As Heyward, Natalia, Uncas, Hawkeye, Cora, Alice, Chingachook, Colonel Munro and the many others from the fort, made their way out the fort, pass the French army, in the direction home, all was pretty much quiet. As Heyward was walking and talking with Natalia, Cora walked up beside the two and lightly put her hand on Heyward's shoulder. Heyward glanced at her and briefly smiled.

"Cora, hello." Heyward said briefly before going back to talk to Natalia.

Cora smiled briefly, my, my, Cora thought. Heyward truly had forgotten about being in love with Cora. He barely looked her way.

"Um, may I talk to you—alone for a moment, Duncan?" Cora asked.

Heyward slightly frowned; he truly didn't feel like talking with Cora at that moment, when he was talking with Natalia, it was as if he were in a never ending verbal journey that he didn't want to be taken away from. Natalia smiled at Cora politely.

Heyward nodded hesitantly and briefly faked a smile.

"Natalia, sweetheart, could you—"

"Hey, sure," Natalia interrupted. "Um, I'll just walk back here and chat up with Nathaniel." Natalia said.

Natalia briefly kissed Heyward on the lips before walking back in the opposite direction, towards Uncas, Hawkeye and Chingachook.

Cora looked at Heyward and smiled.

"So, things are going beautifully with you and Natalia, I see." Cora said amusingly.

Heyward laughed and nodded as he bit down on his lower lip briefly.

"Yes they are, Cora." Heyward said in almost a low voice. "I love her immensely. She's agreed to marry me once we travel to Kentucky from here."

Cora gasped with a smile.

"Oh Duncan, that's wonderful!" Cora exclaimed as she hugged Heyward tightly.

Heyward hugged her back and laughed.

"It is," he replied with a smile. "Its almost as if fate brought her to me. I was feeling so—so heartbroken that you hadn't decided on me as your—life mate, that it was as if fate brought me someone who truly would love me and not—reject me. Its—amazing."

Cora's smile faded and she put on a look of guilt. Boy, he sure had a way of making her feel bad, didn't he?

Cora looked down and frowned briefly.

"Oh Duncan, I didn't mean to reject you," Cora said gently, "it was just that I wasn't—"

"No, no Cora," Heyward interrupted. "Its quite alright, I'm glad it worked out the way it did, because if it hadn't I'd have never met Natalia and I'm glad I did because I love her SO much. Its as if I've finally—FINALLY found love—true love and its just—splendid. "

Cora looked away and nodded, still with her embarrassed look. Heyward looked at her and laughed. He put his arm around her shoulder and smiled.

"We'll always be friends, Cora, as a best friend, I'll always—Konoronhkwa." Heyward said with a smile.

Cora looked at him with a confused frown.

"What did you say?" Cora asked. "What does that mean?"

Heyward laughed.

"It means I love you in Native American." Heyward replied. "Natalia taught me."

Cora looked at him with surprise.

"My, MY! She IS having an effect on you." Cora said with a laugh from Heyward. "I'm glad and happy for you though, Duncan, I truly am."

Heyward nodded with a faint smile.

"Thank you and hey, maybe we'll decide to have a double wedding, you and Nathaniel and Natalia and I."

Cora and Heyward laughed.

As they all walked through a huge, green, grassy clearing, Heyward and Natalia were chatting away endlessly. Heyward was now riding on a horse as they traveled along, with Natalia sitting in front of him on the horse as well.

"So if we had a girl, I'd name her Brittania Yellow River." Natalia said with a laugh. "I like that."

Heyward put his arm tightly around her waist and pulled her close back towards him on the horse. He wrapped both his arms around her and kissed her on the cheek, smiled and sighed.

"Oh well I had hoped if we had a girl, we'd name her after her beautiful mother," Heyward said glowingly. "Natalia Yellow River, now I like that name."

Natalia laughed and turned her head to look at him and they kissed passionately. At that moment, there came LOUD yelling and whistling from all around the area they were in. The loud noises broke Heyward and Natalia from their passionate kissing moment, and Heyward looked all around him with suspicious eyes, as did Colonel Munro and everyone else with him.

"What was that?" Heyward said in a low voice.

Natalia eyed the woods around them suspiciously. She thought the noises sounded familiar but she wasn't sure. Suddenly, from out of every area in the woods came THOUSANDS of Huron Indians. Heyward's eyes suddenly widened as he saw the Indians attacking the colonials and others who were with him and Colonel Munro.

"Good God!" Heyward shouted as he quickly jumped off his horse and pulled out the sword he had on him.

Theme Song: "Fort Battle & The Kiss - (film version)" ~ Last of The Mohicans Soundtrack

Quickly Natalia jumped off the horse as well and began fighting Huron Indians who were approaching her to attack her. In a matter of minutes, the entire area that Colonel Munro and his people were in was SWARMED with Huron Indians attacking and killing those in Colonel Munro's group, with Hawkeye, Uncas, Chingachook, Heyward and Natalia and even Cora fighting back against the Huron Indians who were approaching them at every step. As this fight went on, Heyward had distanced himself FAR away from Natalia, and was fighting with Huron Indians far away from where she was. As Natalia slashed one Huron indian's neck, another Huron Indian ran up behind her and took a long, sharp sword and stabbed it HARD and directly into Natalia's back. As Heyward had just killed another Huron Indian, he managed to see all of what had just occurred with Natalia, as did Hawkeye and Uncas. As Natalia dropped to her knees, with minor spews of blood spurting from her mouth, a look of horror and shock instantly flashed on her face. Heyward looked at Natalia with complete HORROR.

"NATALIA!" Heyward yelled with shock.

"Oh God no!" Hawkeye yelled.

Before Hawkeye or Uncas could run over to save Natalia from being finished off by the Huron Indian who had just stabbed her, Heyward quickly ran with all his strength over to where Natalia and the Huron Indian was and just as the Huron Indian was about to slash Natalia's throat, Heyward quickly pushed the Huron Indian away from Natalia and as the Huron Indian ran back over to attack Heyward, Heyward angrily and swiftly took his sword and completely decapitated the Indian. Immediately, the Huron Indian fell down dead. As Natalia collapsed to the ground in weakness, Heyward quickly fell to her knees and scooped her up in his arms. Her eyes were barely open and her mouth was covered in blood, he quickly put his hand over the bloody wound in her back and looked at her with panic.

"I love you Duncan." Natalia said weakly.

"No! No, don't you say your 'I love you's' now." Heyward said with a cracking voice that was filled with emotion. "You are NOT dying on me!"

Immediately Hawkeye ran over to Heyward. Hawkeye looked at Natalia with a frown of hurt, despair. He already knew without Heyward having to tell him anything. Tears filled Hawkeye's eyes.

"Major, lets go!" Hawkeye said strongly. "We're getting in a canoe and getting out of here!"

Quickly Heyward stood up, with Natalia in his arms and he, Hawkeye, Uncas, Chinagchook, Alice and Cora and another one of Colonel Munro's soldiers ran down towards the river, where there were two canoes. Cora, Hawkeye, Alice, Uncas and Chingachook got into one and Heyward, Natalia Colonel Munro's soldier got into the other. Heyward placed Natalia in the soldier's arms. Natalia looked at Heyward as she was slightly coughing up blood.

"I'm so cold, Duncan." Natalia said weakly.

Heyward looked at her with his eyes clouded with tears. He quickly knelt in front of her and took her hand in his tightly. He kissed her gently on the lips.

"Shh, don't speak sweetheart, alright?" Heyward said tearfully. "You'll be fine, I promise, just don't talk and don't go to sleep, alright?"

Natalia nodded weakly as light tears streamed from her eyes.

"I love you Duncan." Natalia said weakly.

Heyward frowned deeply as light tears streamed from his eyes. he kissed her again gently.

"I love you too, Natalia, always." Heyward said through light tears.

Heyward stood up and quickly began to sail the canoe out to water, trailing behind the boat Hawkeye and the others were in.

Theme Song: "The Kiss" ~ The Last of The Mohicans {Film Version}

It took only a matter of minutes for them all to arrive at the caves and all during the canoe ride, Natalia was wheezing and gasping for air, unbeknown to Heyward and as Uncas, Hawkeye, Alice, Cora, Chingachook and Colonel Munro's other soldier arrived in the caves, Heyward was the last to enter with Natalia in his arms. And as Heyward walked in with Natalia in his arms, Hawkeye, Uncas and Chingachook went over to Heyward. Hawkeye looked at Natalia with worried, fearful eyes, while Chingachook was staring at Natalia with fear, nothing but unbridled fear, and Uncas? Uncas was staring with despair and severe hurt, it was written all over Uncas's face.

"How is she?" Hawkeye asked in a low, slightly tearful voice.

Heyward quickly sat down on a rock a foot or two away from Uncas, Chingachook and Hawkeye and looked at Natalia. Her eyes were closed, she was pale. Heyward shook her gently.

"Natalia sweetheart, wake up." Heyward said lightly as he shook her.

However Natalia didn't awaken. She lied in his arms—still. Heyward shook her again.

"Natalia? Natalia wake up sweetheart, we're ok for now, wake up so we can try to get you some help." Heyward said again as he shook her.

Natalia still didn't awaken. Heyward frowned deeply and shook her again—HARDER this time.

"Natalia?" Heyward repeated with a now worried and nervous voice. "Natalia please wake up, wake up sweetheart we're—"

Heyward stopped and looked away as he broke into severe tears. Hawkeye turned and walked away as he himself began to break into severe tears. Hawkeye already knew. Chingachook went to sit on the ground, a few feet away and looked away from everyone as he broke into silent tears. His baby girl, his only daughter—was gone. Chingachook was beyond crushed, he was on the brink of being emotionally broken. Heyward shook Natalia HARDER.

"Natalia! Natalia PLEASE wake up—pl—please!" Heyward said through severe tears.

Heyward continued shaking her hard to no avail. Uncas walked over closer to Heyward as tears streamed from his eyes.

"She's gone Major," Uncas said between tears. "Let me have her, she's gone."

As Uncas tried to grab her, Heyward pushed him away quickly as he continued to cry.

"NO!" Heyward yelled through severe tears. "She's-she's NOT gone! NO! NO!"

"Yes she is Major! I'm Sorry." Uncas said tearfully as he pulled Natalia from his arms.

As soon as Uncas took Natalia from his arms and walked away, Heyward jumped up and was quickly making his way over to Uncas, but Hawkeye held him back.

"No! No let me go!" Heyward said through severe tears as he struggled to get away from Hawkeye, who was holding him back. 'She's not dead! She—she—she's not! No! She—she's not! She's not-"

Heyward then dropped to his knees while continuing to cry severely, as Hawkeye hugged him close. Heyward slightly buried his face into Hawkeye's shoulder and cried out loudly and severely as Hawkeye frowned with tears streaming.

"No! No! Natalia's not dead! No!" Heyward yelled through severe, hysterical, loud tears.

This was the beginning of a tragic end for Major Duncan Heyward….