Jet looked around the newly dug tunnel. Already power crystals were being found by herself and the crew of the LMS. A stroke of luck! The crew was only half way through the tunnel.

Jet's job today was to cart the power crystals back to their land base. The hardest part of this job was waiting for the cart to be full. She was beginning to understand how Axel got bored enough to come up with his jokes. Normally this was his job,
but as Axel had found the trail of crystals leading into the new tunnel. he felt he should do some of the mining. The others agreed and Jet volunteered to take up Axel's job.

"Almost finished, Jet," docs told her, "Do you mind also taking some rock samples back? I want to study them to see if there's a pattern of surrounding rocks near areas heavy with power crystals."

"Not at all," Jet replied to the meteorologist of the team.

Docs broke loose a few small stones with his pickaxe and put them with the crystals in the back of the transport truck.

Bandit gave a disapproving look. "We need that room for more power crystals," he argued.

"If I find a pattern it will mean more power crystals that are easier to find," docs countered, "Relax I'm not going to make this into a habit.

Bandit huffed but said no more.

"Okay, everyone take a break while I get these to the processing plant," Jet said a few minutes later.

The processing plant was about 3 mines from the tunnel enterence. But the crew was still in range of the oxygen purifiers built there. Not that the tunnels were too oxygen deprived. A minifig could last maybe an hour if cut off from the purifier.

Jet started up the transport truck and was there and back in 10 minutes. It started again from there. But this time it was different.

"Oops..." Sparks said timidly.

Everyone turned knowing Sparks clumsiness. They saw what had happened. Sparks had his a weak stop in the wall. Before anyone could do anything the cracks had covered the area and the tunnel began to collapse!

Doc, Bandit, Axel, and Sparks Ran in the direction of the processing plant to avoid the falling chunks of rock but Jet didn't have time to turn or even get out of the transport truck. She could only drive forward away from the processing plant.

The falling rocks were right on her tail though as she whizzed through the tunnel at top speed.

Then just as she came to the tunnel exit the rocks cough up with her smashing the front of the vehicle. The transport truck went out of control and finally came to rest about 3 feet outside of the tunnel, and thankfully in safety.

Jet give herself a quick look over. She was bruised a few places but nothing serious. The vehicle unfortunately was ruined.

Jets pocket communicator crackled to life.

"Axel to Jet! Are you receiving me?" Axel sounded frantic with worry.

"Jet here, reading you loud and clear," Jet answered into the communicator.

"Jet, are you okay?" Axel asked anxiously.

"I'm fine, just bruised up. Is anyone there hurt?" Jet asked in return.

"No more than you claim to be. We're on foot, but we'll get the drills and re open the tunnel. If you find another way to the processor, great. If not head back to the tunnel enterence for a lift," Axel said.

"Sounds good. I'll see you soon," Jet replied. She looked around the area she had ended up in. there were two other entrances she could see. One lead to the lake, and the other to some other unknown tunnels.

Jet took some chalk from the Transport truck so she could mark her trail and started down the unknown tunnels.