Chapter I: A Non-existing Goodbye...

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"Sorry Dem... Naruto you are a threat to the village" A slender man in his mid-forties said with a smile of success on his face.

The blond boy was in a state of shock, denial, and sorrow. How? How could his so call place that he calls his home betray him like this. No it wasn't true, it was just a dream, but it felt so real. Then the tears began to pour a dream doesn't hurt this bad. And just after the Sandiame past away not but only two days ago and the effects of the war still dieing down. Now? Now of all time when the village was in a state of direst? Now? He wondered there speechless still with the tears flowing rapidly down his face, but kept his face in check to show no emotion.

"Since there is no Hokage at the moment, we the council of shinobi and civilian have come to an agreement. With a vote of fifteen to seven we here, the council of Konohagakure here-by banish you, Uzumaki Naruto, for this village forever" Koharu a village elder and former teammate to Sarutobi Hiruzen said relaying the horrible news to the young genin" You are striped of all rank, titles, and belongings of your person and shall be relived from you effective immediately. Uzumaki Naru...

Before she could finish seven shinobi, five men and one woman, stood up and exited the room. Mumbles of 'Troubles', 'Fools', 'Illogical' and 'Idiots' could be heard from the group dismissing themselves said men and woman were know as Nara Shikaku, Yamanaka Inoichi, Akimichi Choza, Aburame Shibi, Inazuka Tsume, and Imino Iruka. This group were against the the banishing of such a shinobi with the potential the boy had and a friend of their children. From their new point of view the Village Hidden in the Leaves have fallen to a dark time. Too bad Jiriaya-sama wasnt here to take up to mantle of Hokage to stop their foolishness, since everone knew that the Sandiame wanted him too succeed him. But as of now he was trying to locate the snake.

Koharu coughed to get everyone's attention again. "As I was saying. Uzumaki Naruto you are banished to leave now with the only items you have on you at the moment. So leave and never come back" Koharu said and halfheartedly pointed at the door for her to get the point across as she was demanded with a sad frown on her face.

In all honesty Koharu didn't want to banish the boy, As she knew he brought the best out of people. One of them was her long time crush and friend Sarutobi Hiruzen the Sandiame Hokage. She remembered when she had conversations with the recently deceased Kage. He would tell her of Naruto's pranks which caused her to laugh greatly and him with a huge smile on his face. How they had the outings to the ramen shop Ichiraku's and their talks about the past, present, and future. How the boy had a huge dream to fulfill 'To be Hokage, then everyone with acknowledge me' Sarutobi usually quoted the boy. They talked about the odds that were always not in the favor of the blond, but he always came out on top with a smile none the less and befriend the unfriendable. She came to respect and even envy the boy. 'I'm so sorry Naruto, but Homaru... Danzo...' A shiver went down her spine with the latter name.

Smiles on the faces of the remaining council. Then the heard a menacing laugh. This laugh sent chills down the backs of everyone in the room, even the well trained shinobi. The laugh was still going strong until everyone noticed it came from Naruto.

"And what is so funny boy?" Danzo the old War Hawk asked in a monotone voice keeping the surprise from the laugh hidden.

"The blatant ignorance of you people. I am not the larger issue here" This raised the brows of multiple people in the room. "There a bigger problems than me, myself, and I right now. As the finding of the Godiame Hokage, the renovation and rebuilding of Konoha, and show the shinobi world you still have to power to be a force not to be fucked with" He paused and glared at everyone in the room as if he was staring into their souls with his cold blue hard eyes. "But no! You old fools find it more important to take it out of your time to sit, sip tea, vote, and banish me a thirteen year old genin! All of you, and I mean all of you, I promise you will regret this day as you all will fear me within this year and the next".

"HA! Empty threats from an empty shinobi. Once you leave boy you will labeled as a missing-nin with a A-ranked bounty and a kill on sight order" this news shocked Naruto as he knew that Anbu squads would be all over his ass while leaving. "You are dead already" A civilian woman with pink hair informed the blond and getting chuckles from the civilian council and a few shinobi.

"Are you finished Haruno-san?" the woman didn't respond. "I will leave leave here with no regrets and have none in the future of what I will do. This is no empty threat. As I have harmed no one on this beautiful but yet tainted village by ignorance and lunacy. Be warned, as I curse you, those who have wronged me, shunned me, and abused me verbally mentally and physically! This will be my 'Non-existing Goodbye'!" Naruto said as his last two word were said demonically. That had scared most of them shitless.

He then pulled something out of his ninja pouch, and set the shinobi in the room on guard. There were two small round objects in his right hand. He began to raise his hand, and the Anbu in the room were about to strike the boy down. He then threw his hand down and released the objects in his hand. The objects exploded into a cloud of smoke that had the smell of pepper.

Naruto may not have been the smartest, but he was no idiot. As soon as he would step a foot out his former village they would hunt him, attempt to kill him, and most likely succeed. Only because his, taijutsu, ninjutsu, no genjutsu, and experience were limited against shinobi with ten or more years more than he.

When the room was cleared of the smoke the blonde demon was gone from the center of the room, and left through the window. 'He fooled me' was going through the minds of the seasoned shinobi of the room.

"Hound!" Homaru called out to the Anbu still clearing his throat of smoke.


"Can you locate the demon?" Homaru asked in a fit of rage and a stern look on his face.

Under the mask Hound look furious, he admired the boy and the way he was being treated and talked about Naruto calling him demon... Irked him. "Sorry Homaru-dono the pepper laced in the smoke has knocked my keen sense of smell out of commission, so I can't get a fix on the boy" He said in a neutral voice, so it didn't seem as he wasn't eager to locate Naruto.

Not everyone hate Naruto. A few shinobi here and there, and maybe a civilian or two but that was about it. Hound was one of few Anbu to watch and protect the boy as he grew older.

"Demon, you meant to say..."a random voice said as to correct the Anbu captain and he got no reply of apology back and sneered at the Anbu known as Hound.

"Whatever the case of the 'boys' name civilian-san, I can not locate him" He lied through his teeth.

Hound was of the Inuzuka and one of the best only second to Tsume, if he wasn't in a mission his partner Jishara would stay at his home or Anbu H.Q.

"We can get an Inuzuka to locate the demon" another random civilian shouted.

"It won't happen Inuzuka Tsume voted against us, she won't agree to let her clan find the boy" Hyuga Hiashi stated logically.

"We can force her!" same the same civilian.

"Only the Hokage can force ninja to do anything not the council" Hiashi informed the idiot civilian.

"But we.." he was cut off.

"This is not a Democracy, but a Dictatorship" Hiashi said forcefully trying to get off the present subject. "Also, do not bother to ask for my clan's assistance in this matter, tho we agree to rid ourselfs of the boy, does not mean I dislike him thank my clan elders for their support. That is all as I will be taking my leave".


Naruto had just made it out of the village undetected. He didn't know where he was headed or how he would get there, but he kept moving not looking back once. He was alone again. No Iruka-sensei, Ero-sennin, no Rookie Nine, nothing but and empty void in their place.

He would not let this tear his spirit. He would fight on and take revenge on the fools that banished him. Hell he might even take over the village, yes he will re-take it but not now, only when he has the power to do so and the followers. "I need power" Naruto said out loud.

"Is that so Naruto-kun" A monotone voice that scared the hell out Naruto said.

Naruto turned around and sen two men with black robes with red clouds on them, and they wore straw hats. There was a man about Kakashi's height, with black hair, and the eyes of an Uchiha. The other man was as or a bit taller that Jariaya, with blue skin, shark like features, and a bandaged wrapped sword on his back.

"Wh.. who are y-yyou?" Naruto asked cautiously and nervously.

"My friend here is Hoshigake Kisame, and I am Uchiha Itachi" Itachi said with no emotion.

Naruto stiffened at the name that was just said. 'Sasuke' he thought. The blond showed no fear and got in his fighting stance. He knew he was out class and knew if he would try and run only to fail. So fuck it go out with a bang. "What do you want?".

"HA HA! I like this kid Itachi!" The shark skinned man known a Kisame roared as to let all of the would know he knew no fear.

"Two things Naruto-kun. The deamon that resides in you" Naruto looked surprised at that the Uchiha knew about his tenant. "and to offer you the power you desire..."

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