that I learned in my travels. There's no human version of Star's language, so, I had to take more time to learn it at a more human speed."

"It's glorious to be able to speak my language with someone else, though," Starfire said.

"What else can you do?" Kole said.

Edward moved away and transformed to his mini-dragon form.

"Terra," Edward said, "If you'd be so kind…"

"With pleasure," she said, levitating several boulders into the air.

"Stand back, Titans," Robin said. The team complied.

Edward's spinal ridges glowed white for a moment before blasting one boulder apart with the lightning breath.

Kole's jaw dropped as Gnarrk ran for safety…behind Cyborg!

"Easy, big fella," Cyborg soothed.

"I wonder if I can focus that," Kole said.

Edward pondered the question, "It's possible, but, my lightning packs a punch. I'd be worried about hurting you."

"It's OK, friend Edward," Starfire said, "Friend Kole can focus my Starbolts without harm."

"You couldn't hurt me if you tried," Kole said, parroting the same line she used to help convince Star a year ago.

"Invulnerable in crystal form?" Edward asked.

"Yep," Kole said with a smile.

Edward was satisfied.

"Terra, would you lift Kole to the boulder on the left, please?" Edward asked.

"Hang on," Terra said. A moment later, a chunk of earth under Kole was lifted up and positioned where Edward asked.

Kole transformed to crystal. Edward's spine lit up one more time and he hit Kole with a half powered lightning bolt.

A second later, that half powered bolt was transformed into a finely focused bolt that was easily triple the power. It nearly vaporized the boulder on the other side.

Everyone's jaw dropped as Kole returned to flesh and blood. Terra lowered her back to the same hole that was created.

"Rock on!" she said, summing up the feelings of the other Titans.

"Awesome!" Beast Boy said.

"Glorious!" That was from Starfire, of course.

"Impressive," said Raven with a rare smile. Kole saw that and said, "OK, who is this and where is Raven?"

Edward chuckled and said, "Well, if my girl wants to smile, let her. Trust me, Kole, this is Raven."

Edward thought he saw a flash of disappointment on Kole's face before she recovered.

[I think Kole was developing a fast crush on you, dear,] Raven said via the link.

[Agreed, hon,] Edward said, [Kole's a very lovely young woman. But, you know who has my heart.]

[Damn straight!] Raven said playfully, [You can look, but, if you touch, not even you can teleport back from where I'd send you.]

[Don't I know it! I've heard stories of when the team thought you were jealous of someone,] Edward replied.

[Well, I'll admit I was jealous of Terra for a long time. I had a secret crush on Beast Boy and I knew he had similar feelings,] Raven admitted, [But, I'm quite content in what you and I share on so many levels. We both were lonely, I guess, but, that was not the reason we fell in love.]

[Nope,] Edward said with a smile.

Robin cleared his throat, "You were going to show Kole the other breath weapons, right? Terra's good, but, I don't want her straining to hold up those boulders too long."

"Sorry about that," Edward rumbled. His spine flashed red and a moment later, he hit the remaining boulder with the flame breath, causing the boulder to start glowing red. After a few moments, Edward's spine went from red to neon blue. The boulder was glowing from the sustained flame, but, as Kole watched, a stream of white emerged as Edward hit the rock with his ice breath.

At first the ice breath flashed to steam on contact, but, as the assault continued, the boulder started to flake apart and finally cracked into several large chunks.

Edward stopped his attack and motioned to Terra. She set the fragments down carefully, several of them coated in ice that would melt on its own.

Kole was at a loss for words for several moments then went over to Edward and gave him a quick hug. She had already realized that Edward was dating Raven, so, kept it to a quick hug.

"It's OK, Kole," Raven said, "I'm not going to get jealous if an honorary Titan gives my boyfriend a longer hug."

"Thanks, Raven," she said, "I've never seen anyone able to do all that I've seen."

"Edward's pretty incredible," Raven said, resulting in a serious blush for the dragon, who had just went back to his human form.

"Thanks, dear," he said.

That got a laugh out of everyone there, including Raven who merely chuckled at the thought.

"You guys hungry?" Kole asked.

That got a huge smile out of Cyborg, "You bet! Got those fruits?"

"Of course," Kole said with a laugh.

"Glorious!" Starfire said, "You'll love them, friends."

Terra raised an eyebrow but went along for the ride…or walk in this case to Kole's place.

Edward watched as Kole transformed to crystal again and Gnarrk used her to slice apart some green fruit.

"No knife?" Edward asked.

Kole transformed back and said, "Nope."

"I can fix that, if you'd let me," Edward said.

"How?" she asked.

Edward transformed to mini-dragon and after altering his scales to a sharper configuration, simply reached down, grabbed one and pulled it out. The scale grew back a minute later and Edward transformed back to his human form.

"I think this will work better," Edward said, getting one of the fruits and slicing it effortlessly into quarters.

"Nice," Kole said, "May I?"

"Hold it by the dull end," Edward instructed her, "The sharp end will stay that way for a long time. The scales are hard as diamonds, so, this should stay sharp for decades and sharp enough to take off a finger as easily as it sliced through the fruit."

Edward handed Kole the scale and tried one of the fruit quarters. His eyebrows went up.

"Starfire was right. These are wonderful!" Edward said.

Kole made short work of the fruit and handed Edward a tray to take to the others.

Edward sat the tray down and the other Titans dug in. Terra snagged one and after biting into it smiled broadly.

"Told ya, girl," Cyborg said, "They're really good."

Terra stuck her tongue out and said, "Bet ya can't eat more than me."

"What's the bet?" Cyborg asked.

"Loser does the winner's chores at the Tower for a week," she suggested.

"You're on!" Cyborg said.

Edward rolled his eyes and said, "You're lucky I'm not interested in eating challenges most of the time. In my dragon form, I'd eat y'all under the table."

"What about in your human form?" Cyborg asked.

"Sorry, that's need-to-know as I wouldn't want to leave our gracious host without these delicious fruits," Edward taunted.

Beast Boy formed a green chicken at that one. Raven reached over and cuffed him in response.

He transformed back and said, "Ow!"

"Don't make fun of my guy," Raven said. She meant it to be serious, but, the hint of a smile betrayed her.

Edward laughed, "Be nice, you two."

"I'm not buying right now, Cy," he continued, "but, I know a few places back home that would give even you a run for your money."

"Raven smiled!" Beast Boy said.

"Was it worth the smack?" Edward quipped.

"Yep," he said. Edward shook his head.

[You made his day, Rae,] he said.

[Make another bad rhyme and you're next,] she said with a laugh.

"Now, Raven," Kole said with a twinkle in her eye, "It's no fun when no one else can hear that?"

Both Edward and Raven dropped their jaws, "You're telepathic?"

"Somewhat," she admitted, "How do you think I understand Gnarrk as I do. I can 'hear', but, can't reply in kind."

Edward nodded, "You're a receiver, then."

"I guess," she said and lowered her head.

"Kole," Edward said gently lifting her chin, "It's a gift, not a curse. Try to imagine Gnarrk here trying to communicate and you couldn't figure out what he wanted?"

She did think about it and sighed, "We wouldn't be friends."

"Right," Raven said, "Being even a one way telepath is a good thing here. But, we'll have to teach you to block out other thoughts. When Edward and I use our link, it's not for others to overhear."

Raven was a little upset, but, she was trying to be understanding of Kole's problem.

"It's one reason you don't like being up top?" Edward guessed.

"Not really," she said, "People were using me for my powers and I got sick of it. Gnarrk and I love it down here. Then again, I feel safe with the Titans, so, it's ok."

"Won't happen this time, Kole," Edward said, "You're an honorary Titan and as the others will tell you, we got your back."

"He's right," Terra said, "He's helped Raven and I during several hard times. What can I say?"

Well, Terra and Cyborg got down to business with the eating contest. Edward was actually impressed. He knew Terra was capable of a huge appetite despite her being thin and she proved it!

Gnarrk sighed as Kole said, "You don't want to try again? Don't blame you, Gnarrk."

She explained to Edward, "Cyborg beat him the first time they were here."

"Gotcha, Kole," he said.

Both Terra and Cyborg were neck and neck for a while, but, while Edward was rooting for the geomancer, she couldn't keep up with Cyborg in the long run. Finally, she hit the "food wall" and couldn't continue.

"Ugh!" she groaned, "You win."

"Booya!" he crowed, "Still the champion!"

Edward raised an eyebrow.

[Are you thinking what I think you're thinking, my dear?] Raven asked, [Not a peep out of you, Kole, please.]

[I know a few places across the country that would give Cyborg a run for his money, but, what he doesn't know is some of these places are spicy challenges. Stuff that makes me break out in a sweat, but, it's worth it if I think Cy's getting to gloat too much,] Edward said.

Raven busted out laughing, [I love it! I'd pay money to see that one. But, he's capable of eating stuff that makes my hair curl.]

Edward got a mental image of Raven with curled lavender hair, followed by a Raven death glare.

[Like what?] Edward asked seriously.

[Wasabi, for one,] she said. Edward mentally raised an eyebrow.

[OK, that's somewhat spicy,] Edward said, [But, if I make something with Jalapeño, Habanero, Serrano and Ghost Chili peppers, I wonder how he'd handle it.]

[How hot would that be, dear?] Raven asked.

[You've seen my flame breath…Imagine Cyborg with that,] Edward said.

It was Raven's turn to picture something funny. She was picturing Cyborg eating those four peppers, turning bright red and spewing flame at Edward, who ended up singed.

She ended up laughing very hard through the link and out loud.

"What the heck?" Beast Boy complained, "I've never gotten Raven to laugh that hard!"

"It's a secret," Kole said, trying hard not to laugh herself. Her time in man's world was good for something: She knew some of the hottest dishes known to man.

[I LOVE IT!] Happy squealed through the link. Edward heard Happy's mirth through the link.

[Smart-aleck,] Edward teased, [Don't worry, girls, you're getting a ringside seat.]

Cyborg said, "I'm dead meat, aren't I?"

"Just wait, eating machine," Raven said, "Edward's got something planned for you that only he, Kole and I know and we're NOT talking, right?"

"My lips are sealed," Edward replied.

"Sorry, Cyborg," Kole said, "Not saying a word here."

Cyborg grumbled, "Yep, somehow, I just stepped in it."

Everyone else laughed.

"You guys ready?" Robin asked.

"Ready as we'll ever be," Kole replied.

"Is Gnarrk afraid of heights?" Edward asked.

"Not really," Kole said, "He's got a hiding place in the trees a short distance away. He's more afraid of technology."

"All right," Edward said, "Here's how I'd like folks to line up for the teleport. Robin is up front, followed by Starfire, Terra, Beast Boy, Gnarrk, then Cyborg, Kole should be over my wings, then Raven."

Usually Edward didn't care what the order was, but, with Kole and Gnarrk, he wanted to be certain that there was safety in mind. The actual flight time would not be long, but, Edward wasn't taking any chances.

Edward walked a distance away and transformed to Dragon. Everyone got on. Gnarrk was cautious, but, with Kole encouraging him, he managed to climb aboard.

"You'll be fine," she said, "Cyborg's behind you to catch you."

He grunted as he settled in.

"Kole, and Gnarrk," Edward instructed, "Please hold onto the ridge in front of you. You're in a place on my back where if you slide off, you'll land on my wings. We're not going to go very high, though."

Edward felt the two newest passengers comply. Edward walked over and got Kole's bag in his teeth and twisted his neck to hand it to Robin.

"Here we go," Edward said and turned around. He lifted into the air and after picturing the roof of the Tower in his mind, teleported…

Welcome back, friends :) Here's the "fluff piece" I was talking about. I figured Kole and Gnarrk would fit into this one pretty nicely. There probably will not be any fights in here, though. (But, don't hold me to that. I might throw one in for the fun of it).

Fans of Man vs. Food might recognize where Edward's coming from. Poor Cyborg...When Edward's done with the challenge, he might not be as willing to humiliate others. Remember that Gnarrk would love to see Cyborg taken down a peg (When Kole was introduced in the series), and as you just read, he beat Terra as well. I just have to think of the right challenge for Cyborg, knowing he can eat pretty much anything (See "Crash" in the series.)

I had to give Kole limited telepathic abilities. That's the only reasonable solution to how she understands Gnarrk. Raven and Edward will have to teach her some control as to when to ignore them. Raven will only tolerate it for so long, you know.

Thanks for reading this and the other stories in the series...remember that they are tied in to one another in different ways and, yes, I do try to explain as well, but, if someone is lost, please, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.

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Thoughts on that?