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1st Chapter: Everything bad can be worse (Ritsu's POV)

"Where are they? Where did I put them?" I was standing in front of my door to apartment for a long time now. Why? Because I'm (in my 25 years) amnesiac already. And it's NOT joke. Is this normal? I can't remember, where I put my keys. I was sure, that they were in my bag. But it looks like they disappeared.

'Yes, did they? Or just you don't know how to look after your things? It must be true, Ritsu...' thin voice in my mind was laughing at me.

"I know how! Shut up, stupid voice!" I growled. Perfect... Not only I can't remember things – now, I'm talking to myself also! Maybe It's because of what's happening in my work.

Today was absolutely horrible! First of all – it's the end of our 20-days cycle (Do you know, what radish is? It grows in 20 days... same as our depression.) and we don't have ANY of manuscripts we are supposed to have. Plus, Takano has flu, so he is more devilish then before and he yells at EVERYONE in distance of 5 meters.

Second thing is that An and my mother are still forcing me to marriage and they just don't want to accept my protests. Oh my God... Everything sucks these days!

And on the top of that, I lost my keys. I REALLY don't want to sleep like some homeless in vestibule. So... I should phone to the Office and ask if there is someone, who has seen my keys. Takano is my neighbor, he can pick them a give to me. I dialed number of Emerald Office.


"Hello; Marukawa Publishing, manga department; Emerald Team. Kanade Mino speaking," said optimistic voice in phone.

"Thanks god, Mino!" I was glad, that phone wasn't picked by Takano – I know for sure, that he would yelled at me.

"Huh? Onodera, what's wrong?"

"I think, I forgot my keys on the table. Can you-?"

"Yeah, don't worry! Takano already left with your keys. But…"

"But?" Mino sighed.

"I don't know, if he goes straight to home…"

"Eh? Why?"

"Nope, nothing… Just… One girl was here. He left with her. Oh, when I'm talking about it, I want to ask you something!"

"You'll ask me tomorrow, sorry I must go now!"

"But it's important!"

"Sorry! I'm hanging up now! See you tomorrow, bye!" I didn't wait for his answer and ended call. I can't waste my time – if Takano is with some girl I must go and find him! Because… because... It's not about my feelings… and about that time… ARGH! Shit! I must go and find him now, because if I wouldn't go, I can find comfortable place in basement.

"This isn't normal… STUPID TAKANO…" I mumbled for myself, but in same second elevator's door opened and I bumped to him and… into that girl. I gaped at her.

"W-who…are you?" I asked. I wasn't surprised about her as girl at this moment. She… looked like me – that was problem!

"Who am I? WHO AM I? Stop acting like you don't know it! My mother told, you are very well informed! I was waiting at the airport for 2 hours! Why you weren't there? And why…" She had big green eyes, brow hair (of course longer then mine) upped in two ponytails, same facial structure as me (but she had smaller nose) and… she was talking to me like my mother or family! While she was speaking, I could hear strong American accent. I've recognized it 'cause I was studying abroad for few years.

When she realized, that I'm not listening to her, she stopped talking. She spoke after minute of slinece.

"You really don't know, who I am…"

"N-no… Takano-san… Is this someone from your family… M-maybe?"

But before he could answer me, girl introduced herself.

"My name is Kyoko Onodera and I arrived to Japan 4 or 5 hours ago. And I'm going to live with you… Because I'm your half-sister."

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