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"The right to be a god..."is Wesker's *swoon*

Summary: S.T.A.R.S Unit is called to the Grand Opening Gala night of Raccoon City's new Museum of Natural History and many important city members and Umbrella Corp. people are attending, half of S.T.A.R.S is going to attend as guests to boost the unit's public image and garner support from upstanding Raccoon City citizens. Jill Valentine is part of the group attending as a guest who currently crushes on a certain cold and shade wearing captain who is also a guest…PRE-MANSION INCIDENT ROMANCE and Rated Teen for some light swearing…

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"What's up Jill? You now have time for us common man?" Chris joked. Kenneth however sensed the turmoil in Jill.

"Knock it off for a minute Chris; can't you see she's got something serious on her mind?" Kenneth chastised.

"What?Serious? Like Captain Wesker?" Chris smirked as Jill thrashed her eyes to him in confused panic.

"I may not be a genius Jill, but I can even see you have a little thing for the Captain. I saw you at your apartment one time trying to put sunglasses on your cat Whisker. Which has a nice name by the way."

Chris's smirk got bigger and made Jill think even more about a certain someone.

'Chris saw that? I was just trying to get Whisker to look cool like the Captain even if he wasn't as handsome and- DAMMIT!' Jill struggled not to pout because Chris would just poke fun at her again.

Kenneth was looking pensive and finally added his opinion while smiling at Jill's clear discomfort.

"Now that it's pointed out you did like to stare at Captain Wesker a lot Jill. I even remember you sometimes staying for overtime more than once."

Jill was mortified. She was so successful in deluding herself, but had it been that obvious to the others? Was it that obvious to HIM?

"Jill your face is an open book again…" Chris was waving his hand in front of her face.

"I don't think he's really noticed; I still think he's a self absorbed prick."

"Chris, you don't have to destroy Jill's hopes and dreams like that, I mean if I were a woman I'd crush on him too." Kenneth said not looking at the other two for a while.



"Oh, come on you know what I mean!" Kenneth huffed. Jill was glad to be talking about it, but the two men were not helping her in the slightest. She wished that as men they would have something substantial.

"Either way I don't know what I should do now!" Jill pouted as she couldn't resist the urge to anymore.

Chris and Kenneth looked at her as though they didn't see their normally fierce friend in this shy schoolgirl like woman in front of them.

"Are you Jill Valentine or not! Go ask him to dance! The Mayor has been dodging Chief Irons while looking over here from the band area! It's obvious he helped you realize your crush so don't let his efforts be a waste!" Chris barked

"Jill, you should try, the worst that can happen is he says no." Kenneth says as he shoos Jill in the direction of Captain Wesker, the proven icecube among S.T.A.R.S.

Jill stiffly but surely started to walk towards the area she last saw her captain in.

Back at the appetizer tables Chris and Kenneth watched her go.

"Do you think we let her hopes get to high? I mean, he is Albert Wesker, the chilliest personality in Raccoon City…" Kenneth said to Chris while grabbing a glass of Champagne.

"Nah, she'll be fine because Jill gets what Jill wants even if she hasn't noticed. Plus if he does say no or make her cry, I swear I'll steal his sunglasses again and give them to her." Chris responded while still tracking Jill's progress.

"Really Chris? I seem to remember you were mute after Wesker got wind that you were the one to steal them in the first place and the plotter of that scheme… You sure he won't do what he did to you before?" Kenneth was waiting for a response back from Chris, but at receiving none he turned around and saw Chris had hid under the table with his feel poking out.

"I guess not, but I don't blame you if you're still acting like that."


October 24th 10:32pm

Jill considered herself a brave woman. She was an outstanding officer whose seen lots of things. So why was asking her Captain to a dance so damned difficult and suffocating? To think that the Mayor was bored enough to orchestrate this as well. Did he plan it and goad Chief Irons-In-Ass into meeting her?

'And he got the band to play this song…' it was a good song, just not one for now. Especially with how she was feeling.

"…It's strange what desire will make foolish people do…"

She could see him now still leaning there against the wall partially hidden by a pillar. Jill could tell he was looking at her but she couldn't pinpoint his emotion.

"No I don't want to fall in love…with you"

At her approach the stoic man pushed off the wall and put his Counter Strike drink down, at this Jill plucked up a little bit more courage and offhand wondered if Rebecca taught the bartenders how to make that and what else did her Captain like?

Finally reaching decent speaking distance she looked into those sunglasses. Those endless blue orbs already in her mind.

"A-are you enjoying your evening Captain?" Damn it she stuttered, please she didn't sound too stupid.

"Being relatively left unbothered was enjoyable; hopefully your journey over to me doesn't bring those banshees' attention here." He sounded like he was blaming Jill at the same time not. What an irritating man!

"What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way

What a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you…"

"I saw that earlier sir, I'm actually glad they didn't get their hyena paws on you…" Which was true after Jill took a moment of deliberation. No one deserves that, it would be best if they all found something to enjoy tonight.

"Very astute Jill, as I expected of you, I also noticed you were in the company of Chief Irons and the Mayor. Did you have any enlightening conversation?" Wesker smoothly inquired

Jill twitched at the small compliment but bristled at the question.

" I did but Chief Irons was busy entertaining some Umbrella Corp. men and left the Mayor and I to have a small but truthfully enlightening talk. 'About you and my crush on you'"

The Captain seemed to stiffen slightly at the mention of who Chief Irons went to entertain. Jill saw this and was curious about how his night went.

"Did you talk to some Umbrella Men too sir?" She nearly winced at his glare behind those glasses.

"I did, but that's not why you are here is it? What did you come over here for?" He sounded a little angry but at what she couldn't guess.

"What a wicked thing to say that you never felt this way"

"Well sir, I, uh, Iwantedtoaskyoutoadance!" oh god did that sound like a squeaky toy? Jill started to focus on his forehead because staring at those sunglasses started to get a little unnerving.

" Repeat that I couldn't understand your lapse of stupidity, I expected that of Chris, has he been rubbing off on you?" the way he said it sounded cold but not mean, the confusion had begun to wear Jill down but managed to normally get out the words,

"I just wanted to ask you to dance sir, since it looked like you could use a little bit of fun and some company…"

"The world was on fire and no one could save me but you…"

"Where did you get that idea from Jill? That I would enjoy your company and would dance with you?" Yes he started to get real mean. Jill started to feel her eyes sting. 'Why is he being a jerk? I just asked him to a damn dance, its not like I want to jump his body like those hyenas…yet. I would at least be normal about it.' Tilting her head down she just waited for more putdowns from the man that she couldn't help but feel attracted to. Was it a crush or maybe was she in love? Jill didn't think that if it was just a crush that she would be able to stay like this.

"I'd never dreamed that I'd love someone like you…"

"I just thought I'd ask..." she still didn't look up.

"You thought wrong and acted on insufficient evidence I'm surprised at your Chris like stupidity." He was still using that same cold voice saying that to her. But a spark of anger emerged and Jill looked up once more,

"Why do you keep saying those things? Chris isn't that stupid and I'm not either! If we both happen to act like normal human beings by showing that we care for others, how is that so bad? Stupid you say? At least it's better than being a smart but alone and isolated jerk!" staring at his impassive face, Jill did think that he was smart until he responded to her mini rant,

"Since you're defending Chris, one has to think that he put you up to this. He and Kenneth when you were over with them" 'True they did put me up to this, but only in asking you to dance you self centered bastard! And how long were you watching?'

"It's strange what desire will make foolish people do…"

"They didn't put me up to anything; I truly just wanted to ask you to dance but I guess you're too stupid to listen you arrogant ass, SIR!" Jill hissed. Why did she have feelings for him? Why not someone like Forest or Chris, or even Brad? Her words to the eerily silent captain reached her mind. 'Oh crap…' Glancing a look in his direction, she saw the damage.

"I suppose it is my mistake, no it isn't Chris's stupidity nor Kenneth's, it's all your own Miss Valentine, does it make you proud knowing your idiocy eclipses theirs? Did you go up to them and ask for ideas how to get on my nerves or did the Chief give you an idea to try and make me look like a fool?" His features were carved ice and his voice hurt just as much as it was cold.

"I don't want to fall in love( This girl is only going to break your heart)…"

A resounding slap that was drowned out by the sounds of the party occurred. Jill couldn't believe that she slapped her Captain but she couldn't hold back or stop herself in time. A split second later the sunglasses clattered to the floor and she held his angry arctic sapphire gaze with her own eyes with their own fire. As the tense moment passed she turned and fled from him. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Chris and Kenneth had seen the slap and moved in her direction. Jill also saw her Captain pick up his sunglasses. She just needed a place to hide and think.

"No body loves no one…"


'What have I done? I WORK WITH HIM!' After running away and into the less crowded surrounding areas of the museum, Jill had found a dark room that looked to be an office or storage room of some sort. The only light was streaming in from under the door cracks. It was in the safety of that darkroom that Jill started sniffling. Then the crying came and she didn't stop the tears.

At another time she would call crying while standing alone in a darkroom rather silly looking. Chris and Kenneth hadn't found her and she didn't think she'd really be up to seeing them.

She felt stupid, plain lack of commonsense; she should have figured that the way she was acting would be a little weird. 'I wish I wasn't so damn awkward around men that I like.' Of course he would think something was up considering her friendship with Chris who seemed to love pranking their captain and she had been seen by him talking to Irons and anyone would think something was up if any female did not find a reason to flee subtly. Thinking on her actions she could handle most of what she said to him, but really hadn't meant to slap him! 'At least no one in the hall had noticed that'. In between snuffles she wondered if he'd ever forgive her. Her career suicide/homicide was effective as possible. She decided that they'd be lucky to find her body.

Jill started to cry harder and tremble more. "Just when I realize I have more than professional feelings for him and want to work with him more closely, I go and screw it up and it's my entire damn fault for being too dumb to notice a misunderstanding! No I go and make it worse!" She slid down some wall in part of the room and sniffled pitifully for a while and didn't notice the door open and shut quickly.

A dark silhouette appeared in front of her and she saw through his height and build in the dim darkness that she could correctly call him as Chris.

"Let me flounder around in my tears before I drown in regards to my self-destructive behavior," she said morbidly to herself and Chris.

Over time spent with Jill and other instances where she was a sobbing mess, Chris had learned it was best to let her ramble on about things when she was in such a sorry state and just to be there for her.

While staying silent he just squatted down in front of her and offered her his handkerchief. Jill thought for a moment and thought that Captain Wesker probably had an immaculate and faultless one and started crying again.

"Do you think he hates me now? No he's probably always hated me, why did I even think that he could like me a fraction of what I feel for him," dabbing her eyes a bit she continued, " I mean he probably despises me even more, especially with my 'stupidity' and all. I finally realized that I really was feeling more than a crush for him. I've always glimpsed he's exceedingly handsome and intelligent, but it used to be covered by his evil and cold professionalism and I always thought it must get incredibly lonely for him so I've always thought of different ways to help with that…"

Chris shifted and sighed.

"I'm sorry you don't mind I talk about this do you?" Jill suddenly felt the urge to ask uncertainly, "I understand that we said we would just be friends, but if me talking about a man that I'm in love with makes you uncomfortable…" she heard the shake of his head more than see it.

"Ok then." She exhaled in relief

For a silent while she toyed and played with the handkerchief unconsciously with her hands.

"Actually when working overtime with him, I got a better sense of the Captain when he wasn't looking or paying attention to me at my desk. I really do think that our vision of him as a whole was thoroughly wrong." Jill said. " Maybe if I didn't mess up what little acceptance I built up with him, I could have tried to become friends with him and maybe more later on so he wouldn't be so alone no matter how he tries to hide it."

After all this time there was a jagged indrawn breath from Chris at the idea or revelation at Wesker was alone or would be affected by it.

"There's no point now," she finished sullenly. "The way he looked at me tonight it was horrible. I never saw him look at me like that, not even the evil look he gave you when you stole his sunglasses. It was like all the faces of dislike that he's shown me so far were just facades and tonight it felt like he truly despised me." Tears started to once again leak from her eyes and down her cheeks. " I'm so sorry, If I could I'd take it back and just tell him that I don't like seeing him so alone and that I want to be there for him in a heartbeat…I'm scared that I have irreversibly destroyed something and the worst part is I didn't even notice or appreciate what I had…"

The sniffles came back again and Jill dabbed her eyes.

"I must sound stupid to you too," muttering to herself a little bit calmer.

Instead of giving her an answer she felt his warm hands come up to her face and gently wipe the last of her tears away. Closing her aching eyes Jill let herself be comforted.

"Thanks for being a great friend Chris." She whispered moving in to lean against his torso, her head resting on his broad shoulder and one of her hands in the middle of his chest.

Relaxing completely as he began to run his hands over her back she shifted to find a better position and ended up with her nose resting on his throat. Being this close made her aware of his clean mannish scent.

"You smell really nice you know…" She commented sleepily. "You make a nice pillow. Are you sure I can't-"her words were quickly cut off as he bent a finger under her chin and tilted her head up and boldly took her lips with his.

Jill was very surprised and her mind quickly woke up and her eyes widened comically, but the sensations of the kiss began to take over. His lips were soft and slightly moist as they glided against hers with a welcome heat. The hand that had tilted her head was playing with her sensitive neck and now sliding to cup her jaw. At this point Jill could not hold back a slight shiver and moan at the sensations he was pulling from her, her eyes drifting closed by themselves. Whatever Chris had been doing since they last tried to kiss worked wonders! Feeling his tongue coast on her upper lip in question, she quickly let him into her mouth with her own tongue coming to meet his in greeting.

She shifted her body and head into a position that would allow them to deepen the kiss and she found her hand roaming underneath his shirt and across his chest earning her a soft moan when she wandered over a hard nipple. That little sound made her tongue battle his with more passion than before, sucking it and leading back into her mouth. She was enjoying the slightly bitter taste left by the vodka that was from his drink.

'I could become an alcoholic if I could drink it from his mouth…' Jill's thoughts were still on a tangent.

Vodka… her hand was still wandering the warm and hard chest that she was propped up against and sometimes purposely scraping his nipples for that little moan…

Then her train of thought flew off a bridge and died quite stunningly when she realized something. Chris hated vodka, preferring whiskey or scotch. When she further thought about it, Chris never carried a handkerchief as he wasn't that much of a gentleman or debonair enough to, and playing with his chest did nothing for him.

With a struggle for breath Jill pushed hard against her companion's chest.

"You aren't Chris." She reproachfully said.

She squinted in the darkness harder and harder trying to see if it would work in telling who he was. There was another round of silence, and then a calm yet familiar male voice said, "Indeed not…"

"GODDAMMIT!" Jill yelled while rushing away from him and stumbling out of the dark room and thinking of heading towards the empty bar. Condemning her shaky and unsteady legs has she hastily made her path back to the event hall.

'I can't believe he did that! I can't believe I did that!' Jill's mind was running at 200mph and she was also immensely conflicted at what happened. Why had he followed her and why didn't he reveal himself when he first entered? Now because of her weakness he knows her weakness towards him and her feelings. Maybe he just wanted some dirt on the strong female officer of S.T.A.R.S.

Treacherous mind, how could she have let herself be exposed like that? She'd never hear the end of it now.

'If he wanted dirt on you or to take advantage of your crush, he didn't have to kiss you…'

Even Jill's subconscious thoughts were against her! He didn't apologize for anything either! Although that was a very good point to make. Oh god she was getting mad at her own inner thoughts.

Entering the event hall she immediately started to rush over to the bar.


October 24th 11:15pm

Not caring for her surroundings, Jill sat at a random barstool and saw that Rebecca was actually allowed to help mix drinks along with the other bartenders. She gave Rebecca's new friend her order and was contemplating different things and she was studying the handkerchief that was formerly pure and immaculate. She was also looking at the makeup stains and tear marks when her drink was brought to her. She decided that the drink was oddly fitting and goaded Rebecca into telling her how it was made.

"…and ¾ oz. of Cherry brandy, some dry vermouth, and lastly gin." Rebecca said. Jill oddly through her jumbled mind memorized that. Swirling her drink in her mouth to get rid of the taste of vodka from her mouth and enjoying the cherry undertones, she paid attention once more to what Rebecca was saying.

"Mixing drinks is quite a bit like chemistry and it's more fun!" Jill was going to reply until she saw Rebecca's face change from giddiness to one of respect… that was directed behind Jill. She half wished it was Chief Irons and not who she knew it would be. But life isn't that sweet is it?

"I would have thought from your reaction earlier that you wouldn't like another Kiss in the Dark, Jill…"

With a sigh Jill calmly turned, even though her inner feelings and thoughts were a raging volcano, and looked at those trademark shades.

" Captain Wesker…"


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