Hey guys! This is a new project Hollie (hols14HL) and I are starting! We plan on making it kinda long.. although we're not sure just how long yet as we're both pretty swamped with exams..

It's set in season 5, a sort of AU to 'Birthmarks'. Cuddy takes House to the funeral instead of Wilson & Rachel is around. She's about 2/3 years old.

Rated T for now, although it's subject to change.

We hope you enjoy it! :)

Thunder road

~written by Hollie

House's glossy blue eyes journeyed up from her high heels, focusing for a millisecond on her breasts, then locked with her steel grey eyes as she slowly pushed her way through his office door. Cuddy always had a presence when entering a room, usually a fiery one, though this time House caught a slight wisp of solemnness tugging at her face. He knew why. He also knew if he wasn't careful she'd try and drag him into the cause. After all it was his problem. It was his 'Dad' who had had just died. She stood in the door way, slightly leaning on one leg. "Sorry about your father." House broke eye contact, trying to mentally shove her off the subject.

"I'm not. Are we done emoting now?" Cuddy ignored him as she made her way over to his desk.

"If there's anything I can do, just — " This was the exact type of conversation House was trying to avoid. He didn't need pity; he didn't even like the man. If this conversation was going to be stopped, he needed an out, and quickly.

"You know, you're right. I don't think I can sleep alone tonight." She smirked slightly at his remark and House eased somewhat as his attempts of deflection had succeeded in changing the conversation. He then turned his attention to what cuddy was holding in her hand and a new idea sprung to his mind "And you can please tell me that that is liquid Vicodin you're holding." Cuddy laughed again as she revealed the needle she was grasping onto. Even though she hated his drug use, a one off joke about it was nothing she couldn't handle. It was his biggest downfall in her eyes, he was always too keen to quickly numb any sort of pain away, whether it be physical pain or emotional. However she stopped nagging him about the subject after she gathered she was wasting her breath, even if she mentally screamed at him every time she saw him pop a pill.

"Fortunately not. We're giving IG shots to everyone who came in contact with your patient." She saw the fake disappointment emerge on his face, as she carried on. "Shockingly, none of the nurses volunteered to administer yours." Another wash of fake hurt flashed across his face as he started to roll up his sleeve. "It goes better in a large muscle." She paused for a second "Drop your pants." She stated in a serious yet somewhat seductive voice.

House stood suddenly, not breaking eye contact as he unbuckled his jeans. Leaning on the side of his desk he turned his head slightly to her. "You know, I usually pay tens of dollars to hear that." Though Cuddy ignored his quick wit and pricked him with the needle.

Feeling him flinch a little she pushed the plunger slowly, time for her to bring up his dad again. "The funeral's tomorrow" she felt his body tense at the thought of it.

Real clever Cuddy bring up my dad when I can't escape, how did I not see this trap coming. He thought to himself. "My mom called you?" he replied, a tinge of annoyance and surprise layered in his voice.

"There is a 3:40 flight out of Newark. If you leave now, you can be in Lexington tonight." She took a breath "Your mother wants you to deliver a eulogy." She prompted as she removed the needle and he stood up.

Bucklering up his jeans again, he began his attempt at yet another protest. "Eulogy," from the Greek for "good word." He turned to face her, studying her for a second. "Now, if she asked me to deliver a bastardogy, I'd be happy to —" Cuddy frowned his crudeness towards the recently dead, though this was House, what did she really expect? He'd never shown any sort of concern about death before, if anything he openly mocked it.

Cuddy quickly brushed off the comment. "Then be a grown-up. Call your mother back and tell her that you're sick with grief, but you're too busy to be there." She had no idea how Wilson put up with his arguments on a daily basis, House seemed to have an answer for everything. He lowered his gaze.

"She always knows when I'm lying." The statement was blunt and revealed so much truth Cuddy was taken aback by his tone.

She sighed loudly as she placed her arm on his; he stiffened a little at her touch. "Then start writing." Before he had a chance to reply Cuddy turned on her heels and walked away, her hips swaying in full motion which distracted House too much to even have the last word, and before he knew it, she was gone.

It was about a minute after Cuddy had left that a cold sweat suddenly loomed over House. His palms went clammy and his head felt light. Trying to steady himself, he outstretched his hand in a frantic hope to grab hold of his desk and carry on standing vertical. Yet seconds later a loud crash was heard and the clatter of cane meeting floor echoed through his office. Darkness quickly surrounded him as he passed out on his office floor.

Cuddy shut her eyes as she sat on one of the benches in the corridor a little further down from Houses office. The crash was loud and straight away she felt a pang of guilt flare through her stomach. God she hated playing this game with him. It was a game where she had to stoop to his level to be able to get him to go to a damn funeral.

Standing up straight and taking a deep breath she entered his office again. The sight of him lying on the floor, motionless, greeted her as she walked closer to him. His eyes were an icy cold blue and she gritted her teeth as she prepared to move him.

He couldn't make out where he was; he certainly hadn't fallen asleep in the doctors' lounge or one of the clinic rooms, the seats were more comfortable here. On second thoughts he could hear the buzzing of a car engine. With his eyesight growing less blurry by the second and his other four senses slowly returning to him, he started to piece together where he was.

His head lolled to the side as he looked to the left of him. He smiled the best he could when he was able to focus on the person who was driving the car. "awwww Cuddy, you do realise drugging me is such a kinky turn on." He murmured

Cuddy groaned as she heard his voice, hoping he would have been knocked out for a little longer. "Even in your half sedated form you are still able to make sexual comments" she glanced at him as he started to shift in his seat, waking up more, searching his pockets for his vicodin.

"Where is it?" He plainly asked. Cuddy fished through her pockets and pulled out one pill. House stared at her in disbelief. "I may have a bum leg but I can still use my hands. Cuddy, give me my pills." He raised his voice more than he intended and Cuddy sighed, throwing him the bottle. He popped another one and rested his head back on the car head rest.

The silence was awkward and Cuddy could almost hear House thinking about an excuse to get him out of going to the funeral but before he even had a chance to open his mouth she spoke. "Don't even try and argue with me on this one House, you're going and that's final. I don't care if you throw a hissy fit the whole journey, it won't make any difference to the outcome, except we will both have headaches by the end of this car trip. This is for your mom….she needs you there"

There was another pause before House spoke quietly. "She does not need me there, she wants me there. I can't even see the point, it's not like there were bundles of happy memories between me and him to talk about"

"House, for one short moment, can't you let her believe she actually had a happy family and go without looking like you were dragged in at gun point."

House snapped his neck looking at her in mock hurt. "HEY! That's not funny, I have actually been held at gun point before and in fact I was shot if you remember correctly." But Cuddy wasn't amused at all by his efforts at deflection. Recognizing this he sincerely added. "I'd be lying by just showing up there."

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