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Chapter 3: First impressions

Kyoko's POV

When we entered his living room, I thought for few seconds, that something like nuclear bomb must explode here. Laundry everywhere! And it smelled like a... really interesting thing. Oh gosh... And I thought about my room as the end of world, but it was super-clean in comparision with this!

"Coffee? Tea?" he offered me. I shook my head and sat down on the couch.

"I'm really sorry... If I knew, that you come over, I would clean my apartment! I have hard times in my work and I don't have enough time to..."

"...put your things to their right places?" I asked innocently. He looked at me, maybe he wanted to say something, but he just bit his tongue. He had to admit, that I was right.

"Didn't you... didn't you want to open that letter?" I asked him after a few minutes of awkward silence.

"Oh... yeah! You – you are right! Hehehe..." he laughed nervously.

"Ummm... So you are 19, aren't you?"

"Yup. Today, it's been 10 days after my b-day."

"I see... And... Your mom wrote down that you wanna become a doctor. Is that true?" I wanted to say "no" so badly, but... I just simply nodded. She knows, what's the best for me! Yeah, because she is my mother.

"Okay. Can you, please, apologize me for minute? I need to call my father. To ask him about you." He took his mobile with him and went to his bedroom (maybe), left me alone here. I couldn't hear him and his words... But I could imagine conversation betweeen him and his (also mine) dad.

"What is she doing here? Why me? Is she really my half-sister?" and so on... Nothing interesting. And answers are always same.

I sighed and started to write SMS for my mother.

I'm already here... He didn't have a damn clue about me, but he has already read that letter. He is talking with dad now. For more info, you know.

P.S.: His apartment is complete mess. It's worse than my room! Not joking.


Okay, I think this text message will tell my mother so much about my situation. Now, send... When I pressed 'SEND' button; door of his bedroom opened. Ritsu was standing there, gaping a tme – once again...

"You REALLY ARE my sister..." Oh, good morning! I'm telling you this for over HALF HOUR!

"Yes, I am. I think it's quite obvious, when you look at me – I look so much like you! Haven't you noticed?"

"I have, I have! But... I was still hoping that this is..."

"...just misunderstanding, right?"

"Wha-? Eh, nope... That's not it, I just..." I sighed.

"Don't worry – it doesn't matter at all. To tell truth... When my mom told me, I'm going to live with you, in Japan. I was hoping for same thing." With these words, I stood up from couch and asked him: „Where will be my room? Can you tell me please? I'm really tired today. So much happened..."

"Oh... Um... I-I'm sorry, but... You must sleep on a couch for a while. I don't have another bed..." he said nervously. I laughed sarcastically.

"Amazing! Look at this! Socks!" I took a pair to my hands and waved with it. He looked away and blushed.

"I... I'm going to convenience store. Do you want to eat something?"

"I'll eat, what you will buy. Just buy something what you like," I said, while I was trying to throw away his clothes of my ‚bed'.

"Okay. And... I'm really sorry for what happend today. I hope, we will get along together. I'll be back in hour. See you later." He smiled a tme, took his coat and left me alone again. In this silence, my conscience started to haunt me. I started to feel pretty bad. I said him these bad things... And he looks like nice person after all! Oh god! I... I need to put things right! But how...? Maybe... Yeah, it sounds like a good idea! I'll clean it here! And when he comes back, I'll say him sorry. Yes, yes! So... I picked up his T-shirt, some papers and jeans – and started to make something usefull.

Ritsu's POV

I was walking down a street, going to buy some sandwiches for her. I couldn't risk sushi. She is from America, maybe she hates it! It would by just waste of money, if she didn't eat it.

Oh my...! It was horrible to find out that I'm not only child! I have a sister! Her existence destroyed everything I believed in! Maybe I'm little bit overacting, but... How can I trust my father now? He was lying to me, mother, to everyone! And now, his lie – 19 years-old girl – arrived to Japan, telling me that she is gonna live with me! Nothing better! I wouldn't be surprised if I got a call next day, telling me that I have brother! Wouldn't be that amazing? NO, NO, NO!

"Why? Why must things like these always happen to me?" I whined.

"Maybe because you are a magnet for problems?" Voice behind me wanted to know.

"WHA-?" I turned around and saw familiar face. "Takano-san?"

"Good evening for you too, Onodera."

"Yeah, good evening...It really is. Can you please-?"

"Stop to scare you? No, it's fun. Have you ever seen your face, when you are scared? It's hilarious!" he chuckled. I gritted my teeth. This guy... is HORRIBLE!

"So? How are thing going? With your little sister, I mean..."

"Why should I tell you?"

"'Cause I'm your boss and neighbor."

"That's not a reason! Anyway, there's nothing to say, really! Just... I think we won't get on very well," I told him.

"Why?" I glanced at him.

"She was looking a tme as I were some serial killer! For all time! Isn't that a good reason?"

"Um... When you think so..." He yawned. He must be tired. This week was our 'END of period'. It's always like 'living-in-the-hell' for all of us. And he had flu also.

"Are you...getting better?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Your flu."

"Oh that! There's nothing to be worried about. Flu isn't the end of the world."

"You should take few days off. Not just because of your health, but also because of our nerves! You know, maybe you don't mind about the situation of your employees, but it's not 'living-in-the-haeven' when you are yelling at us just for stupid little things!"

"If person is useless, nothin' can help. But if not... Sometimes, yelling can make them do things right. And don't repeat same mistake. Don't you think? Or you are that perfect, you don't need to improve your skills?" I looked away. Yeah, he's got a point, but – it's not just about this! Sometimes, person can work really hard and... Yelling will ruin everything he (or she) was trying to reach! Work, maybe also self-confidence. I told him this. He haven't responsed for a while, but then, suddenly, asked:

"In your case... is it like this?"

"What? No, it's not, but- Humpf... How u can think about me like this kind of person?"

"I was just asking, geez, don't take everything personally. By the way... Where were you going? I haven't asked you, since we had that amazing discussion."

"Convenience store."

"Ahem... We passed it 3 minutes ago."

"WHAT? Why you haven't told me?" I shriked at him.

"Hey, how could I know? You haven't said your destination!" Um, yeah. There's no way. Unless he would be holding cup up to my wall of apartment. I hope, he wouldn't, but... It's really likely that he WOULD DO IT.

"I'm sorry, but I have to return to that shop."

"What do you think about your situation?" He gave me one of his serious glares. "But be honest."

"I... All those things... which are happening now. Not just her. I hope it's all just misunderstanding! All of it!" I told. He sighed and then he smiled. But... It was... kinda sad?

"Yeah, of course. Okay. So... good night and... good luck with that ‚misunderstanding' of yours." And then... he walked away. I was standing where I was, watching his back. That smile. It was... Strange. It's not like it bother me in any way, no... But I've never seen this face before. Have I said something bad? I was perfectly honest. No lies...

'I hope it's all just misunderstanding!' I heard myself to say. ‚ Those things... which are happening now. Not just her. I hope it's all just misunderstanding! All of it!' Maybe... Maybe... He thought that I mean our relationship also. Not that we have some, no... B-but...

'Ritsu, who's the person you love?" Now, it was An's voice.

Why...? Why is everyone asking this? Why in times like these? When everything is a complete mess? My feelings, my life... I'm scared of it. Sometimes, I feel like running to him – to tell him everything; but on the other hand – I just want to escape from him. Far, far away, where no one could find me. Takano, that Kyoko-girl, my dad, mom, An-chan,... Everyone. Sometimes I just... feel like I want to dissappear.


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