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Meeting a God

It took longer than what Itachi had expected. 35 hours, they were heavily over due on their arrival. Fret not he told himself, Leader-sama understood set backs. What set them back the most was the young blonde ninja. Itachi stopped and behind him Kisame slowly panted not as bad as the Uchiha himself but it was there.

Half a minute later Naruto had arrived. He panted heavily with his knees supporting his hands as he was hunch over. He looked up; he had seen nothing like what was before his eyes. The trio finally made it to a very tall steal wall that was taller and wider than the eye could see.

They had finally made it to Ame and they were tired. Non-stop trekking through marsh land and swamps would tire anyone. Itachi hated this place with a passion, but he would never state his opinion needlessly unlike his partner. Since knowing Kisame he knew the shark-like man was very opinionated. It really didn't bother Itachi much because his frustrations were Kisame, and were voices not as poetically as he would consider.

The large blue-skinned man clapped his hands together and sighed, "Finally, we finally made to the piece of shit village" he looked over at his ever stoic partner, "I don't see why we had to travel all the way here when the boss man had that weird photosynthesis jutsu thingy"

Itachi new Kisame wasn't the brightest, not dumb, just not the brightest one of the Akatsuki but sometimes he spoke without thinking, "Kisame…" he looked at the shark man. He knew it was a lost cause so decided against correcting him, "Naruto prepare your self to meet Leader-sama. He will not put up with irrational activities. So only speak when spoken to and never press a situation even if you oppose something that has been said. I will answer all your questions after the meeting. Understood?" he finished never looking at the blond boy.

Naruto knew himself well enough that his mouth got him into plenty of trouble. He also knew these were powerful ninja he was dealing with, and after taking into consideration what Itachi told him about thinking before speaking; he would do all in his power not to voice his opinion, even if it meant the discussion was to reincarnate and kill the Sandiame. No matter how much he was against it. Survival meant everything to him and he wouldn't let his mouth be the end of him self, "Hai, Itachi-tiacho, I will be on my best behavior.

"No need to get all uptight gaki. Itachi look what you're doing to the boy. He's all… serious now" Kisame informed.

Itachi didn't give a remark and let the jibe go with no acknowledgement. Naruto still sizing up the enormous wall was wondering how they'd enter such a monster. He assumed since it was a ninja village that there would be some type of anti-chakra limiter on the wall for invading shinobi. So just how the hell were they getting in?

Itachi broke his train of thought, "Let's go" he began walking closer to the wall and Kisame followed. Itachi suddenly formed a single handed ram seal and said, "Kai". A small ripple in the wall began to form into an entrance, and the two Nuke-nin proceeded.

Itachi and Kisame quickly picked up the pace and headed down a dark path. The darkness could not be seen through so Naruto had no idea what he was headed into. Honestly thinking to himself he didn't really have a choice. His mind already made up and an echo from Kisame voice telling him to keep up he trekked into the unknown.

Thirty seconds into the walk his instincts keep telling him to turn around and that only death was what he was headed towards. If not for his own resolve and Kisame's nagging echo he would have been high-tailed it out of there. One minute went past and there still was no sign of light, so he gave a thought that he may have gotten lost. The only reason he was sure he couldn't be lost because he slid his hand along each wall and there had been nowhere else the dark tunnel headed. No left turns, no right turns, it was all straight. Five minutes later, he began to get frustrated. He thought of an idea. He had enough chakra for it to become visible. He then formed a ram sign and began to channel and enormous amount of chakra. Then suddenly he stopped. The quick burst of chakra and the sudden stop he began to notice figures around him. There where eight figures around him four of them looked as if they where ghost and others had their bodies.

The tallest ghost form spoke, "Five minutes, are you sure this brat is useful? I'm pretty sure we could sell him to one of the child slave markets for a good price" he finished. Naruto decided he didn't like this ghost.

The one with the weird eyes and orange hair replied with authority "Quiet your self Kakuzu. He will have plenty uses with training and experience" he then looked over to the blonde boy "Welcome Uzumaki Naruto, we are Akatsuki. You have something we want and in return we offer you power. With this power you must die" Naruto gulped he knew it was a trap, "But as a God, I will bring you back from death.

So it was that feeling. The Feeling of Meeting a God. Naruto knew that this man deserved nothing less of respect and his loyalty and he felt it so more than even Itachi-taicho. So the blonde boy spoke, "Hai Leader-sama, my life is forfeit to you and your cause"

Xx Red Clouds xX


A man with waist-length, spiky white hair tied into a ponytail with two shoulder-length bangs that framed both sides of his face, that towered over six foot was casually walking down a dirt path headed into the recovering town of Konoha. The man had red lines that ran down from his eyes and wore a horned forehead protector with the kanji for 'Oil'. The tall man also has a noticeable wart on the left side of his nose. He wore a green short shirt kimono and matching pants; under which he wore mesh armor that showed out of the sleeves and legs of his outfit. His outfit was completed with hand guards, a simple black belt, traditional Japanese geta, a red haori with two simple yellow circles on each side, and a scroll on his back.

Any one with the apathy to notice emotions in people could tell that the man was saddened about something, but quickly approaching his home, his village, his life, he quickly disposed of his gloomy attitude and put on his façade of a nonchalant happiness and air headedness. He had to be strong he told himself, even though the worst had transpired throughout the recent days of his father-figure dieing, he once best friend committing the deed, and his only family, he god-son defiled and exiled from the village.

All hoped seemed lost as he traveled through the giant gates of his village with out having to check in with the Gate Guard, but his façade never faded. 'I must be strong for the 'King'' he thought. He knew what the 'King' was and he knew he protect that 'King' with his life. But the emotions of his lost god-son couldn't escape him, until he seen a ball roll his way. He gradually bent over and grabbed the ball with one hand he picked it up. He stared intensely at the ball; he wondered who it belonged to.

Then a small high-pitched voice was heard, "Excuse me Mister, can we have our ball back please!"

Jiriaya looked down only to see three young children smiling at it and anticipating getting there ball back. The Toad Sage genuinely smiled back at them, "Gomen, here ya' go gaki's" he patted the one who spoke head and ruffled his hair a bit. They gave cheeky grins as they received the ball and ran along playfully. He watched with a giant smile as they passed it along to one another, "The 'King' huh?"

After a few seconds watching the children he began his simple pace towards the Hokage tower. He knew important matter attaining to him and others were well over due. After searching for his god son for the last few days, even with the protest of some council members, he went not caring what they thought. And after losing the trail on the second day, he knew he had duties to Konoha, but he promised he wouldn't quit searching for his god son.

Half way there he felt a few presences approaching him, he could tell if he didn't stop they might get hostile, times were chaotic, but he understood no the less. So he stopped. Four Jonin and seven Chuunin he surmised. The fell down surrounding him, and the one he knew obviously questioned him, "Name, rank, and ninja registration" the silver-haired man ordered.

Jiriaya sighed, pissed that the Gate Guards didn't already do this they would pay, "Densetsu no Sannin Jiriaya, Jonin, and 002301…" the pony tailed man responded, "We good Kakashi?"

Every one not including Jiriaya and Kakashi let out a breath they never knew they had. Sure they had strength in numbers. But hot-damn it was still Jiriaya of the Sannin, not to be taken lightly. They cursed Kakashi for that small standoff.

Kakashi chuckled off Jiriaya nonchalant attitude, "Sorry Jiriaya-sama protocol. Since Sandiame-sama's passing, things have been pretty busy"

Jiriaya noticed that a talk, bulky man, with a goatee flinched slightly at Kakashi's words. He knew this man to be the son of his late sensei, and he knew the man rather well, Sarutobi Asuma. "Alright kiddies I have to go talk grown-up talk". As he walked past he patted Asuma on the shoulder and proceeded. Asuma replied with a quick nod in understanding at Jiriaya's understanding.

"Jiriaya-sama, I've read the new Icha Icha Summer End" Kakashi whistled slyly, "and it was amazing" he said in a voice were everyone heard.

"Shut-up Kakashi" he responded back.

Kakashi shrugged as everyone watched a legend walk into the tall building, "Thought I had him".

This earned him a quick slap to the back of his head, "Damn it Kakashi, why'd you go and try and provoke a man that could kill us easily?" a red-eyed beauty questioned him. Usually she would never question order from her superiors, but she knew even though Jiriaya was a well known pervert, super pervert, he was not one to incite. While not pervert herself she knew all the names of the books Jiriaya released, not a fan, but it was all thanks to Kakashi. So she knew that edition never existed, because Kakashi always read the newest one.

"Maa Maa, Kurenai-san no need to get all hostile. We follow order no matter what or who we come across" he turned towards facing her, "Point, blank, and period. We are still in a state of war we must ascertain all hostiles foreign and domestic. Am I understood?" a mumble of 'Crystal' escaped her lip "Alright Sexy Squad, on to the next one" he said pulling out his precious Icha Icha and jumped off in a bust off speed.

"Our Squad Commander" Asuma said depressingly shaking his head in the negative, while lighting a cigarette.

"Speak for your self Taicho" Kurenai said as she sped off with the others after Kakashi.

Asuma took a drag "Kami, I love that woman" and speed off after the rest.

*Inside Hokage*

Jiriaya quickly made his way into the building he'd been to thousands of time, being the student of the current Hokage allowed that, and he damn near been in every room in the large building. This was a building that housed the Hokage and his family if needed. This was a build that held vital information to village security, but was always securely protected. The building belongs to every ninja in to village and was a sign of pride.

So Jiriaya knew the build like it was the back of his hand and his destination was only but a thought away. So making his way up the steps, he began to reminisce about the much simpler days when he was but a genin. Then to the days were his crush on Tsunade becomes more than just that. Following the betrayal of his best friend and rival, to the death of a man he could easily call his son. Now it was the exile report of his lost godson, or grandson, and he vowed if he found Naruto he would do things much differently and tell him everything. There were so many failures and too many regrets.

As he continued his quick crisp pace to the designated meeting he caught a glance of man he appeared as a frail, old man, who would normally walk with a cane. He had black, shaggy hair, and his right eye was bandaged. He had an x-shaped scar on his chin. The man was wearing a white shirt, with a black or dark grey robe over the top of it covering from his feet, to just over his right shoulder. Just by looking on his appearance many would underestimate this man, but Jiriaya knew all to well than to turn his back on this man. Shimura Danzo, a deadly man and a rival to the Sandiame, a man of power and influence, and a war hawk. As the past each other through the corridor, both men glanced at each other and neither let their eyes from the other as saying 'I'm watch you', but both men simple nodded in acknowledgment. Jiriaya knew even if Danzo was a snake, he was a loyal one and a comrade. After the nod both men went on about their own business.

Finally Jiriaya had made it to his destination. He quickly gathered him self before entering. When satisfied enough he slowly opened the door. He'd seen two older forms before him. They were they people that were highly respected throughout the village, and even if you didn't know these two, you could feel their presence and just be a glance, you could tell they were people of importance. These were advisors to the third Hokage, Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane. They along side the Third Hokage were trained by the Second. In their prime they were some of the best, even now they were not to be underestimated.

Both the retired ninja turned to Jiriaya and Homura spoke first, "Jiriaya-san, it is good that you have come as quickly as you could" Jiriaya could only nod.

Koharu followed straight to the point, "As of the past week as you know we have been leaderless. This can be seen as pivotal point for other countries to attack. We are not weak granted, without a leader to provide the necessary stability within our ranks, this weakens us so. And as the strongest village in the shinobi world we can not be seen as incomplete" she finished.

'Incomplete' Jiriaya thought. This upset him in the worst way for his home to be spoken on as if it were a puzzle or a child's game. Yeah he new that what she had just said was the truth; it was the way she said it that left him with a sour tongue. But true to his shinobi training, he didn't let his emotion show true.

"You speak as if there is someone you already have in mind" Jiriaya stated.

Homura nodded, "You-"

"No, no, no… Yea I may be powerful, but I'm more useful in other areas" Jiriaya cut off the older man.

"Then who would you have us choose?" Koharu asked.

"Well there Kakashi to start off; with some advisors such as your selves it would be but a slight hindrance of his inexperience, and with some training from me he could take the role in about… Six months" Jiriaya suggested.

Both of them thought on the young shinobi for a few minutes. Then Koharu spoke for the both of them "We agree, but three months is all we give you, but you must do something for us" Homaru look at his former partner in wonder, not knowing what she could possibly want.

Jiriaya knew the agreed to readily, usually when dealing with the two of them an argument would always ensue. There was rarely a middle between them but an outright agreement, "Your proposition is what?"

"A few actually" Homaru added.

"Depending" Jiriaya agreed.

Koharu looked at the younger man, "Firstly, we need you to bring Tsunade-san back to the village, our hospital is severely understaffed" Jiriaya was about to interrupt her, but she held up her hand, "Honestly, I do not see why my late friend let you three do what ever is was you wanted to do, Kami rest his soul, but this can no longer go on. So she lost many important people, so she seen a lot a death. That what she experienced is life, the way of the ninja. She is not a child and she will not be treated like one, but if she wants to her rear end will be spanked like one. Jiriaya you have one month to bring her back, if she isn't back within that timeframe she will be labeled, I am sorry, but Konoha will not be trampled upon if I can help it" she looked at Jiriaya with sincere yet determined eyes and he nodded knowing what she said was another truth, "We will not count this as Kakashi's time"

"We also want you to start a group of ninja that can rival that of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū and the Kinkaku Butai. You can choose the members and even name the group to your liking. You will be the leader and only answer to the Hokage and no one else" Homura looked wear before finishing he looked at Koharu and she nodded. Jiriaya looked a bit unnerved, and Homura began, "There are things going on that are out of our hands Jiriaya. One of them dealing with your godson"

Jiriaya knew it Koharu was a stickler for the rules and protection of Konoha more than most, and Homaru was someone that had the right head on his shoulder even if some of his ideals conflicted with his sensei's, "So what you telling me-"

Koharu stopped him, "Not here" she made a quick ram seal and Jiriaya felt something in his pocket. Koharu was a prodigy with genjutsu and in a many more year only Kurenai would be her only rival.

Jiriaya nodded in understanding, "So what's the count?" he asked since after the invasion and the banishing of Naruto he quickly left the village to find the boy with no luck, and not getting all the details on their forces.

"258 K.I.A, about 1,500 injured, and over 1,000 captured. It's still too many killed" Koharu gave him a quick count. She promised herself to memorize the deaths, in honor of those who gave their lives.

"I agree" Jiriaya said sorrowfully, "Are there any infamous names that have been captured?"

"Quite a few actually; to be honest I don't know how Orochimaru got his hands on so many of them and some of them have Kekkei Genkai" Homaru said smugly.

"Be that as it may, some noticeable ones are Abarai Renji of the Bent Sword" Koharu informed.

Jiriaya noticed that name. Renji was just an upstart from Kusagakure when they first met. The young man tried to make a name by attacking Jiriaya, and was soundly defeated. Over the years Renji became a bounty hunter after leaving his village for some unknown reason. We the two met again (fought), Jiriaya calculated Renji was easily a high A-rank Nin.

"Some others are" as Koharu went down the list of names and some monikers, Jiriaya only recognized a few. After a minute of names one name that caught the Sages ears slipped through Koharu's tongue 'Tanaka Katsumi'.

"What was that last name?" the white haired man asked franticly.

"Tanaka Katsumi of the Dark Release" Koharu repeated, "Do you know the wound woman?"

Jiriaya looked as if he was going to weep, but something stopped him. He sighed shaking, which didn't go unnoticed by the two advisors.

"Jiriaya?" Homura repeated for Koharu.

"Yeah I know her" Jiriaya said with a dry tone, "She's my daughter"

Koharu and Homura had wide eyed expressions.

Xx Red Clouds xX

Uzumaki Naruto stood in front of multiple S-ranked ninja. To say that he was unnerved would be an utter lie to him self. He was terrified. The power that radiated off of these people was enormous. One point since he was here it felt as if he was suffocating, but he knew he had to relax his mind to adjust and breathe appropriately.

All eyes laid heavily on the blonde teen, which made him anxious of the outcome of the rest of the meeting. Pein slowly took steps to the boy. To Naruto it felt like eternity, and he'd wish that the man with the eyes would quicken his pace. As Pein finally stood upon Naruto, he had seized the boy up and down for only but some seconds.

"Uzumaki Naruto" Pein started, "Are you afraid?" he asked the blonde

Naruto gazed into the mans eyes and steeled him self, "Yes and no"

Pein was quick to reply, "Humor me"

For the blonde he knew what the man was asking, but to answer his future leader he didn't want it come off as disrespect. So he thought of what Itachi would say, "Yes in the since of power, of which you all have. But then there is no in the since of my nindo, in which I'll never conceive to anyone. Not even you Leader-sama" he said with determination.

Konan had to give the boy credit, to stand face to face to a god and show such dedication to his own beliefs. It wasn't as if Naruto was on a level of a Kage, but he was just a mere genin on verge of chuunin. She envied Naruto's naivety, but she also damned it, "Young Uzumaki-san" all eyes on her now excluding Pein and Naruto who both were still in the battle of eyes, "what is this nindo you speak of?" she questioned the boy.

Still in the battle with Pein the blonde smiled, "I never go back on my word and I never give up! That…" he paused and gave everyone in the dark room a stare, which made Itachi give a small grin, "that is my reason for being, to overcome anything and anyone, that's my ninja way" now staring back into the eyes of Pein.

Pein thought for a second and smiled. He began to laugh honestly, something he hasn't done in years, something Konan was surprise at. He laughed for a good twenty seconds and then it died down, "Naruto-kun, you are truly a maelstrom. I will not forget this nindo. But as of now you are but a small tide, compared to what I need you to be" he turned to look at Itachi, "Itachi you have him for one year, then I will put him into the regular forces for another year for experience. I expect him to be on par with at least a fresh jounin" he turned back to Naruto, "don't disappoint me boy" he said darkly, which made Naruto give a quick nod, "Zetsu show Naruto-kun to his room. Itachi will be with him later we have much to discuss, so make haste" Zetsu nodded and led the blonde off into a dark tunnel.

Pein turned to look at his organization members, "Since we no longer have Orochimaru any longer we need a new member"

Konan spoke up "I hear there is a former Iwa-nin that was part of their well known explosion corps always looking for jobs. His Name is Deidara.

"Kakuzu and Hidan find this Deidara character and send him a message of employment" Pein demanded and both complied "But now it's time to start collecting the bijuu…."

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