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Chapter 3

Sighing in relief, Harry stood and stretched, glancing at Death who was talking to Fate across the meadow the trio were in. Over the past two months, the two had introduced him to several dozen gods and goddesses while training him in his new duties. The two thousand page book of rules had been torture to read through, but now he was done. Basically, the book had been the Code of Conduct to being a god/goddess. He could now go to his home reality. Time passed differently in all of the planes of existence, in the immortals plane, time was out of sync with the rest, causing the immortals to be able to spend years here if they willed it, without a second passing in the mortal planes. That was how they never got overloaded with their assigned duties.

"Harry, come over here. We have a few things to tell you before you leave for the Wizarding World." Fate said with a grin, immediately making Harry wary. She had had the same grin on when he had been shoved into the Cybertronian reality.

Tilting his head to the side, he waited for the two to continue as he sat down against a tree.

"Since you've been here, we know you've wished to go back to your original reality to take care of everything left there. Everyone understands that, well, most everyone, anyways. We need to let you know some of the rules while walking among the magical world in the guise of a human. First off, another species-a non-human species or someone of partial blood, may recognize that you are not human.

"Second, you may not reveal to anyone who isn't your mate that you aren't human anymore. Thirdly, you may not tell your mate what you now are until you are sure he will not leave you. If he refuses, you will have to erase his memory of the discussion immediately. He cannot leave your presence with that information intact. If anyone finds out, you have to use your power to protect our secrets. Wizards are dangerous. Be careful." Death said, his face completely serious.

"We once knew a god who moved throughout the worlds and realities, collecting knowledge and learning different cultures and languages. His body and mind – the two things that made up an immortals soul – were destroyed by Wizards wanting his knowledge and power. If you are caught, this may very well be your fate. When you enter a certain reality or world you enter their possibilities of fate. We cannot save you if you are caught because of that, so be careful." Fate added, knowing Harry would need more information to satisfy his questions as to why.

"All right…how long do I have, do you know?" The emerald eyed teen asked, his thoughts worried over the possibilities.

"No, but I know trouble will be brewing in the future of the Cybertronians that you need to be there for. You won't have much time, and if you leave to take care of the problem and come back after, it could be too late-there is very few futures I see at the moment that would lead to your continued relationship. That is for certain." Fate said, almost vacantly, her golden eyes turning milky silver.

Nodding once, Harry stood. "Then I should leave immediately." He said, giving the two gods a half smile.

"Oh! We have a copy of your body, not an exact copy mind you, in a coma at St. Mungos, when you appear in the room with it, lay down on the bed and it will move to become an illusion of your old form as your chest replaces it's own." Fate said, blinking and grinning, her golden eyes returning to normal.

"Thanks." He said quietly, not voicing everything the thank you was for. Even with the anger, he realized that the two gods had helped him and cared about him for a longer time than any other being alive.

A blinding light surrounded his body as he moved between planes, his body becoming incorporeal and invisible as he entered his home dimension. Hm…it's very weird seeing your body on a bed. He decided mentally, glancing around to make sure the room was empty. Walking over to the bed, he sat down, moving back and laying down so his body matched that of the replicas. As his skin became solid, the charms monitoring him changed to signify that he was waking up. Grogginess overtook him-it seemed that more than just the illusion was affecting him now, the Muggle IV was pumping potions into his system, giving him nutrients to 'survive'. Shutting his eyes, he took a deep breath, remembering that he had to keep his act up. A muggle-based oxygen mask covered his nose and mouth, while an IV dripped potions directly into his blood.

A woman burst into the room quickly, her chest heaving slightly from the run in heels. "Mr. Potter?" She asked tentatively, her voice filled with muted hope.

Harry made his eyes open slowly, his head tilting to one side as he started to shorten and quicken his breath, knowing that was the reaction the medi-nurse would be expecting.

"Mr. Potter, please relax. You're in St. Mungo's hospital. Hold on a moment and I'll call the medi-wizard assigned to you. He will call anyone you want to have here. Don't worry, news of your consciousness will not get out from me, I swore a Witch's Oath to keep any patient's status a secret from anyone not authorized to know." The medi-aide witch said cheerfully, moving to make the young man more comfortable before bustling out of the room.


Harry we need you here soon. Optimus Prime's voice floated through the green eyed young man's head, making him jolt upright from his relaxed position on the couch.

"Damn it. I thought I would have more time." He murmured, frowning at the table in front of him.

"Harry? What's the matter?" Draco's voice floated through the library. He was in one of the small hallways of books behind Harry's chair and as such, he could see Harry's rapid change of posture.

Sighing, Harry knew he had to discuss the situation this time. "Draco…we need to talk." He said softly, knowing his lover would hear them.

"What is it? You aren't running a fever, are you?" He asked worriedly, his voice nearer now as he was hurrying towards the couch.

"No, we just…there's some things you don't know that changed while I was in the coma. You see, I wasn't in a coma, but in a different reality. I know it sounds crazy but, I can prove it." Harry said, pulling out his cell phone he had made into a Cybertronian so he could contact Optimus in his reality. "Flic, you can transform." He said quietly, watching Draco's face warily. The tiny Autobot transformed, whirs and clicks sounding out at the small robot became more humanoid in shape. The blonde's eyes were huge as he watched the tiny robot move.

"You've finally decided to reveal everything Harry?" The small 'bot asked, his voice warm enough to tell he was smiling-something Harry had figured out how to do with the Cube-magic.

"Yes." He replied shortly, knowing better than to go into detail.

"Wh-what is that thing?" Draco asked, startled far beyond his normal levels of comfort.

"Flic is an Autobot, from the planet Cybertron. He's an organic mechanical being who…" Harry started in, explaining slowly what happened over the time he had been away.

Finally, after all the explanations and reasons, Draco closed his eyes. "I need time to figure this out…"

"Draco, I don't have time to give you. I explained what Death and Fate told me, you know the reasons." He murmured reluctantly, knowing where this would be leading.

"Harry. You just told me that you not only lived in a different reality for 18 years-which makes you much older than myself mentally, but that you're now a god of a freaky-alien civilization and help Death with his work load. On top of that, you went through muggle school, need to leave soon to help with some crisis and only the one person who's your mate can come with you! I need time." Draco repeated, his voice stressed and breaking at points. He'd been living with Harry's strangeness for awhile now and knew more about different (non-magical) things than he wanted to, but this…this was a lot. He'd had to adjust his views from when he was with his parents, break his views of the Dark Lord, look at the magical world and start trying to help improve it, while trying to prove himself to the Weasely's of all people. A lot had changed in the three years he had been together with Harry, but this took the cake.

A few minutes of silence descended between the two males, making one start to realize what had to be done and the other try desperately to think through the masses of information his boyfriend had dumped on him.

With a broken sigh Draco finally spoke. "If you could give me time…maybe I could come to understand everything you just told me, if I had time, maybe I could understand just why all of this needed to take place, however…a year without you changed a lot of things." He said quietly, looking down at his lap. "I'll love you, but I can't handle this information right now. You've been gone for over a year and you just came back from a coma, please don't contradict me on that, and now you're saying you need to leave again so you can save a population you're now an immortal god of? Harry, I just can't take this at the moment. I'm sorry." He finally ended with, a bare thread of sound emerging from his mouth.

"Then I guess this is our true goodbye Draco. Death told me of what could happen, I had just hoped…" The messy haired man said, his braid, highlights and earrings all still hidden under glamours.

"I'm sorry." The silver eyed teen said again, a true note of regret and mourning in his voice.

A sighing, "I know." Emerged from Harry's mouth, his heart prepared, but severely disappointed and upset over the matter. Moving forwards, Harry leaned in to touch Draco's hand, knowing he could erase his memory with just a touch.

"Good-bye Harry." Draco said softly, knowing this would be the last time he truly saw his lover as he was.

"Good-bye love."


Stepping through the portal, Harry glared at the wall before turning to look down the alleyway. "Jazz, I can sense you, so you might as well drop the hologram blending you into the scenery." He said, the glare disappearing and a slight smile emerging as the Autobot appeared.

"So, what's up? Your faction and Megatron's been fighting too much?" He asked, climbing into the car and letting the door shut behind him. The engine revved as the two took off for the NEST transport waiting for them, talking about the current atmosphere all the way there.

An hour later, the jet landed, allowing Jazz and Harry off on the island. "Harry." The group of Cybertronians held a few new faces, but Harry was glad to see them. It meant that the race was still alive.

"Hello Ironhide." He replied with a smile, allowing Jazz to pick him up.

The explanation of what was going on was quite lengthy, but they got through the basics of the past two years by the time they arrived at the Autobot's hanger. "We have a private room inside for you Harry. We told the official liaison that we needed two private rooms for the possible sparklings we knew may be coming, however, Lennox and his personal group knows one of the rooms is yours." Jazz added quietly as they entered the hanger, spotting the command center set up at the front.

Lennox spotted Harry sitting on the Autobot lieutenant's shoulder which led to him having to stifle laughter and swallow his grin. That sight had never been seen before. As such, everyone was staring including the Director, although not for the same reasons.

"What is that child doing here?" He finally screamed; his face red with anger.

"Excuse me sir. With all due respect, that child helped save the world not two years ago, something that would be important to remember. He has clearance and I think Optimus asked him to come here to help him with something." The now Major said, mentally continuing his sentence in his head. Yeah, to help him deal with you pain in the ass. He thought viciously, not caring for the man who left a sour taste in his mouth.

"Sorry I had to leave John, I had some business to take care of before I could come back and help you out. I had to finish some of my education as well, so that took some time." Harry explained, knowing the Major had wanted him to be there before for this case alone.

Jazz moved up to the platform where the senator and the Major were standing, moving his hand so Harry could step onto it while Optimus moved to give him some room. He set his hand level with the railing, and let Harry climb off, no matter how much he was silently protesting it. Harry stepped onto the platform, a nod from Lennox along with a grin showing he was happy to see the young man.

"General, I hope you don't mind me interrupting your meeting, I just arrived back on base." Harry apologized, smiling slightly at the camera.

"It's fine Mr. Potter. Please continue with what you were saying Director Galloway." He replied, a smirk hiding in his words.

"So, let me ask, if we ultimately conclude that our national security is best served by denying you further asylum on our planet, will you leave peacefully?" Galloway finally asked, now ignoring Harry, who was trying not to gape and glare in astonishment and anger at his forwardness.

"Freedom is your right. If you make that request, we will honor it. But. Before your President decides, please ask him this. What if we leave and you're wrong?" Optimus asked, making several dozen soldiers hide smirks at that.

"That's a good question." Lennox said quietly, worried about what may come to pass.

"Excuse me. I have a couple questions. First off, aren't you benefiting more from the Cybertronians work to help you understand more science and math? What about their advanced medical knowledge and technological skills? You will lose this access if you refuse them further help. On top of that, if what Jazz was telling me is true, the Decepticons aren't hunting the Autobots down; they're looking for something else. Something to do with the Fallen." Harry interrupted, making the Director blink at the teen.

Harry climbed onto the Autobot leader's hand, before settling down on his shoulder. Touching the 'bot's faceplate, he allowed a spark to jump between the two of them, making Optimus relax slightly from the stress that had been placed upon his spark from frustrating political maneuvers made by certain directors who thought more of themselves than they should. Sitting down where Optimus' shoulder and neck plates met, he leaned into the bot as the large being started to walk.

"So what's going to happen with Sam and Mikaela?" The green eyed god asked as he left with the Autobots from the meeting.

"Bee and the twins are with them right now. We're working on a way to get them onto the Naval Base for their protection." Jazz said from behind them, walking towards the group of cars, trucks, and planes assembled on the other side of the hanger. Once the trio had passed a certain point, silence descended. The 'bot's had set up a sound diffuser to give them privacy.

"Hello everyone! How are you?" Harry called out, smiling as the other's transformed.

An hour later, a message from Bumblebee arrived.

"Sam needs help. Harry, you need to stay here for now, we'll be back soon, but we can't leave you alone. The triplets will stay with you. Please make sure no one tries to bug our area again. We've had some annoying FBI cover-agent's trying to do so lately." Optimus asked, which Harry gave a reluctant nod of agreement with. He didn't want to stay, but he knew it was the best choice.

"Just be careful, because if one of you dies, I can't bring you back. If you're still alive, I can give you more juice and repair you, but I can't take someone away from Death." He said, quietly hoping that no one would be lost, a gut feeling saying something was going to happen.

"All right, we'll be careful." Jazz said, a grin taking root in his vocal plugs.

Harry sighed and shooed them off, knowing he would know the outcome soon. Megatron didn't go with the group either, however, it was because he had been injured extensively by the last Decepticon the group had fought in Shanghai, not for any other reason.

A half hour later, a pang went through his whole body, the loss of connection to one of the Autobots leaving a screaming hole of agony in his chest. "Told them to be careful…" He murmured vaguely, tears dripping slowly down his cheeks as he searched for the connection that had abruptly ended. The sparklings cooed worriedly, surrounding their creator and trying to comfort him as much as possible.

Another hour later and Lennox showed up, with all of the Autobots except one. "Optimus was the casualty then?" Harry asked, his face cleaned up like he had never shed a tear. Lennox frowned in confusion as he couldn't figure out how Harry could already know.

"Yes." Ironhide replied quietly. "Sam is with Bee and the Twins. Mikaela is with him. They're trying to find out more about the Fallen. Two shards are left from when you absorbed the Cube's power. One is here, which we need to bring to you quickly, and the other is with Sam. He absorbed some of the knowledge, but the power is still with the Cube." He finished, explaining the situation as they knew it.

"Okay, so that's why I have a couple of chunks of memory missing from that…you said Sam's trying to find out more about the Fallen?" Harry asked in confirmation, receiving multiple nods from the others.

"Hm…give me a bit. I remember something about it… Just…give me a bit of time." He said quietly, glancing at Lennox before moving deeper within the Autobot hanger.

Two days later, they were flying over Egypt. "Okay, we're in the drop zone!" Lennox called out, making everyone start putting on their chutes.

"This is going to be interesting." Harry murmured, making Jazz snort.

"See you on the ground." Lennox confirmed, motioning for Harry to jump.

"Free flying without a broom. Never thought I would be doing this…" He murmured after jumping. Figuring out how to direct his body was an interesting experience, one he would prefer not to figure out again while he was speeding towards the ground. Pulling the chute, he landed safely on the ground, abet roughly, but safely.

Half an hour later of running around under a sweltering sun beaming down on him and hot sand making the situation more torturous, the enemy was approaching from the desert. "Shit. Another warzone." Harry grumbled, drawing his wand and glancing at Ironhide. "Ironhide. Get me close to the enemy 'bot's. I can blend, but only when I get close enough, walking through live fire isn't a good way to get there and if I'm close, I can pull their power." Harry said, frowning as he watched the twisted 'bots who couldn't even speak or take another form, start to fire.

Irohide nodded and beckoned him to follow. Leading a charge, the 'bot got into the enemy lines far enough for the teen to slip in.

"I hope these kids know what they're doing." Epps grumbled to Lennox.

"Yeah. Me too." The brunet agreed, watching as Ironhide retreated under cover fire, Harry nowhere to be seen.

Thirteen Decepticon's landed initially, four more joined them soon after with multiple tiny bots being released from the bot's innards. Moving silently, Harry wove notice-me-not charms around him. Slipping behind one of the 'bots, he brushed a hand along it's plate as it walked past.

A howl of surprise and confusion was emitted as the 'bot's eyes grew dark and the hunk of metal collapsed. Power flooded Harry, who immediately upon feeling the taint; fired it at another Decepticon near him before moving away, not wanting to risk tainting himself by keeping the power.

Feeling and seeing the Decepticon suddenly fall freaked out a few of the soldier's but they were still going strong, fighting back. "Holy Shit! What'd that kid do?" Epps screamed over the ammo being unloaded.

"No fuckin' clue but I'm demanding answers when we get back!" Lennox screamed back.

Well into the fighting now, time became meaningless and Harry's small destructions of Decepticons went unnoticed. With one severely injured and five dead bots to his name, Harry decided to retreat as soldier's started fighting back more as reinforcements arrived. Slipping back into the ranks, he rubbed some of the dirt off of his face, really only pushing it around. "I'm back." Harry announced loud enough for Lennox to hear, grinning manically at the man's look when he turned around.

"You and I are having a serious chat when we get back to base." He screamed back over the gunfire. A gun was given to the teen and he was quickly set to covering the group that was moving forward to help Sam and Mikaela.

A Decepticon got too close and Sam was almost killed before Jetfire swooped in, landing next to the destroyed building they were using for cover. Killing the 'bot with a modified spear-sword, he jerked backwards as the scorpion Decepticon emerged from the soil, piercing his stomach area. Landing on the ground and squashing the head of the smaller 'bot like a human would a bug, he groaned out, "I'm too old for this crap." Before turning his head to watch the other's run towards Optimus.

Explosions rocked the ground behind them as Sam moved quickly towards Optimus. Just as he was twenty feet away, a Decepticon charged forward, getting one lucky shot in. Sam's body blew across the courtyard, landing awkwardly on the ground.

Feeling a pull on his magic, Harry disappeared from the reality he was in and landed on the plane of existence the four Primus were in, along with Sam. Sitting down on a rock as he caught his breath, he waved a hand and cleansed himself. Another flick of the wrist had him dressed in elegant garments. Let's see what the old buzzards have in store for us today. He thought mentally, preparing for the show.

"…It is, and always has been, your destiny." One of the six said as they approached the rock Sam was standing on, looking at them in confusion.

Smirking Harry jumped forward, landing behind the other teen silently. "Come on Sam, I'll get you back safely." The long haired teen said, grinning when the teen spun around and gaped in surprise.

"Harry? Are you dead too?" He asked, confusion written all over his face.

"No. Not dead. You're not either." Harry said, grinning and grabbing the other's arm. A blinding light surrounded the two as Harry transported them back to the Egyptian desert. Guiding Sam's soul back into his body, he returned himself to his dirty state and appeared again near Optimus, knowing he would be needed soon.

The key was now in one piece again, the middle core glowing brightly with power as Sam was revived and took it in hand. Limping his way slowly towards the corpse of Optimus Prime, he crawled up on top of the huge machine, up to the gaping hole showing Optimus' core. Slamming the dagger into the leader of the Autobots, Sam screamed in pain as he put weight on his broken leg, collapsing against the metal 'ground' he was standing on. Sliding down the side, he watched as the corpse of his friend started to awaken again.

Suddenly the Fallen slammed into the ground, his sonic boom making humans and Autobots go flying. "Mine." He growled, capturing the now reformed Dagger's Tip. Jumping up he escaped back to the machine planning to activate it immediately.

"This is not going to happen." Harry growled, watching as Jetfire mentally prepared to sacrifice himself and Optimus start to die again. Releasing his power, he started to pulse with energy, his body gradually developing a glow as he lifted off the ground from the sheer power flowing through him. Two beams shot out and slammed into Jetfire and Optimus, connecting the three of them. Soldiers, both human and Cybertronian alike, stopped and stared at what was happening, confusion, fear and worry racing through everyone there.

At a slow but growing faster pace, Jetfire's metal body became shiny and new, the metal pieces making up his body becoming stronger, etchings of Cybertronian lacing through his frame. His core strengthened further as power flowed through his system, broken, destroyed Decepticon's metal moving towards him and pushing into his body, adapting and becoming part of his system. At the same time Optimus was going through the same transformation, parts from deceased non-developed Cybertronians being absorbed and acclimatized to his structure.

Harry groaned and slumped to the ground as the flow of power slowed to his normal contained levels. This was the first time he had majorly used his powers, something both Death and Fate had warned would be very draining. Breathing heavily, he kept his eyes closed, lying on the hot sand as he tried to not pass out-a battle he was losing little by little.

"Let's roll." Optimus ground out as soon as the light faded from his frame. Boosters helped him take to the air, making him speed towards the machine that was now powering up.

Lennox sprinted to the fallen form, quickly taking in the still breathing chest and looking for wounds. Hands pulled on Harry's slightly torn clothing, making him turn so the hot sun was falling on his face. "Harry. Harry! Wake up! You can't fall unconscious now!" He shouted, slapping the teen a few times to try and get him to come around.

"C'n't 'splain n'w…later…too m'ch p'w'r…d'n't tell…" The glazed green eyed teen murmured incoherently as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Sitting back on his heels, John took a deep breath and let it out. Standing he ordered the men to go help Optimus, making sure they knew this stayed within their ranks and that no one would hear about it before Lennox talked to Harry. The U.S. Military had betrayed them once already; he didn't want to risk something this big without all the facts.

"Stay with him, will you Epps?" He asked, smiling faintly at his second in command.

"Yeah. I'll pull 'im under some shade." He replied, setting his gun against the wall of a destroyed building, the slightly taller than one story, makeshift fortification providing some shade in the courtyard they were standing in. Lennox nodded and headed off, planning on helping direct the troops.

As the machine exploded in the distance, the Dagger's Tip came flying towards Harry, disintegrating to dust as it touched him, sinking into his body. "What the-?" Epps practically screamed, freaking out in a not so silent way. It took several moments of deep breathing for him to calm down again. As soon as he did, he checked over Harry to make sure he was still okay and there weren't any ill-effects. It turned out there wasn't. In fact, the unconscious teen seemed to look slightly healthier than before.

When the medic's came to evacuate the injured and dead, Epps tagged a ride with Harry, gaining permission to put him in a bunk when all the doctor who had examined Harry found wrong with him was that he was unconscious due to exhaustion. When the people had stripped the teen of his and jeans, in order to sponge bathe him off to make sure there were no wounds, Epps goggled at the old scars littering the kid's form.

"Holy shit. Lennox isn't gonna like this. Another mystery…" He murmured after he let out a long whistle of surprise. Of course, he only allowed the words to come out once he had the teen tucked into a bed, a hospital gown covering his form now. He didn't want any of the doctors to overhear his comment. Now, all the two had to do was wait.

Three days later, Harry finally swam out of the darkness of unconsciousness, letting out a rasping cough and a groan at the same time. "Harry!" A voice practically shouted in his ear it seemed.

"Qu'et…" The long-haired teen said muzzily, groaning again in pain as his eyes fluttered open, squinting as the light was glared in his eyes.

"Glad to see you awake Harry." A mechanical voice said in low tones making Harry turn his head to the other side. One of the triplets rested near the side of his bed, keeping watch over the monitor's next to him. "We weren't sure you would wake up after you didn't wake up within twenty-four earth hours. I need to go inform Optimus you're up." She explained calmly before moving out of the room, leaving him with Sam.

"Hey, I contacted Lennox. He'll be here in a few. How do you feel?" The other teen said in a quieter voice as he came into Harry's line of sight, holding a glass of water and a straw.

Clearing his throat after taking a sip he replied quietly, knowing not to stress his throat too much. "Okay. You still have Prime language slipping through your brain?" He asked, a half smile crossing his face, even though it was a serious question.

Sam's silent nod was all the confirmation he needed to have before he beckoned him forward. "Was planning on doing this earlier, but I blacked out." He murmured again, reaching out and touching Sam's arm with his hand, since he was too weak still to keep contact with just his fingers. A glow surrounded his hand as he pulled the Cube's knowledge from Sam and into his own mind, where it belonged.

"There. All set." He said almost silently, his voice strained. His hand slipped from Sam's arm while he was trying to even his breathing out, sweat beading his forehead.

"Jeez Sam, what'd you do in the three minutes it took me to get here?" Lennox joked, grinning at the two teens.

Relief was pouring through Sam's form, almost physical in it's strength. "Just talking." He said weakly, smiling slightly at the Major. The images were finally gone!

"Hm…" Lennox said by way of reply, deciding to hold his tongue for now. "Harry, we need to talk. I haven't said anything to the higher ups, and neither has anyone else from NEST. No one else caught what you did in Egypt. I need answers." He said quietly, sitting down and watching the younger man.

"Okay." The green eyed teen said quietly, sitting up slowly, wincing as his muscles screamed in protest. Taking a deep breath, he started at the beginning of his story with one warning. "There are some things that cannot be questioned. But know this, not only mortals live in the universe…" He couldn't answer every question, but he could fill in as much as he was able to. Speaking of his de-aged years, his 'guardians', the truth behind the so-called end of the Cube, what he had been doing before he had received a message saying he was needed back here and almost everything else up to that point.

"So, you see…that was the only way I could save Jetfire and Optimus. I'm sorry if I'm putting you in a bad position, but if you tell the officials, I can't help anymore. I'll be forced to leave." He said quietly, his hands clenched, balling up the blanket that covered him.

By then, Lennox had dropped any thoughtful look, and was just plain gaping in astonishment at the teen. "Wow…that's some story." He said weakly, clearing his throat and clasping his hands together as his elbows rested on his knees and his chin rested on his hands. He thought about his options, weighing pros and cons carefully-especially since his military career could be hanging in the balance.

Several minutes of silence descended, making Harry nervous. Sam was forgotten in the background, not that he minded at the moment. It was kind of a shock to find out someone who you thought of as a good friend-your bonds made through battle-was actually a god from a different dimension. Just to find out that there are multiple gods was a shock, but to find out that there were different dimensions as well…that was completely insane.

"Okay, here's what we're going to do. We'll keep this quiet. We have to. I'll explain it to the other NEST operatives that saw what had happened, but no one else can know. I don't want to run the risk of you leaving, or not being able to help in the future, or of you being possibly captured and experimented on. Too dangerous. Besides, if some politicians out there knew what you just told us, the slime-balls would really go on the offensive and make it five times harder to live with them than it already is." John finally decided, smiling slightly at the teen.

"Optimus probably doesn't want you to leave his sight for a bit, so we'll set up a bunk in the hanger for you. After you're stronger, we'll talk further about the future." He continued, standing up.

Yawning, Harry relaxed against the pillows behind him. "Okay." He agreed, knowing better than to fight against what was happening at the moment.

"We'll let you get some more sleep. We have time after all. Relax Harry." The Major said, watching as the teen's eyes fluttered close. He was worried as to if Harry was a god, why was he exhausted from channeling his powers like that. Hopefully he could get the green eyed boy to ask his 'guardians' for a straight answer, since he doubted he would meet them until after his death, and maybe not even then.


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