Rose and the 10th Doctor were in the TARDIS. They were still talking about how the Royal Family must be werewolves. They had just come back from Torchwood Manor in 19thC Scotland after being knighted by her majesty Queen Victoria. Suddenly their conversation was interrupted by the cloister bells, before the controls on the TARDIS console exploded and the lights blacked out…

River was reading her diary when she was taken, in a similar fashion. There was a cold wind swarming through storm cage and one of the guards had stopped to make sure she was still there before he fainted. Sensing something wrong she stowed her diary in the back pocket of her jeans and quickly stood up, looking around she saw nothing, and then a movement at the corner of her eye drew her attention then, nothing…

The 11th Doctor was tinkering with the TARDIS instruments when it happened. The TARDIS began experiencing terrible turbulence and the Doctor was thrown through the air as he blacked out…

Amy and Rory sighed as they sat back down, they had just seen their daughter get married in an alternate timeline, who had later dropped in to say 'hi' and had told them the Doctor was still alive. They were starting to get tired now, insanely tired and soon, they were asleep…

Torchwood had mobilised. Captain Jack, Gwen and Ianto had been inspecting an unusual amount of rift activity and had deemed it safe to check out. They had then proceeded into the building, but they only got 20 metres in before experiencing a sharp pain in the head and blacking out cold…

The 10th Doctor groaned and slowly pulled himself up into a kneeling position, and looked around. He could see Rose close to his left and there was 8 other people dotted around him. He heard a groan from one of the others and got up, swung his long coat over a nearby chair and made his way towards whomever had stirred.

The 11th Doctor sat up and saw his surroundings, he was in a plain room with a few tables and seats dotted around and facing a big flat screen TV in the middle of the room. He gazed around and saw 7 people curled up in the room but before he could take in much more a man whom he had missed, no not a man, him, him in his last regeneration. Before he could say anything the 11th Doctor said "What are you doing here?"

The 10th shrugged and said "Same as you I suppose, something happened a few explosions here and there, then I wake up here, may I ask are you, who, I think you are?"

The 11th Said "yes I am, what's that? Is that a note?" they got up and walked over to were 11 saw the note it said.

Dear Doctors,

My beautiful thief,

There is a parallel world where a lot of your life has been filmed, starting from your meeting with Ian and Barbara in that junk-yard, oh, so long ago. I am going to show you and some of your strays, some of your life, from the day you first met Rose. Please don't worry about spoilers, as a good friend of yours would say, as only those whose future hasn't been shown will remember and Miss Song shall forget what she needs to, but nothing else, when you all return back to where you're supposed to be.


Love, the TARDIS xxx

"Well I guess were here to watch TV then." They shiver in unison at how domestic that sounded, as the others started waking up.

After every one woke up the Doctors showed them the note (Which everyone laughed at the end part, to the Doctors embarrassment. River loved her special mention.) after introducing them (Doctor, Rose this is Amy, Rory and River, you already know Jack. Amy, Rory, River this is the last me, call him ten and me eleven, to avoid confusion between the companions. And this is Jack and his friends Ianto and Gwen, am I correct? Great now every ones acquainted we need to show you something.).

"Doctor what happened to your dress sense it went from cool to geography teacher." Amy inquired as they sat down to watch "well that long green Naval coat was a bit better but still why tweed?". The two Doctors sat either side of each other. River next to 11 (who were currently syncing diaries) and Rose next to 10. Jack next to River and Ianto who was next to Gwen, who was sat near Amy and Rory. The TV turned on and the Doctors sighed, settling for what would defiantly be a long wait to get out.