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Saving you - Chapter 5

Initially Sam slept soundly, sheer exhaustion a welcome friend, keeping the nightmares at bay. But eventually dark memories began to disturb his slumber; disturbing images began to invade his dreams.

Thick black smoke was forcing itself down his throat, the distinct smell of sulphur invading his nostrils; ensnaring his mind; imprisoning him inside his own body. He was struggling to regain control, fighting the creature inside him. But Meg was tightening her grip, enslaving his soul, allowing him consciousness only on her own terms.

He was holding a struggling man, hearing his pleas for mercy intermingled with the demonic voice inside his head. "Take a good look Sammy," Meg cooed as the knife he was holding sliced through flesh and bone, cutting Wandell's throat. "I want you to see him die." She was forcing him to watch as blood gushed from the jagged wound; she was forcing him to watch as the light faded from eyes that were once life-bright. And then her laughter filled his mind. "Your brother's next," she breathed. "Now pick up the phone and tell him where we are."

Nightmare images continued to darken his dreams:

He was hunting his brother, Meg still in control of his body; in control of his voice. "You should've seen your face when you thought he murdered that guy ... pathetic ... you can't hurt me, not without killing your little brother ... you're gonna die Dean you and every hunter I can find."

And then he was standing gun in hand, his brother only yards away, unaware of the danger. He was trying to fight Meg, trying to regain control, to call out – to warn Dean. But he wasn't strong enough; "Say bye, bye Sammy," Meg whispered, squeezing the trigger. The gun-shot echoed off the dock-side buildings. Dean disappeared into the inky-black water. And trapped inside his possessed body Sam screamed.

"Sam wake up ... wake up … SAM!" Bobby's voice was urgent, demanding.

Shaken from his nightmares he awoke, sweat-soaked and breathless fighting the hands that held him.

"Easy, boy … easy … it's me," the older hunter murmured.

Finally recognizing his friend, Sam suddenly remembered where he was; why he was there. And he panicked, instantly afraid for his brother, frantically looking over at Dean.

"Easy ... easy," Bobby reassured, "Dean's okay ... sorry I had to wake you … figured you must've been having one douzey of a nightmare … just wanted to snap you out of it."

Sam sat up, looked over at his still sleeping brother.

"Fever broke 'bout an hour ago ... he's sleeping peacefully now."

Eager to resume his "worrying-over-big-brother" duties, Sam got up. But Bobby was quick to reassign a much needed, different task – a hot food run. Reluctant to leave his brother, but his growling stomach protesting that the older hunter had a point, Sam left the room, supply run list in hand.

Over an hour later he was back and the smell of freshly baked bagels filled the room.

"Smells good," Dean murmured, propped up against a pile of pillows.

Instantly Sam felt the relief; felt it wash away a multitude of perceived sins. His brother was going to be okay – yeah he looked like shit; was still very weak but he was going to be okay. He shucked off his jacket and placed the supplies on the table. Dean eyed the brown paper bag excitedly.

"You got pie?" he smiled.

And for the first time in what felt like a long while Sam smiled too. He may have been born under a bad sign but he'd been raised by an awesome big brother, who would save him.

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea, Dean," he teased. "What do you think Bobby?"

"I think it'd be too rich for him right now," the older hunter answered, straight-faced. "Gotta take it slow ... maybe start with a few grapes or even a banana." He winked at Sam.

Dean looked on miserably as his brother began extracting a multitude of "healthy" snacks from the over-stuffed bag – apples; grapes; bananas. The only things that promised any form of culinary satisfaction were the oven fresh bagels. That was until Sam retrieved the final item from the grocery sack - a large slice of key-lime pie, its thick meringue topping as white as snow.

With a flourish he held it up for Dean to see.

"That's awesome, Sammy," his brother grinned, as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Sam placed the extravagant dessert on the bedside table. It would be there when Dean woke up; they would be there when Dean woke up!