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Chapter 1: Welcome to My Life

Maiyah's POV

Walking to school in the rain sucks. Walking to school in the rain when you know you have a perfectly good truck sitting in your driveway really sucks. Why aren't I using the truck? I hear you ask. Maybe if my stupid brother hadn't confiscated the keys after he caught me racing said truck down the highway I wouldn't be walking. I blame Jake. He was the one who suggested the race, but he's still got his car and his keys. Not impressed.

So here I am, looking like a drowned rat as I trudge up the steps of La Push High School. It's not as if the rain makes me cold or anything, I mean the wolf genes kind of sort that out. Oh did I forget to mention? I'm kind of a freak of nature, what with being half wolf girl, half vampire. Long story short, some old forgotten legend said there would be some weird hybrid of vampire and Quileute blood. That's me... the weird hybrid.

It's been nine years since I entered the world of all things supernatural and I'm now seventeen years old and I've finally stopped aging to match my imprint, Paul Lahote. Ah Paul, what can I say about him, he's my best friend and I have no idea what I'd do without him. He's got me through everything. He's put up with my crazy teenage mood swings, my stupid temper, although I suppose he has the same problem, and he's just an all round great guy. Paul's eighteen. He's been eighteen for ten years now and I'm kind of glad that we're the same sort of age but it's just made everything awkward. So yes, I admit, I'm crushing on him. Me, hyperactive, slightly loopy Maiyah Call, crushing on Mr Perfect, Paul Lahote. Sigh. But I haven't told anyone so... shh.

I flung the door of my Geography class open and stumbled in, shaking off all the excess water as I went. Mr Tucker just glared at me.

"Morning everyone" I said loudly, making my way to my desk.

"Maiyah Call, you are very late" rumbled Mr Tucker, "one more strike and you're on detention"

"Whatever you say Mr Tucker" I said giving him a little salute. He had been threatening me with detention for the last year but never actually gave me one.

Mr Tucker just frowned and went back to teaching everyone about different volcanoes in the world. I turned to my left and grinned. My best friend, Amos Grady, smirked back, shaking his head and rolling his eyes. I chucked my pen lid at him, slouching in my chair as the lesson droned on. Oh the joys of senior year.

Lunch couldn't come fast enough. I sat with the usual crowd of Amos, Toby and Rachelle. Toby and Rachelle were a thing. It wasn't really surprising, they had been making gooey eyes at each other ever since the school disco in eighth grade and finally got together in sophomore year. I was kind of jealous. I had never actually had a boyfriend or a first kiss. I just didn't want to get anyone dragged into wolf world. Amos was a tricky subject when it came to the world of relationships. I tried to keep him as just my friend but he always wanted more. I didn't like to reject him but it was for the best. He would find someone better one day anyway.

"Hey guys" I said with a sigh as I dropped my full tray on the table.

"Hey Maiyah, how was Biology?" said Rachelle pinching an apple off my tray. I rolled my eyes.

"I don't see the point of it. I mean, sure, plants are interesting, but do we have to know about the structure of their cells?" I grumbled.

"It's a great subject" said Toby, making me raise my eyebrow at him.

"Dude, you get A star star's in everything, you think learning about the Haber Process is fun" I said making Rachelle and Amos snort into their food.

"It's true, sorry Toby" said Rachelle and I rolled my eyes as she kissed his cheek.

"Hey Amos, can I get a ride after school? Embry's taken my keys again" I said sticking my lip out in a pout.

"Sure thing beautiful" said Amos with a wink. I just shook my head and carried on eating.

Ok, so Amos is kind of cute, scratch that, very cute. He aged well. Man I sound like I'm talking about an old man. But still, he was kind of goofy when we were kids so I didn't expect him to be much of a looker. I was wrong. I'm always wrong.

I sat through Maths wondering when I would ever need to use a quadratic equation in my life and just generally staring out the window. I know, senior year, I should be studying hard but I honestly couldn't care less. It wasn't as if I was going to go to some big university and study to become a lawyer. Let's face it, I was always going to be in La Push. It meant that my grades were slowly dropping much to the pack's disappointment.

I practically sprinted out of the room when the bell rang and stood by Amos' locker. He ambled along a few minutes later deep in conversation with his English teacher. He wasn't failing and planned on going to Yale to study English Literature.

"Hurry up before I grow old and die" I yelled as he rootled around in his bag.

"Hey, some of us actually care about school" he said raising his eyebrow at me, "so I will take all the time I like"

"Whatever, just hurry up" I snorted, "Paul's taking me to see a movie tonight and he said I can pick which one"

"Ooo, hot date? Seriously, I don't get why you're still friends with him" said Amos with a sigh.

"Shut up" I growled, hitting his arm. I was kind of protective over the bond I had with Paul, and Amos always seemed kind of jealous of it.

The ride back was loud. And violent. Hey, it's not my fault Amos has crappy taste in music and I felt the need to express my opinion.

"You owe me a new Lady Gaga CD" whined Amos as I threw the offending disc out of the window as we sailed down the road.

"Pfft, no. She is a ridiculous person with no sense of style. I mean, how many people do you see walking down the street wearing a chunk of raw meat? Exactly none. I'll find you some real music" I said with finality.

I grinned as Amos groaned when I cranked up the volume to One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful'. I loved my boy bands. One Direction, JLS or The Wanted were probably my favourites. The added bonus being that I knew Amos hated them.

I saluted him goodbye as he dropped me at Sam and Emily's house. I still spent a lot of time there even though Sam was no longer phasing. They had two amazing children. Matthew was 5 and Jenny was 8 and definitely my favourite. I know I shouldn't have favourites, but she was just the perfect little angel.

"Hey princess" I said as Jenny ran down the hall towards me.

"Hi Maiyah! Are you here to see Uncle Paul? He's really excited" she whispered loudly, making me laugh.

"I might be. But I'm sure he can wait" I said grinning as Jenny pulled me towards the kitchen.

"Hey mum, guess who I found" squeaked Jenny, running to Emily.

"Hi Maiyah, Paul's just out back with Sam" she said giving me a hug.

"Ah, he can wait. Let's have a brew" I said flicking the kettle on and grinning as Emily laughed and shook her head.

"So, how was school?" said Emily getting cups out.

"Delightful" I said sarcastically.

"Oh Maiyah, you have to at least try. School's important" said Emily seriously. I sighed and poured the water out.

"But I hate it! The only good subject is sport and that's only once a week" I grumbled, turning round as I heard thundering footsteps.

"Why didn't you come say hello?" whined Paul, looking all sad and dejected.

"You aren't the most important person in the world you know" I said laughing as he inched forward.

"Yes I am" he said, "and I'm your best friend so you should come say hello"

"You know, people would think I was the older person here" I said dramatically, holding my hand to my head.

Paul just stood there looking all hot and handsome and- stop it. I bit my lip as a cheeky grin spread across his face. I couldn't help it, he was totally irresistible, I flew into his arms and hugged him as though I hadn't seen him all year. It was easier to hug him now that I was older. I was 5'10", so fitted perfectly into his 6'3" frame.

"So who's the most important person again?" he whispered in my ear. I smiled into his shoulder.

"You are oh mighty best friend" I giggled back. That's right I giggled. Paul was the only one who ever got me to giggle and it was not a nice sound coming from me. I was more of a laugh hysterically at other people's pain type person.

"You got that right squirt" oh yeah, the nickname stuck.

"Right, to the movies!" I said as we broke apart both grinning like Cheshire Cats.

"Ok, but this time, I'm not letting you near the fizzy cola bottles" said Paul pointing a finger at me as I innocently batted my eyelashes.

The drive there was great. Luckily Paul always let me put my boy band music on and actually sang along with me. I tried not to stare at him too much, but he was just too amazing. He caught me staring a couple of times which made me blush like an idiot.

My heart rate picked up dramatically when Paul grabbed my hand to pull me through the crowd standing outside the cinema. I tried not to jump up and down like a crazy little girl but it was difficult. However, the thought that Paul didn't feel anything at all like that for me made me come down off my high straight away. He was my best friend, it was just a crush, I'd get over it. I had to get over it.

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