Title: The Savior of Two Worlds

Author: Sora Hoshi

eUniverse: Harry Potter x Transformers

Rating: K+ to T – rated for language!

Couple: Mentions of prior/future yaoi relationship for Harry…

Warnings: Post-Final Battle. TWO-shot. Swearing, no Ginny!Harry mentions, mentions of de-aged!Harry, swearing, prior/future yaoi relationship…mmm…some other stuff…uh…swearing… Yep! I think that about covers it!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Transformers, or Harry Potter. Though this little insanity plot is mine however-grrr don't steal my story plot! (lol)

Summary: Harry wasn't just your ordinary Wizarding Savior, nope, he had to be foretold twice as a Savior to two different races, in two different realities! Why can't life ever be simple?


Title is thanks to Dark Nuriko! THANK YOU! *grins*


Clicking on the purchase button, Harry filled out the information for the shipping and billing address, buying a pair of mid-eighteen hundreds glasses from a user named 'ladiesman217'. Sighing, he turned off the laptop he used for his research, silently wondering how his so-called friends and his old lover were doing back in his home dimension. He definitely didn't miss his glory-seeking tag-alongs as much as the guy who had shown him how to move on with his life and actually live.

A year to the minute after the final battle, Fate and Death had decided to take him away from the universe he had been born in-right in the middle of the one year anniversary celebratory party he had been attending, and something he still hadn't received an answer as to why. He was still trying to figure out a way to go back.

It didn't help that he had been reduced to the age of an eleven year old with an eighteen-, almost nineteen-, year-old's magical core, memories and scars. When the authorities had found him, it certainly hadn't been easy to find an explanation as to why his body had so many scars, internally and externally. His Uncle and Aunt actually took a lot of the blame for it in the end.

When the police and child welfare people finally sorted out where he was supposed to go, he was put into a local suburban high school smack dab in the middle of Tranquility, Nevada. He was able to persuade Death to pose as a wealthy, old-money adult looking to adopt a child as an heir. With a little help (IE – threats and bribes from Death), the paperwork was pushed through within a month and Harry was able to live in a nice suburban house with two floors, a tall, wood-fenced in backyard and a swimming pool behind it, in a well-to-do neighborhood.

As Fate willed it to be, he was able to stay in the same school, which made the transition all the easier. The first thing he did when he found he had a credit card with no limit, was buy two different wardrobes. One for school, and one for everything else. He was pretty much invisible to his classmates, considering he still used Dudley's old clothes to hide his scars and make people overlook him. Then he had his other sets of clothes, which, while still hiding his scars, formed nicely on his figure, something he definitely appreciated as it reminded him of his lover.

Six years later and at the end of his junior year, his final project-the only project left for his semester-was coming due in two days. Something he had no clue on what to write about, other than to completely fake a report. This is where that had led him to now: researching a genealogy project to make up for his history class.

He couldn't actually say his father's family was the heir to Gryffindor, the founder of the first magical school in Britain and his mother came from a line of dormant-magic-users from the line of Slytherin and Merlin. Added onto the fact that he was technically from a different dimension, the tale was even more unbelievable. As such, he was making up some crap about his 'adopted' father's lineage being an explorer to Northern Canada.

So far, Harry had been able to lead a quiet, normal life of a teenager, and the best part about this reality was that technology didn't explode around him! He could use spells and charms while simultaneously using the internet or washer.

"So Harry, what have you been up to?" A cheerful female voice said from behind him.

"Fate you bitch, why the hell are you here? I told you, if you aren't ready to share exactly why I'm stuck here instead of where I actually belong, then don't come back." The dark haired boy growled, closing his eyes tightly in frustration and spinning around in his chair. He absolutely hated when she pulled this crap. His hair covered his face when he spun, showing just how long he had let it grow. His hair was down to his shoulder blades and usually he kept it back in a tight French braid, or a bun, but he had a headache at the moment, so he had let it down. Gathering his hair up while still glaring at the woman in front of him, he wrapped it into a bun, leaving his messy bangs to trail along his face.

"Aw…but Harry! You love me!" Fate mock whined, her golden eyes dancing in mirth. Mocha-tinted skin shown in the sun; making her seem even more otherworldly than she already did in the Ancient Egyptian Princess dress she was wearing.

"I love you as much as I loved Voldemort." He said with a growl, green eyes flashing in anger as he now gave her the classic 'glare of doom' he had perfected over the last six years, shadows danced across his face thanks to his bangs, creating a darker effect on the look. Standing, he moved into the kitchen, gathering up the necessary items to make dinner. The glasses would be here tomorrow, thankfully just in time for the presentation the day after.

"Fine, be mean." She replied, folding her arms and pouting as she sat down on one of the island table's stools. With a dramatic sigh, she continued. "I just came to warn you, it's about to get more interesting around here, so leave your datebook open." She finished, smirking at the teenager's back.

"What?" Avada Kedarvra colored eyes widened as he shouted out his surprise, spinning around to find an empty seat, laughter echoing around the kitchen as the goddess left the plain of existence he lived on. Scowling again, he turned around, continuing to finish cooking his meal as he grumbled about annoying, all-powerful, bitchy goddesses who had PMS issues all the bloody time.

The next day dawned and Harry rose and took the school bus to his local jail-that was officially called a school. It was a classic school, with tough-guy jocks, classic nerds, gothic divas, and wannabe emos. He didn't really fit with any of the groups, so he was mostly left alone, making the library his friend. He ended up learning Latin and a few other languages, just because he was so bored after catching up on American history.

The day passed quietly, as it was mostly a blow-off day used for studying for exams, something he usually did at home or in the library where it could be considered semi-quiet at least. Once he was back home, he put the final touches on his genealogy report-including packing the glasses in his backpack for the next day, used charms to clean the house, did his laundry and surfed the net until his self-set bedtime.

The next day dawned bright and cheerful, something he cursed that particular morning as the sun shone through his window at five thirty in the morning. Groaning he rolled over and got up, showering and dressing for school in a semi-asleep mode. Grabbing some breakfast on the way out the door, he hurried to the bus stop, almost missing it. Sliding into a seat in the middle, he ignored everything around him while slipping his earbuds into his ears as he listened to music on his iPod.

The first two of three exams of the day passed quickly and right after a twenty minute break, presentations in his history class started. Buzzing through his own report, without a hitch in his speech, he sat down and continued to draw in the sketchbook he had specifically bought for that purpose. Small doodles, the coat of arms for his lover's family, the houses of Hogwarts, pictures of objects, people, anything that really drifted into his mind ended up getting sketched in the book. He was on his fourth one for that year only six months in.

Glad that the last class of his semester was finally over, he slipped onto his bus and was dropped off at the end of his subdivision. He knew he needed groceries, but he didn't want to go out right after school, because usually most teenagers tended to go shopping on the way home, whether for groceries or something else. When the sun finally started to set, Harry set off for the grocery store, grabbing several knives, his wand and sheathes for each weapon to attach them to his body, knowing he would need to watch out for muggers on the way home.

He quickly finished his shopping and headed home, planning on going out to the bistro he sometimes visited for personal celebrations. Death wouldn't be checking up on him for another four days, as Fate had just checked on him only a few days ago. The next day passed normally, something he still sometimes thought of as strange, not having strangers after his life, daring plots and damsels he 'had' to rescue, but truly it was a relief every time he thought that way. He didn't miss fangirl-Ginny Weasley, his alleged 'adoring' public, or his glory-hound 'best-friend' Ron Weasley, but some of the things he did miss were bossy-yet-caring Hermione, his lover, his Firebolt, and his album of photos featuring his parents.

Waking up the day after the first day of summer was different; he could feel the change coming in his bones, putting him on edge the whole time. He packed a backpack with his necessary items shrunken and glamoured inside. He hadn't been idle while living in this world, learning how to fight dirty was something he already knew how to do from when he had lived in his original world, however, shooting a gun, fighting knives, actual hand-to-hand combat…these were all things he had applied himself to over the last six years, becoming proficient enough that he could protect himself if need be.

Busying himself with raising his self-learned wards and security charms, he passed the day away. When night fell, he relaxed slightly, putting off his emotions as unreasonable fears due to his dreams the night before, and settled in to sleep. He could fix everything back to the way it had been earlier in the day tomorrow, right now, he just wanted the security of sleeping in a warded home would bring him.

At midnight, hammering at his door woke him, making him instantly alert. No one hammered on his door, ever. Dressing quickly, he hurried to the door, thankful he still had his knives and wand strapped to his body. "Yes?" He called out suspiciously, glaring at whoever it was through the door.

"Hi, um… do you mind opening the door so I don't have to raise my voice to be heard?" An innocently hopeful male voice said, making Harry more suspicious.

"Actually, yes, I do. You're hammering on my door in the middle of the night, asking if I would open it –" Harry started in, grumpy from being woken up.

"Look, it's about the glasses I sold you, I need them back, something came up and-" The male interrupted, making Harry glare through the door.

"Fine." He grumbled, unlatching the door from three different bolts and keys. Opening the door, he raised an eyebrow. "Sam Witwicky, I should have known." The emerald eyed teen murmured, adrenaline now slowly leaving his body. Slumping against the door frame, he lazily looked at the teen, watching with hidden amusement as he shifted from foot to foot.

"Do I know you?" The taller boy asked, a frown marring his face.

"We're in the same year at school. I wouldn't expect you to know that though. Come in. What's this about the glasses?" Harry said, his emotions masked as he saw Mikaela Banes step in behind him. Raising an eyebrow, he shut the door and led them to the living room, turning on lights as they went.

"Shouldn't you leave the lights off? I mean, what about your parents?" The girl asked, curious as to why the yet another unknown year-mate was turning on the lights.

"The lights can be on." The dark haired boy replied shortly, brushing his bangs out of his face. Sitting down in his favorite chair, he faced the other two and raised an eyebrow. "So, what's this about you needing the glasses back?" Harry asked drily, noting how both shifted uncomfortably in their seats.

"We just…need the eyeglasses." Mikaela said, smiling winningly at Harry.

"Sorry, that doesn't work on me. Anyways, you two have never really spoken from what I know, Mikaela goes out with Trent and Sam here's from a different clic. So here's my question, and please answer it truly as I will know if you lie, why are you two here, together?" The long, dark haired teen asked, frowning at the two of them.

"How do you know all of that?" Sam asked, a look of confusion fixing itself onto his face. He wasn't sure how this teen knew of their lives, but he wanted to find out. It helped that the long haired teen looked slightly familiar, so he wasn't as freaked out about this.

"Harry Potter. I go to your school. Idiots." The jade color eyed boy replied drily, smirking as the two blushed.

"It's a big school!" Mikaela protested, defensiveness deeply rooted in her tone. Apparently, she hadn't recognized either of them at some point.

"Hm…well, anyway, I'll grab the glasses and I suppose we'll be off." Harry finally said, shifting and grabbing his backpack while he stood. Moving over to the kitchen, he picked up his antique glasses and case, and shoved them in his pocket.

"Wait. We?" The brown haired teen asked in confusion, standing as well and slowly following Harry.

"Yes we. I'm not about to let you walk off with a priceless antique you sold to me without cash or something in compensation." Harry replied, snorting at the look in the kid's face. He couldn't actually tell him the truth, that he had been taken from a different reality by two gods and de-aged for a purpose he had no clue about, but was thinking was what was going on at this moment was behind the reason of him being dragged here.

"Oh…okay." He replied meekly, picking up that it wouldn't be a good idea to fight Harry on this subject.

"Good. Now, let's get out of here." The last Potter said, ushering the two teens outside before turning and locking his door, speaking a few words in Latin to make sure the house was in lock-down, with notice-me-not charms on it and everything was latched shut. He didn't want anyone getting inside and looking through his things. "So, where are we off to?" He asked, shoving the key into the side zip-up pocket of his tan backpack.

"My house. We need to grab some clothes and other supplies before we leave." Sam said by way of reply, opening the door to the newly released 2009 Camaro. Pulling the back seat forwards, Sam stepped back so Harry could get in. Sliding into the seat, Harry took in the details of the car, and thinking about how unlikely it was for Sam to be able to afford it.

"Okay Bee, we've got to head to my parent's house now." The other teenage boy said, after everyone was inside the car.

Harry was seriously considering the kid's sanity, or lack thereof, when the radio turned on and said, "Aye-aye captain." making the last Potter jump in shock.

"Oh, the guy in the backseat is Harry Potter, he wouldn't let us leave with the glasses without him tagging along. Sorry Bee." The blue eyed teen added, smiling sheepishly at the wheel in front of him that was driving by itself.

"An explanation would be appreciated." Harry said, swallowing as he watched the car drive itself.

"Oh! Sorry. Bumblebee, Bee for short, is an organic-robotic alien life-form from the planet Cybertron. He's part of the Autobots who are fighting against the Decepticons. They're looking for this Cube thing that's the source of their life. It was lost in space and landed here on Earth somewhere." Sam stumbled through the explanation, frowning as he didn't nail it correctly. "I'm not explaining it right… Bee, do you think Optimus would be able to do the movie explanation thingy?" He asked, receiving an affirmative from the car.

Harry smiled slightly, hoping this was what Fate was talking about.

Arriving home, Harry and Mikaela waited with the other Autobots while Sam went to get supplies for the trip. Meanwhile, Harry was introduced to the Autobots and Optimus had started the projection of the Cybertronian history.

As the rock fell away from under Harry's feet, leaving him standing on air, he looked at the other civilization in no small amounts of awe. He could tell from just looking at the images playing around him, that the civilization was far more advanced than Harry's reality, or Sam and Mikaela's world. That alone impressed him. He stood on what looked like thin air, observing the world around him as war overtook it.

As soon as the hologram shut down, Ironhide and Jazz started towards Sam's house, no amount of persuasion being able to stop them. A blackout occurred as Rachet fell on some power lines, making Harry want to bang his head against a wall while he watched the clumsy Autobots destroy Sam's parents backyard. Mikaela was lifted up to the window to help him pack for the trip, something Harry wished they would hurry up with. He wasn't sure, but he had a bad feeling about what was to come. "If you do that in my yard, I'll dismantle you." He idly threatened, taking in the damage and wincing in sympathy at Sam's fathers upset shouts.

Sighing, he tapped his foot on the concrete, wondering absently when the group would finally get out of the area. Sirens sounded in the distance, drawing closer as the seconds passed. "It's Sector Seven. We need to retreat." Ironhide announced, his teeth barred in hatred.

"What about Sam and Mikaela? Aren't they in danger?" Harry asked, frowning as the Autobots hastily transformed and retreated. Spotting Sam and Mikaela through the kitchen window Harry darted forwards to warn them.

"Guys, we've gotta go! Some weirdo's are surrounding the house and the Autobots somehow know they're bad news." Harry stated, urgency lacing his words.

As soon as the slight shock of Harry barging into the kitchen through the backdoor wore off, Sam and Mikaela grabbed their bags and booked it out the backdoor, Harry in the lead. However, it was too late; the house was already surrounded by Sector Seven goons.

Grumbling the trio were led back into the house, making Harry wonder what Sam's parents would say when they saw him. Luckily, they didn't say anything and as they were led to separate cars, the parents called out warnings and rules to their son. Harry sighed as he was shoved in the middle seat, Sam and Mikaela squishing him.

Using a little magic, the wizard quickly slipped out of his handcuffs, raising an eyebrow at the threats the man was making to Mikaela from the front seat.

"You do know, threatening teenagers tends to make them pissed off at you, right? Your arrogance is insulting to listen to." He said drily, taking in the image sputtering the man in charge-Agent Simmons-a smirk shifting across his lips as the two teens beside him watch the scene in slight confusion.

Just as Simmons finally masters his wordless outrage and opens his mouth to rant and threaten Harry, the car is jerked to a halt and the roof is grabbed by Optimus Prime, who yanks it off with the help of gravity.

After several frustrating moments, where the Sector Seven agents refuse to be interrogated without undue force, they are then chained up to a lamppost to wait to be rescued by others while the teens and the Autobots make their escape from the oncoming reinforcements. Harry took off with Bumblebee, while Sam and Mikaela stayed with Optimus Prime. Everyone almost had a clean getaway, until Sam and Mikaela slipped and fell from the bottom of the bridge where Optimus had been hiding with them.

Bumblebee zoomed forward, transforming and keeping Harry close to his spark with the help of his outer plates. Twisting around, he grabbed the two other teens out of the air and flipped onto his back so as to keep Harry from getting scrapped up as well. Unfortunately, this game Sector Seven a clear target, and Bumblebee, upon releasing Harry from inside his armor, was taken down with the help of metal harpoons and blasts of subzero chemicals designed to freeze up his joints.

Soon the teens were back under Sector Seven's control, to their anger and despair. Glaring at the two men who had caused him so much anger, Harry murmured swearwords in the direction of Fate that would make anyone blush at the vulgarity if they could hear them. Getting shoved around and stuffed into cars was not the way he had hoped his supposed 'adventure' would go, but when he got onto the helicopter that was to transport them to wherever they were supposed to go.

"So…what'd they get you for?" The wider set black man said, his face showing obvious curiosity. Sam shifted uncomfortably, while Mikaela just stared out the window, looking at the view below.

"I bought a car. Turned out to be an alien robot. Who knew?" Sam said by way of reply, a small smile lighting his face as he watched the older teen's amazement.

Harry studied the two teens, along with the silent guards that were sitting near them. He wasn't sure he was exactly happy with the situation he was in, but Death and Fate wanted him to be there and he couldn't exactly refuse them, regrettably. Sighing, he tuned out the people in his earpiece, waiting patiently to land.

A half hour later and that was just what the two copters did. Harry stretched as he stood further away from the aircraft. The guards guided everyone towards a hidden entrance to the Hoover Dam. Leading them through the hallways, Simmons explained the history behind Sector Seven. Trailing behind the group, Harry looked through the items around him.

"Enjoying the adventure?" A monotone voice whispered in his ear, making him freeze for a moment before continuing onwards. Glancing behind himself, Harry found no one there and mentally groaned in exasperation.

"Death, what do you want?" He breathed out, wondering why the god had decided to visit him early this week.

"Just wanted to see how you were doing…and I was wondering if you were having fun yet." He said, a grin seeping into his very words so that Harry could hear it through his voice.

"This is pointless, why am I here?" Green eyes flashed beneath messy bangs, hidden from anyone who happened to be looking.

"Patience, Chosen, patience. You're time will come soon, until then, sit back and enjoy." The god said by way of reply.

"Chosen? What do you mean by Chosen?" Harry hissed out, glaring at the feet of the person a ways in front of him.

"You'll see, until then…Chosen…" Death murmured, his presence disappearing as he did.

"Damn gods and their stupid meddling attitudes." Harry cursed lowly, entering the steel incased door and hearing it close behind him. Sighing he grabs a pair of goggles handed to him, watching as the Nokia phone get shot with a magic-radioactive beam of light, making the phone come to life. While the other's shouted about how primitive and 'freaky' the new Cybertronian was, Harry frowned and noticed the scared, panicked manner the 'bot was reacting like.

"He was just scared." He murmured after Simmons killed the baby with another blast of magic-radioactive Cube energy, a sadistic smile on the agent's face.

Leaving the room and following the group to another, hanger-type room, the dark haired teen listened patiently as Sam and Agent Simmons decided to have a verbal spar in front of the Secretary of Defense, several dozen soldiers, guards and scientists about who was right on what the giant robotic-alien was called. Finally after Sam spoke his – the alien's – version of events, the group realized something at the looks cast between the two scientists leading their group.

"…you know where the Cube is." Sam announced in a shocked voice.

"Great, a megalomaniac leader out to kill the entire human race is being housed right next to the thing that would give him the ultimate power. Of course they would." Harry grumbled under his breath about the stupidity and arrogance of several select human beings.


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