A/N: After much internal debate (and lots of pressure from my Twitter peeps), I decided to just do it. "I'm going to write a witfit," I told myself. And so I am. For those of you who don't know, a witfit is a story based on daily prompts. So as a writer you fly by the seat of your pants which is terrifying, to say the least.

So please be gentle. Please ignore my mistakes. There will be many as I have not "employed" a beta. And, please, do not compare this story to my others. I am fully aware that this story is light and silly and not meant to change the world. It's meant to incite giggling and maybe a bit of gagging. I'm going in blind. There's no plot, no structure, no back story. It's happening as it happens. I get a prompt in the morning, write something involving the prompt when I can, and then post it on the same day if possible. It's that simple.

Here's hoping this writing experiment pays off . . .

January 2012 Witfit

Take What You Want

Chapter 1

Prompt: Scramble, New Year's Resolutions

Playlist: I'm Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO

"Oh, no. Can't I get a break?" I say to Alice as we enter our French class. It's the second semester, and we're almost done. Out of here. Until we come back for senior year, that is.

She peers around me, laughing as Edward Cullen is waving us over. The Edward Cullen. The one who simultaneously annoys and annoys the hell out of me. For two different reasons. The second of which I can't quite put my finger on.

For some odd reason, he and Emmett, Alice's brother, started hanging out over the break. Then Jasper, Alice's boyfriend joined in too. Being Alice's best friend, I ended up seeing a lot of Edward over the holidays, much to my dismay.

The guy is loud, crass, lacks good hygiene, and is an all-around loser. He doesn't do any extra-curriculars. He doesn't get good grades as far as I can tell. In fact, I can't think of anything about him that I really like. Except . . . except for his insanely good looks and ability to make the insides of my stomach scramble by flirting with me. Which I do not like, for the record.

"Go sit by him." Alice prods me in the back like I'm cattle. Nice.

"You go sit by him."

"I already have a boyfriend."

"I don't even want a . . . hey, that's—Alice . . ."

Alice sits next to Jasper, and he leans over, desk in tow for a kiss.

"Hey, sweet cheeks," Edward says, patting the seat across from him.

Oh, no. Not with the nicknames again. He's ridiculous; has a name for everyone. I seem to be the lucky one, though, because they just keep coming.

His grin is wide, his auburn hair wild, and I want to hit him because I don't want him. I don't. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

"Thanks," I say, then give him a tight smile. I sit and pull out my binder, getting ready to take notes. I know it's only the first day back, but Ms. Benson is a strict, good teacher. "Why are you here?"

"Transferred from Pierre's class. He's a schmuck. Was failing me for . . . I mean, how could I have known that when I wrote a love note – which was the assignment, you know – I was saying dirty things? I was writing it in French. It's his fault, I'm telling you. Lousy teacher. He doesn't even know French, if you ask me. So here I am. And things are looking up." His eyes wander my body, and I cringe, probably making a face. Oh, well.

"Mmm." I get my pencil out and place a blank sheet of paper in front of me, ready for the lecture to begin.

Edward, on the other hand, leans back in his seat, hands clasped behind his neck, staring at the ceiling tiles. He's so annoying. "How's your weekend?" He says, eyes still trained upward.

"You know how it was, nerd, you were there."

"That's right I was there. You hear that, world, I was there with Bella Swan in the backseat of a car—"


He laughs, but I'm fuming. Sure what he said was true: we were alone in the backseat of a car, but only because Alice had to take a leak. She forced Jasper to go with her to keep her safe. So we sat and talked while we waited. Which really means he talked while I tried to look at anything besides Edward. He was a bit too cute in the dark. In the back of a car. With his hair all mussed up from the wind. And his cheeks all pink from the cold. Yeah, too cute.

But the more I get to know him, or rather the more he hangs around me and my friends, the more difficult it is to ignore him and his attractiveness. Plus, he is just so persistent. And annoying. Did I mention annoying?

"You know you want everyone to know about our late night rendezvous."

"There was no late night rendezvous."

"Just keep telling yourself that, princess." He leans in and peers over my desk. His head's right next to my boob. If he turns, he'll smoosh it with his nose. "It's the first day back, why are you all . . ." He sweeps his hand across my desk, and my paper goes fluttering to the floor.

In my attempt to catch it, I knock my pencil as well. Groaning, I lean over to get them, but Edward beats me to it. "Got it," he says, but he stays down low for a peculiarly long amount of time.

"Can I have my stuff now?" I huff.

"Mmm," he says, "That depends . . . can I?"

I look over the side of my desk, and Edward is scanning my legs. Damn this skirt Alice convinced me to buy.

"Uh, no." I say tucking my legs back and crossing them at the ankles as far away from Edward as possible.

"It's a shame. They're nice legs, but at least I can look."

"No, you can't."

"See . . . here in America . . . it's a free country. I can do what I want. And if I want to look at nice legs, I will. Speaking of . . ."

Ms. Benson enters the classroom, her pencil skirt highlighting her shapely figure and nice calves. "Bounjour. Ca'va?"

"Tres bien," Edward says in response, though he's staring right at me.

Over winter break, Alice and I sat with our diaries and outlined our new year's resolutions. I listed things like eat less chocolate, watch less stupid TV, and study more while Alice focused on her relationship with Jasper. At the time, I didn't think anything of it. That's her life. Jasper, I mean. My life is school and family. There was no reason to write anything about anyone else, but now, now I think I may have to add something to my list.

Stop noticing Edward Cullen noticing me.

And stop liking it when he does.

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