Hi everyone! So, here is the first Chapter. If you think my writing is awful, just let me know and I will leave it. If you have suggestions, fantastic! I am no adbailey but I am trying to keep Chase alive. This is my first fan-fic so just keep that in mind.

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The alarm went off on the bedside table welcoming 6am. It only served to startle Annie. As was true for the past few weeks, she had barely slept.

It had been 5 weeks since Jimmy got her back from the drug cartel and she couldn't seem to shake the insomnia. Within the first week of her return, the investigation into Jimmy's actions had been quickly closed due to a lack of evidence. Annie knew Jimmy had done some creative negotiations to organize her rescue and she really didn't want to know the details. She was thrilled when word came that the investigation was over and Jimmy seemed relieved. But she was still required to attend mandatory therapy sessions. Today was her last visit and she would finally be released from the torture. That, the insomnia, and the heat wave outside kept Annie in a dark mood.

She really had tried to keep her distance from Jimmy. She wasn't sure what was going on between him and Nathalie, but since the day of her rescue all she could think about was him. She didn't trust herself around him so she tried to keep to herself. But she was rapidly losing her resolve and she was moving toward a deep depression as her mind fought over her possible change of heart. Was she changing from wanting a life of the strong loner who didn't need anyone to needing another person to share it with?

Annie rolled exhausted out of bed to shower and get to her appointment. She hoped she didn't see Jimmy on her way in. Was it her imagination or did he seem to be at work a lot more lately? Could he be staying in the bunks? Annie couldn't finish her thought before she was distracted by a very hungry 59.


It was just past dawn and Bill Russell stood at his kitchen window mustering up the courage to leave the air conditioned oasis of his home. His morning paper sat on the edge of the curb taunting him. It had been a month-long heat wave and the constant drone of the air conditioner had become part of the normal background noise. Texas was hot in the summer. Everyone knew that. But this was ridiculous! He wondered if the fires that came with this kind of heat wave were getting worse or even coming their way. Living on the outskirts of Houston had its pluses and minuses, the fires being a definite minus. With that in his head, he mustered the nerve to set foot in the oppressive morning heat to get his paper.

As Bill walked down his front yard to the curb to pick up the errantly tossed paper, something caught his eye. He turned to see piles of women's cloths strewn across the front of his neighbor's lawn.

"Man, they must have had quite a fight this time" he mumbled remembering witnessing so many of their notorious outbursts in the past. He never quite approved of how Ryan Jackson treated his wife. The man seemed extra-ordinarily jealous. But he tried to stay out of other people's business. Suddenly something else caught his attention. Was that blood on some of the clothes? A LOT of blood? Bill exhaled and felt his heart skip a beat as he saw Mrs. Jackson laying dead within her pile of clothes. In his hysteria he looked all around. What happened to their daughter, Sophia? Bill dropped his coffee mug and paper and sprinted into his front door to call 911.


"That conclude's our last mandatory therapy session, Annie. How do you feel about the progress we have made?" The therapist had annoyed Annie for the past few weeks about her kidnapping. He had asked every question in the book. Annie was over it. With all the baggage Annie carried from her childhood, She didn't feel that the kidnapping could make a dent.

"I feel fine" Annie blandly mumbled. She was particularly bored in this her final session. The lack of sleep and heat wave had gotten to her and she was in a bad mood. She needed another cup of coffee.