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Chapter 1.

Bella's POV.

I watched as he turned from me, walking into the forest surrounding my home. For my own good? Hell to the no! Just because he thinks he's so damn good, doesn't mean he can decide what happens in my life! Ugrh! Breathing slowly, I spun on my heal and trudged back to the house. Screw him. He can leave but if he thinks he can damn well take the family with him, he has another thing coming.

Slamming through the front door, I swear I levitated from fright, as Alice came through the hall door. Her pale face looked drawn and her eyes were full with unshedable tears.

"Alice?" something must be wrong. Terribly, if Alice wasn't her usual preppy, happy self. It couldn't be because of Edward, right? She couldn't leave! Not just like that!

"Bella, things have changed. Something big." My stomach dropped out the bottom of my feet as her black eyes turned to me. This couldn't be about Edward, that had already happened. What could she have seen happening?

Suddenly Alice hissed with such venom, I cringed back from her, into a cold set of arms. Squealing like a damn three year old, I struggled and shockingly, managed to break free of the restraints. I stumbled away from Alice and Carlisle. Wait…Carlisle? What the fuck? As far as I knew, Carlisle had never been to my house, but here he was glaring at Alice, his usually calm, reassuring face twisted into a mask of hate.

Alice snarled at Carlisle, as he raised his hand, palm up, in an age-old sign of peace. Alice spun from us and paced into my living room. With a worried glance at my shocked face, Carlisle turned and fled. I stood stock still as my heart beat shockingly slow, making everything into one-shot pictures. Steadying myself for the horror of an upset Alice, I turned and drifted through the door.

Alice was sitting on my couch, looking for all the world bored. In comparison to her usually happy exterior, it caused my heart to miss a beat, and she smiled. Slowly lowering myself down to sit next to her, my mind raced. What could be so bad that Alice would become upset by it? One thought prevailed all. Jasper. Something was going to happen to Jasper. But, Jasper was more than capable of taking care of himself, and the rest of the family for that matter. Was it…was it something to do with Maria, the vampire that turned him in 1863? Could it? I had just assumed that from the scars that Jasper had acquired from his time in the southern wars, and he was one of the best, that she would already be dead. I mean, she was just the puppeteer, right? She turned them and let them loose. She had no real experience in the fighting area, or so Alice told me.

Alice had told me about Jaspers past when Edward refused to acknowledge my questions about his brother. She had said that she wouldn't have told me, except that in one of her visions she saw that I would need to know. Maybe this was it then. Maybe this was what she had been talking about. But if it was to do with Maria, why would I need know? It's not like I would have to deal with her. Especially not now, no thanks to Edward.

"Bella, nothing will ever be the same. Especially not between us. My visions have all changed since Edward made the decision to leave you. I can't tell you, not that I would," this was sneered with her lip curling over her teeth. Shocked, I couldn't even respond before she continued.

"But, I still see you becoming one of us. Edward will leave, and I'm going with him, and I won't come back until my visions have come to pass, but the rest of the family will stay." God, she was leaving. I felt sick to my stomach; this upset me more than Edward leaving. But what she said confused me; surely Rose would be the first one on Edwards team, not Alice. It surprised me that she would stay, but perhaps that's only because Emmett was staying. That lifted my spirits a bit, as the man I'd come to think of as my bear of a brother wouldn't be leaving. But why would Alice leave? It had to be because of something she'd seen. But, why wouldn't she tell me? And what was with the hating tone all of a sudden?

"Bye Bella. I hope he makes you happy." She snapped and left at vampire speed, leaving me completely confused. Who was she talking about? Edward had left, and there was nobody else. Alice had officially gone off the deep end.

Trudging upstairs I wasn't surprised to see that Edward had taken all of the things he had given me, and if I was being honest, I didn't really care all that much. If he wanted to try and control his life that's fine, but I was done having him try to control mine. A clean break. I think that's the only thing that he and I have agreed on in a long time.

He was always treating me like a child, and I suppose to him, I am, but in the twenty first century, being eighteen made me an adult. I was used to taking care of myself and my mother for that matter, that at first it was nice to have someone take care of me, that I didn't consider, I didn't see how he was changing me, making me into what he wanted me to be. I couldn't believe I had let him, it made it so much worse! Sometimes, during our relationship I would look back over things that had happened and wonder where I had gone, because it was so unlike me to just roll over and let someone, especially a guy, walk all over me.

I climbed into bed and fell asleep thinking about what Alice had said, and still not being able to make any sense of it.

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