Summary: What if Hawkeye had a sister—a pretty American Indian girl named Natalia? And what if Major Duncan Heyward fell for her? Would the entire story of The Last Of The Mohicans be different?

The "Other" Romance

As Cora, Alice and Heyward walked across the big, falling waterfall with Hawkeye, Uncas, Chingachook and Chingachook, Uncas and Hawkeye's sister, Natalia. Hawkeye, Uncas and Chingachook were escorting Heyward and the others to Fort Henry.

"Scout I'd like to thank you for your help." Heyward said as he was walking behind Hawkeye.

Hawkeye stopped and turned around and looked Heyward up and down with a brief smirk.

"I ain't your scout." Hawkeye said coldly. "My name is Hawkeye, this here is my brother, Uncas, my father Chingachook and my sister, Natalia."

Heyward took a glance at Natalia up and down. Natalia was a slim, American Indian girl who looked to be in her late twenties, with long, black hair that fell down on her back. She was extremely pretty and strongly resembled a younger version of the actress, Tonantzin Carmelo who played in the TNT miniseries, Into The West.

"Well pardon me," Heyward said sarcastically, "I thought you were a scout, all our scouts are in the militia."

Hawkeye looked at Heyward with cold eyes.

"Well, I ain't no damn scout," Hawkeye snapped, "and I sure ain't in no damn militia, not me, not Uncas, not Natalia and not Chinchgachook."

Hawkeye walked away, with Heyward looking at Hawkeye with cold eyes. Natalia looked at Heyward with a teasing smirk.

"Yeah, we ain't in no damn militia—MAJOR." Natalia said before walking away.

As they all continued walking, Heyward looked at Natalia with cold eyes.

"I HEARD him the first time miss, without your repeating." Heyward snapped at her.

Natalia stopped and looked at him with a smart-ass smirk that only made Heyward angrier.

"I just assumed with you, it needed repeating." Natalia retorted back.

Heyward frowned at her and shook his head, he stared her up and down with almost a disgusted look.

"What do you MEAN with me, it needed repeating?" Heyward asked angrily. "You don't KNOW me, so you are in NO position to assume—"

"I assume whatever I want." Natalia snapped. "We're leading YOU all, not the other way around—remember?"

Heyward's eyes widened with a bit of shock that this—this woman was actually going word for word with him. No woman had ever done that with him before, so who did this woman think she was?

"SO WHAT!" Heyward yelled. "That still makes you in no position to—"

"Oh hush it Major!" Natalia yelled with a slight smirk. "Is it really that you hate people self-assuming about you, or is it that you just hate a woman showing you up?"

Heyward looked at her with an eyebrow raised and a look of total anger. Little did Heyward know that Hawkeye was standing a few feet away looking at the two in their fiery argument and was smirking. He shook his head and walked over to them and stepped in between the two.

"Alright, enough!" Hawkeye said strongly. "Both of you stop. Natalia, leave the Major alone."

Hawkeye looked at Heyward up and down with an eyebrow raised.

"You can spend time sizing him up later." Hawkeye added. "Right now we have to keep moving."

Hawkeye grabbed Natalia's arm and led her away and Heyward looked at Hawkeye with coldness.

"She was NOT sizing me up!" Heyward snapped angrily.

Natalia and Hawkeye ignored him as they kept walking beside Chingachook and Uncas. Heyward looked at Cora with an agitated frown.

"WELL, do you believe that—that—woman?" Heyward asked Cora, disbelief in his voice.

Cora briefly looked at Heyward and frowned slightly and sighed.

"Lets just keep moving, Duncan." Cora said before moving around him to continue to walk.

It was late in the day when Hawkeye and the others had reached Cameron's cabin—a cabin that had been completely burned out and destroyed, with the bodies of the Camerons' dead inside.

"It's a war party." Hawkeye whispered to Uncas as he kneeled down beside Uncas and Chingachook, a few feet from the house.

Uncas looked at Hawkeye briefly then stood back up.

"Come on, we have to keep moving." Uncas said.

As Uncas, Natalia, Hawkeye and Chingachook walked away, Heyward walked over to Natalia and looked at her with a frown.

"Wait, where are you all going?" Heyward asked. "Aren't you going to give those people a proper burial?"

Natalia looked at him with a angry frown and scoffed.

"Because—MAJOR, they are to stay as they lay. You don't understand it, tough." Natalia snapped, with the emotion of seeing her friends—The Camerons' dead.

Natalia turned and walked away.

"You know, you and your—GROUP must be THE most cold hearted bloody humans I've ever met!" Heyward snapped. "How DARE you leave these people here dead!"

Natalia turned and looked at Heyward with complete anger.

"You know you are GETTING on my last nerve Major and I think soon you and I are going to have a real fight." Natalia snapped angrily.

Major Heyward scoffed and raised an eyebrow at her and shook his head.

"Oh really, well I can guarantee—"

"ENOUGH!" Hawkeye yelled, interrupting Heyward and stepping in between Heyward and Natalia. Hawkeye looked at Natalia and then at Heyward and shook his head as both Heyward and Natalia looked at each other with anger.

"You two," Hawkeye said almost with annoyance. "You two are starting to remind me of an old married couple. QUIT the arguing. Major, we have to let them stay as they lay. If we move them, the Huron war party that are tracking us will know we've moved them and will know we came this way. Those people aren't strangers and they stay as they lay."

Hawkeye looked at Natalia.

"Let's go Natalia.." Hawkeye said as he grabbed Natalia's hand and lead her away.

Natalia rolled her eyes at Heyward before walking away.

Cora walked up to where Heyward was and stared at him for a minute or two.

"Calm down, Duncan." Cora said lightly.

Heyward briefly looked at Cora and rolled his eyes in anger and continued walking with Hawkeye, Uncas and the others.

It was night time when Hawkeye, Cora, Uncas, Natalia, Chingachook and Alice and Heyward reached a wooded area where there was an Indian burial. Cora and Hawkeye were sitting behind a log on one side of the woods, while Alice and Uncas were sitting behind a tree a few feet away, with Chingachook sitting behind a tree a few feet away and Natalia and Heyward were sitting near a tree a few feet away as well. They decided to rest a bit before going any further. They didn't have that far left to go anyway. Heyward was watching as Natalia was loading bullets into a gun.

"How did you know those people?" Heyward asked.

Natalia didn't answer right away as she was loading bullets into a gun.

"They were close friends of ours. We loved them, I loved them." Natalia finally answered. "I can't believe they're gone."

Natalia looked down and quickly wiped light tears away.

"That property they were on," Natalia continued. "That's the only property that was available to them, poor people and now they're gone."

Heyward stared at her and for a brief moment, he felt some sympathy for her.

"I'm sorry." Heyward managed to choke out in a somewhat low voice.

Natalia looked at him as she put her loaded gun down on the ground beside her. She nodded slightly.

"There's a monument in the sky for them now, that's what my ancestors taught me." Natalia said as shed turned on her side and lied down on the ground a few feet from him.

"I'm sorry about earlier as well." Heyward said lightly.

"Its fine Major, I'd expect that from you." Natalia said bluntly.

Heyward raised an eyebrow at her and looked at her with anger.

"And just what does THAT mean?" Heyward snapped.

Natalia laughed.

"See, it shows you have no sense of humor," Natalia said with a smile, "nor can you take a joke."

Heyward looked down and scoffed with a brief faint smile.

"I didn't find humor in it, miss." Heyward said lightly.

"Natalia," Natalia said, "none of that miss stuff."

Heyward nodded hesitantly.

"Natalia then." Heyward said almost warmly.

Heyward looked at her bare, brown skinned arms and saw they were shivering from the chill of the cool night air, her smooth, soft looking brown skin, Heyward thought in his mind. He took off his red long sleeved red and gold jacket and wrapped it around her arms. She sat up and looked at him with a confused look.

He shrugged.

"I thought you might be cold," Heyward said in a slightly low voice. "Your arms were shivering."

Natalia smiled and reached down and touched his hand and held it for a few seconds. Heyward looked down at her hands on his and blinked repeatedly. His face turned a bright blush of red.

"Thanks, better get some rest for a little bit, Major." Natalia said as she lied back down. "We'll have to get up shortly to get back moving again."

Heyward watched her as she lied down still and silent on the ground. He frowned slightly. There was still so much about this young girl that he didn't understand, but the same also went for her brothers Hawkeye, Uncas and her father, Chingachook. Duncan knew nothing of their culture, nor did he truly understand it.

Theme Song: "The Kiss" ~ Last Of The Mohicans {film version}

It was only a couple of hours of sleep that they were able to get before they were up again and on their way to Fort Henry. As they were walking through the deep forested woods, Hawkeye was being observant, especially of the new talkative nature that both Major Heyward and Natalia had now seemed to have been sharing.

"So then that's when my father Chingachook looked the tunka straight on and shot him dead with the bow and arrow." Natalia was telling Heyward as they were walking.

Heyward looked at her with surprise and gasped lightly.

"Wow, that must have been quite exciting." Heyward replied with a brief smile.

Natalia looked at him and smiled.

"Yeah, maybe I can show you how to do it sometime." Natalia said with a smile.

Heyward looked at her and laughed briefly.

"Oh I don't know, Natalia." Heyward said modestly. "I don't know anything about—hunting buffalo."

Natalia stopped in front of Duncan and took both his hands into hers and held them. Heyward couldn't explain it, but it was something about her touch that just sent electricity racing through his veins in a way that was almost indescribable, maybe it was attraction he was feeling, he wasn't sure. He looked down at his hands that were in hers and scoffed with a faint smile of slight nervousness, a nervousness he had never had in front of a woman before.

"No, not buffalo, Tunka." Natalia said softly, while staring at him.

Heyward nodded once with an eyebrow raised.

"Tunka," Heyward repeated as if trying to decipher the real meaning of the word aloud.

Natalia smiled and softly and briefly touched the side of Heyward's face warmly.

"Exactly right." Natalia said softly before dropping his hands and walking away.

Heyward stared at her as she walked away and had an expression as if he had just been touched by an angel—although, with Heyward being Heyward, he tried his best to hide it. However Hawkeye, who had been watching the entire interaction the two just had, shook his head and smiled. Hawkeye knew what was going on there. There were a thousand words of meaning set in that small interaction that Natalia and Heyward had just shared.

When they arrived at the fort, they went off to see Colonel Munro, which didn't entirely go well with Hawkeye, Uncas and Chingachook, seeing as how Colonel Munro didn't care that there was a war party going on and that the Huron was going to be attacking up and down the frontier against families of those fighting at the fort. Well this discussion between Munro and Hawkeye, Natalia, Uncas, Chingachook and the other fighters didn't go so well:

"And how am I to know it wasn't a raid by thieves?" Munro snapped strongly.

"The cabin was attacked by a war party fighting with the French." Hawkeye replied. "They're sweeping south along the frontier attacking farms and Mohawk villages, all the men are stuck here."

"I need proof more convincing than this man's opinion before I weaken the fort's defenses by releasing the militia." Munro snapped coldly.

"Chingachgook had the same opinion about the raid; taken together that's gospel. Your fort will stand or fall depending on Webb's reinforcements, not the presence of the Colonials." Jack Winthrop, a soldier fighting replied.

"I judge military matters here, not you." Munro yelled.

"Your judgment is not more important than their right and their agreement with Webb to defend their farms and families." Hawkeye snapped. "Major Hayward was there, he was at John Cameron's, he saw what it was."

"What exactly DID you see, Major?" Munro asked Heyward.

Heyward looked at the doorway of the cabin like room they were in, and saw Cora standing there, listening quietly. He then looked over at Natalia, he looked into her warm, soft, sparkling, beautiful brown eyes and for some reason unbeknown to him, he just had a complete sense of of detachment from the answer he was going to respond with. He stared at Natalia for a couple of moments before responding.

"I saw—a massacre of a family slaughtered—attacked," Heyward said while staring at Natalia.

Heyward then looked at Munro briefly before looking at Hawkeye.

"It was indeed a war party, sir." Heyward said. "Nathaniel here is right."

Hawkeye looked at Heyward with complete shock. This man—this major just actually told the truth? That was something Hawkeye was not expecting. Natalia looked at Heyward and smirked, while Munro looked at Heyward with an eyebrow raised, wondering if he was being truthful.

"Alright Major, if you say that was the way of it." Munro said cautiously.

Heyward glanced at Munro briefly and nodded hesitantly almost.

"Yes sir, it is." Heyward said in an almost low voice.

Munro looked at Hawkeye and the others with a bit of coldness.

"Well, despite what Major Heyward saw," Munro began, "the militia will not be released, because I need more definite proof that it was indeed a war party. This meeting is over, the militia stays."

"Does the rule of English law no longer govern? Has it been replaced by absolutism?" Jack Winthrop yelled out angrily.

"If English law cannot be trusted maybe these people would do better making their own peace with the French!" Natalia yelled.

"That is sedition!" Munro yelled.

"No!" Heyward yelled as he took a step further in front of Munro and Natalia and Hawkeye.

Everyone looked at Heyward with a confused stare. Heyward looked at Natalia, as she was staring at Munro with anger. Heyward turned to Munro.

"Sir, please excuse Natalia," Heyward said almost softly, "she nor the others will not go and try to make peace with the French, she's only speaking out of anger."

Heyward turned back and looked at Natalia with almost pleading eyes.

"She knows that to DO such a thing would be considered SEDITION." Heyward added while staring at Natalia.

Hawkeye looked at Heyward with more surprise and a bit of shock. Was he actually defending and trying to cover up for Natalia? Why? Hawkeye turned his head away from Heyward, Munro and everyone and briefly smirked. He knew why, course he did.

Natalia looked at Heyward with angry eyes. She didn't need to be defended, and she knew exactly what she was saying, regardless if it resulted in treason or not.

"Major Heyward," Natalia began, her voice somewhat filled with anger, "I don't need your help. I know EXACTLY what I'm saying. So please, go back to standing over there in the corner and being the silent soldier guidepost that you are for Colonel Munro."

Heyward looked at her with hurt eyes. He blinked twice while briefly looking down and then back up at her with a hurt expression.

"Alright then, MISS." Heyward said in an almost cold tone, before taking a step back and crossing his arms in defense.

"Anyone fomenting or advocating the leaving of Fort William Henry will be hung for sedition. Anyone actually CAUGHT leaving will be shot for desertion." Munro said strongly. "Now my decision is final. Get out!"

Hawkeye, Uncas, Chingachook, and the others turned to leave—including Natalia. However before Natalia turned to leave, she looked at Heyward, who was standing a few feet behind Colonel Munro, staring somewhere down at the floor, looking to be in deep thought—and what Natalia thought was a hint of hurt on his face. She didn't mean to hurt him, but she had to stand for what she thought was right, just as her father, Chingachook had taught her.

After Hawkeye and the others left, Munro looked at Major Heyward briefly as Munro was walking away to a corner desk in the room.

"Major Heyward, keep an eye on them," Munro commanded, "make sure they don't actually try to leave or persuade or help anyone else to leave and if they do, report it to me immediately."

Major Heyward nodded hesitantly.

"Yes sir," Heyward said in a low voice before leaving out the room.

As Hawkeye and Natalia walked out, with Uncas and Chingachook following, Hawkeye looked at Natalia with a smirk.

"I think you hurt the major's feelings, in there." Hawkeye said.

Natalia sighed and frowned. Hawkeye laughed.

"He's got a heart for you, Natalia." Hawkeye said with a smirk. "I think he may be even falling in love with you."

Natalia looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

"And what makes you say that?" Natalia asked.

"Probably the way he defended you to his colonel." Uncas said with a smile and a laugh from Hawkeye.

Just then, Major Heyward walked out and Hawkeye saw it. Quickly Hawkeye moved around Natalia and walked to Heyward and touched his arm. Heyward sighed slightly with frustration and hesitantly turned and looked at Hawkeye with upset eyes.

"YES, Nathaniel?" Heyward said almost coldly.

Hawkeye stared at him up and down with a smirk before answering. Hawkeye then shook his head and laughed a bit.

"Thank you, in there, for saying what you saw." Hawkeye said with a smirk and a shrug. "Also for defending my sister."

Heyward shrugged and looked away and then down carelessly.

"Well, it wasn't much appreciated by her so.." Heyward responded in almost a low voice before his voice trailed off.

Natalia walked over to Hawkeye and Heyward and looked at Heyward with slight guilt.

"That's not true Duncan." Natalia said softly.

"Isn't it though?" Heyward said with a slight frown. "You making that rude comment to me in there. I was only trying to help you."

Hawkeye looked at Natalia and smiled.

"Yeah, he was only trying to help you, Natalia." Hawkeye joked with a smile.

Natalia looked at Hawkeye with a frown.

"Nathaniel, not now." Natalia said.

Hawkeye laughed and shook his head and turned and walked away. Heyward rolled his eyes at Hawkeye.

"Duncan, I don't NEED help on this." Natalia said. "There are people on this fort who's families will be killed because of Munro not honoring promises. It might be better if we made peace with the French."

"No! It wouldn't!" Heyward yelled.

Natalia looked at Heyward with a frown, and walked away.

"And why's that, Major!" Natalia yelled as she was walking away.

"Because they'll HANG you for sedition!" Heyward yelled, while walking after her.

Natalia stopped and turned and looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

"So?" Natalia snapped. "If they do, I'll die for something I believed in and—"

"I don't want you to die, or—or be charged with sedition." Heyward blurted out quickly.

It was a blurted out statement that even Uncas, Hawkeye and Chingachook heard from where they were standing. Natalia looked at Heyward and saw his face held an expression of sadness and a bit of fear. She walked over closer to him and hugged him warmly. Heyward frowned as he hugged her back warmly. Hawkeye smiled.

"I've got money on it that by the time this French and north war is over, those two will be married." Hawkeye joked with a smile.

Uncas looked at Hawkeye with an almost disgusted frown.

"Major Duncan Heyward as a brother-in-law?" Uncas asked, with Hawkeye laughing at the humorous comment.

"Please don't do this, Natalia." Heyward whispered in her ear.

Natalia released her hug from Heyward and took his hands into hers and smiled briefly.

"Meet me later, by the fire. We'll talk then." Natalia said in almost a whisper.

Before Heyward could answer, Natalia walked away back over to where Hawkeye and the others were, as they all walked away. Before walking away, Hawkeye caught a glimpse of Heyward's expression. As Heyward watched them walk away, he looked troubled, confused but like a man in love, but lost, lost as to what to do, or even how to feel.

Theme Song: "The Kiss" ~ The Last Of The Mohicans {Film Version}

It wasn't but a short time later, when Duncan walked to the fire lit area where some men and women were dancing around, a man was playing a nice, somewhat loud tune with a violin. As he walked further in the area, he saw Natalia sitting on the ground by the fire. She was staring into the fire endlessly. He had thought Cora was beautiful but after seeing Natalia, he knew Natalia was even more beautiful. He sat down beside her and stared at her.

"I'm here," Heyward said in a low voice.

Natalia looked at him and smiled. She took his hand into hers and held it.

"This tune, the man is playing." Natalia said softly.

Heyward looked at the man playing the tune on the violin and then he looked back at Natalia.

"I don't—I don't know it." Heyward said.

Natalia shook her head.

"I don't either, but its so foretelling. You can hear it in every note he plays." Natalia said softly.

Heyward scoffed and briefly smiled. He then stared at her and frowned.

"Don't do this, Natalia." Heyward said. "Don't leave this fort."

Natalia stared at him. He looked down and shook his head slightly.

"I—I feel like in this short time, I've become attached to you." Heyward said softly. "I think I'm infatuated."

Heyward looked at her and laughed briefly.

"Strangely the same way Cora is infatuated with Nathaniel Poe." He added.

Natalia leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips. Heyward looked at her with complete surprise, while blinking repeatedly. Her brief, simple kiss felt almost like heaven to Heyward. Heyward was a soldier, but honestly, Cora was the only woman he had ever loved or wanted, and despite Cora rejecting him, there had been no other that he had romanced other than her. Heyward leaned forward and pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. It was a kiss that was filled with emotion and passion that Heyward had only read about but had never experienced. As Natalia wrapped her arms around him, he deepened the kiss and she pulled him down to the ground on top of her. As they continued their passionate kiss, Heyward felt as if he was in this amazing euphoria of bliss he had never felt before, that kiss had turned on every fiery passion he had within him.

Hawkeye and Uncas decided to take a walk around to tell the others of their meeting with Munro. They also were planning on helping some others leave—sedition or not, they felt it was the right thing to do. As they were walking around, Hawkeye stopped in his tracks and looked at what was in front of him with COMPLETE surprise. He grabbed Uncas's arm.

"Uncas! Uncas look!" Hawkeye said with a smile as he stared at the area where there was a fire lit.

"Look at what? What's going on?" Uncas asked.

Hawkeye pointed at the area of the lit fire, where people were dancing all around. There lying on the ground, Uncas and Hawkeye saw Major Heyward and Natalia passionately kissing. Uncas raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Is that—Major Heyward," Uncas began, "with—with Nata—"

"Natalia, yes I believe it IS." Hawkeye said as she stared at Heyward and Natalia with a smile.

Uncas's smile quickly left.

"That's it, I'm going over there." Uncas said as he took a step to walk towards the fire.

Hawkeye held him back, and looked at Uncas briefly.

"Don't Uncas." Hawkeye said. "Just as you have a heart for Alice Munro and I for Cora, the major has a heart for Natalia."

Hawkeye looked at Heyward and Natalia and shook his head with a brief smirk.

"He loves her." Hawkeye said.

"I—never said I loved Alice Munro, not yet." Uncas said hesitantly. "Besides, she hasn't even spoken to me yet."

Hawkeye looked at Uncas and laughed and patted him on the shoulder.

"She will, little brother." Hawkeye said with a smile. "Come on, we have to get to Jack and inform the others."

Hawkeye and Uncas walked away.

As Heyward and Natalia continued passionately kissing by the fire, there was a fire that was igniting between them, a fire and a love, however little did they know, with love—always comes tragedy….