A/N: I just want to make a quick note saying that when I started writing this story, I was halfway through inFAMOUS. Thus, this story will follow the canon of the story just slightly. I've cut the canon battles short for all of you who played the game, but I think there's enough in it to help people who haven't played the game understand what's going on. I've since beaten inFAMOUS of course.

Anyway, this story picks up halfway through the first inFAMOUS. It doesn't totally follow the canon, but plot points are mentioned several times, woven into my plotline. The last plot point I went through in the game when I started writing this was rescuing Trish from the bus on the hospital roof. So it sort of picks up from there.

SPOILER WARNINGS. This story of course contains spoilers for the first inFAMOUS. That's mainly the gist of the spoilers, but there is one spoiler for inFAMOUS 2. I guess the inFAMOUS 2 spoiler depends on how you look at it, because it could be a spoiler, and yet it could be just a very convincing plot point for this story. But if you're really big on no spoilers, then don't read this story, because it's an ending spoiler. So yeah, it's a pretty big deal.

I also have to give a language warning. There's a bit of cussing here and there, but it's about the same amount of foul language as was in the game itself (the game being rated T so this will also be rated T)

Blue Amps, Crimson Volts

Chapter 1: Red Lightning

Empire City.

Despite everything I've done so far, the city is still in shambles. Reapers and Dust Men are everywhere. Luckily for me, they hate each other, and they stick to their own districts instead of teaming up for world domination. Unluckily for me, they're both a pain in my ass.


I slowed to a walk, seeing someone running towards me.

"Stop them! They're going to hurt somebody!"

My eyes immediately whipped towards the alley where the woman was pointing. I saw the flick of a cape and quickly charged after it. I dove around the corner, blue lightning flying from my fingertips towards the Dust Men. They fired their guns at me, and I flinched as the tiny pieces of metal went through me. I leapt at the nearest building and started scaling it as fast as I could, using windows and ledges to rapidly elevate myself towards the roof. The second I got there, I leaned against the chimney and put a hand over my wounds. Even through the fabric of my shirt, I could feel them healing faster than any normal human should.

Then again, I was hardly a normal human. Not since the Blast.

I walked to the edge of the building and peeked over the edge. Two Dust Men were right below me. I leapt over the side, channelling my electrical energy through my body, shooting downwards towards the concrete. With a loud foom, a shockwave burst from my feet, striking the Dust Men and sending them flying. I gave them a dull look before turning and heading out of the alley.

The citizens nearby were taking my picture and clapping. One of them suddenly looked frightened, making me turn back towards the alley to see a Dust Man raising a pistol.

Skrrch! The lightning bolt hit him with a lot of force. So much that he went flying a few feet backwards and didn't get back up. I ran towards him, giving him a sharp kick in the head just to make sure he was dead.

My cell phone rang at that moment. Checking the caller ID, I concluded it was Zeke and flipped it open.

"What's up, Zeke?" I asked.

Cole! Where are you?

"I'm in The Warren. Why?"

Dude, someone's tearing up Neon! I heard from someone it was you!

"What?" I frowned. "What are you talking about?"

Did you upgrade to red lightning?

"Red lightning?" I was baffled. Yet, I didn't get a good feeling about it. What sucked even more was that I was far away from Neon.

I'm serious man! Red lightning!

"Where are you?"

Back at the house!

"Stay there." I looked up at the train tracks, watching the train whip by with an earthshaking rumble. "I'm on my way." I flipped the phone shut without waiting for a reply and leapt onto the support beam. I climbed it easily and effortlessly, ignoring the awestruck voices below me and the constant camera flashes.

I leapt onto the tracks and channelled electricity to my feet. I skidded along the rails like I was riding a skateboard like an ordinary human not a freak with lightning powers. I leaned forward slightly, increasing my speed. A few gunshots rang out and I felt a bullet or two pierce my body, but I ignored them. They were no more than bug bites to me nowadays. Especially since I was gone before they could get a good shot on me.

I leapt off the rails, heading for the bridge into the Neon. As I entered the Neon, the people there instantly ran like I was the plague. I frowned, not understanding why.

'Dude! Someone's tearing up Neon! I heard from someone it was you!' Zeke's words came back to me. Was somebody destroying Empire City in my name?

I leapt onto the support beams of the Neon's train circuit, unable to get the citizens fear of me out of my head. I didn't understand, but at the same time I didn't know if I wanted to understand. Electricity arced around me as I grinded across the tracks. Off in the distance, I saw a streak of crimson lightning. So Zeke wasn't kidding. There was someone...or something that was shooting off bright red electricity.

'Dude! Someone's tearing up Neon! I heard from someone it was you!'

My brow creased and I picked up the pace, spying my building off in the distance. I leapt off the tracks and fell towards the ground, sending electricity out of my palms to control my descent, landing softly without so much as a tap. A few citizens around me gasped and froze in their tracks. Some of them ran, but others just looked... wary? I tried to ignore it, but something about it sent a shiver down my spine.

I leapt at the building, climbing it quickly and easily, pulling myself onto the roof and stepping towards Zeke who was, as usual, flopped down on the couch, staring at the television.


Zeke leapt up. "Cole! I didn't expect you to get back so quickly!"

"I didn't stop to smell the flowers this time, Zeke." I said sarcastically. He knew full well what I meant by that. It meant I didn't stop to help anybody, which probably wasn't good for my hero status in the city, but I thought it was necessary this time.

Especially if someone was screwing with the city.

"Tell me what's going on." I ordered.

Zeke shrugged. "I don't know, man. I mean, red lightning? Something's not right about that."

"People were running from me, Zeke." I stated, sitting on the back of the couch facing away from the television. "I want to know why."

"Well I just heard a rumour, that's all."

"What's the rumour?"

Zeke looked a little uneasy. That made me nervous. Zeke was usually a tough guy. He never got nervous.

"Well, I heard a yell from up here. Someone shouted 'Cole's shooting up the train station! He's killing everyone!'"

My eyes widened slightly. "I've been in the Warren all day."

Zeke shrugged. "Yeah, so I heard. But really, Cole..." He eyed me carefully. "Show me your lightning."

I created sparks around my arm, showing him the blue lightning that was my trademark in Empire City.

Zeke still looked uneasy, even as he nodded. "So if it wasn't you shooting up the train station, who was it?"

A melody began to play.

"Oh great." I muttered. "What's the Voice of Survival got to say about me this time?" I turned around, facing the television, my eyes practically boring holes into the device.

"I don't know man. But after today's rumours, you'd be lucky if he said anything good."

"When has he ever said anything good?"

Zeke laughed. "Touché."

Empire City! Where's your so called hero now? I caught sight of that light socket shooting up the local train station in the Neon! He blew up two passenger trains filled with people! This isn't a hero! This is a monster! It's time we made a stand! Voice of Survival out!

Even after the broadcast ended, I continued to stare at the television in shock.

"Hoo, damn!" Zeke stated. "He really hates you now!"

"Tell me something I don't know." I growled.

"Maybe you should go check out the train station. You know...see if everyone's okay."

My brow creased again. That sounded like a decent idea, yet at the same time, it sounded utterly stupid. But I knew I had to get to the bottom of this, so I nodded and leapt off the building, hovering down towards the train tracks. If what the Voice of Survival said was true, then that explained why no trains went by in the last ten minutes.

I skidded down the rails, my anxiety higher than it had been since that first day with my powers. I didn't show my stress, however. I was a hero and heroes shouldn't have weaknesses. Well...Maybe I had one weakness. Water. Large, open bodies of water. I was a human toaster when it came to that. I fell in water, and my entire body short circuited. And believe me, that was painful. I know because I've fallen into water in the sewer a few times. It was like thousands of white-hot knives stabbing into my body all at once. Yeah. Not very pleasant at all. No, I'll never bathe again. Showers? Maybe. I haven't tried yet, and I kind of don't want to. I mean, we all stink here in this city, and if I electrocuted myself while taking a shower what good will that do?

I frowned at the sight of smoke off in the distance. I increased my speed, tearing towards the smoke and hopefully the bottom of this dilemma.

As I approached the disaster, my eyes widened. Two passenger trains were on fire. No firefighters to douse the flames either. They would just have to burn until they were ashes. I didn't have power over water. If I did, I wouldn't have that electrocution problem every time I so much as stuck a finger in it.

"Hey! It's Cole!"

Heads turned in my direction as I surveyed the damage, frowning at the inferno.

"Cole! Why did you do this?"

I looked towards the girl. She was about my age and looked totally terrified and upset at the same time.

"I didn't." I stated. "I've been in Warren all day."

The girl still looked uneasy.

"Do you know what happened?" I asked.

"All I know is that you came running in here, and blew up the whole train!" The girl cried. "You kicked me too!"

I frowned.

The girl lifted her shirt slightly, showing off a nasty bruise on her ribcage. Yeah that looked like something I did. Only one of my kicks could cause that much damage. She's lucky she's still alive.

I sighed. "I don't know what you saw today, and I don't know if I want to know what you saw. All I know is that I didn't do this-"

"Well if you didn't do this, then who did?" Someone else called out. I turned towards him, his face lined with anger as he glared at me.

"I don't know." I said honestly. My eyes snapped towards bright red lightning on top of a nearby building. "But I'm going to find out." I leapt off the railway and ran towards the building, launching myself up the wall and onto the roof. I looked around for the source of the lightning, but couldn't find anything.

This was a bad idea. I needed to help those people.

I leapt off the building again and hovered towards the train tracks. I caught the edge and pulled myself back up. "How many people are injured?" I asked.

The injured girl scoffed. "You're going to heal people now? As if. You're not coming anywhere near me." She walked away, a hand over her bruised side. I could tell it was paining her, but I wasn't going to help anyone who didn't want to be helped. It was a sort of protocol of mine. Trish taught it to me. She was an EMT, so she spent hours talking to me about her job before the Blast, saying that they couldn't treat anyone without their permission.

And it appeared as if I was helping nobody today. They all pretty much just limped off, not wanting anything to do with me.

My cell phone rang again. I looked at the caller ID to see 'Private Number'. I hated these calls. The caller was usually Moya. God I didn't want to hear from Moya right now, but if it was important, I had to answer.

I flipped the phone open. "Hello?"

Hey Cole. Nice to finally talk to you.

I frowned. The voice sounded familiar, and yet it wasn't. It was like the voice of a long lost friend. I knew it was male, but I couldn't figure out where I've heard it before.

How do you like what I did to the train station?

"Who are you?" I growled into the phone.

Oh you know...You've met me. In fact, you've seen me many times.

I didn't like the lilt to his voice. It sounded almost... taunting. Evil even.

Catch you later. The phone clicked off and the dial tone resounded in my ear. I clenched the device in my fist, resisting the urge to crush it. I didn't think I could crush it anyway, but I could probably make it explode.

I flipped the phone open, leaping back onto the train tracks and pressing Zeke's number on speed dial.

Hello. Zeke stated in a melodious tone.

"Zeke, if you ever answer the phone like that when I call again-"

Whoa Cole, chill man. I just thought I'd cheer you up is all.

"You won't succeed. I'm on my way back."

Dude...What happened back there?

"I'll tell you when I get there." I snapped the phone shut and stuffed it in my pocket, leaning forward to increase my pace.