Chapter 7: Love

Ludwig felt Felicano's forehead. It was burning up and he wasn't sure what to do. Gilbert had left the room to fetch a bowl of water and a towel. When he came back, he soaked the towel and placed it on the angel's head.

"West, you said you kissed him but pulled away, right? That's when got the fever?"

"Yeah... why?"

"Well, maybe he needed you to kiss him... Maybe you should do it again."

"What? Absolutely not! He started glowing last time, and I'm not sure what that means. I don't want to find out either."

"He looks like he's dying, West."

"Well then why don't you kiss him then?"

Gilbert was somewhat taken aback, but squared his shoulders and looked at the brunette. "Don't tell Liz."

Ludwig was surprised that his brother was actually going to kiss the angel. "Uh... okay."

Slowly, the albino leaned down, hovering over the Italian's lips, before carefully pressing their lips together. No glow escased Feliciano like it did last time, but a strange noise came from between the two. A wave of energy threw Gilbert back and into the wall. He slumped over, unconsious.

"Gilbert!" Ludwig ran over to him and lifted his face. His eyes fluttered open and stared straight into Ludwig's.

"What happened?" He asked groggily.

"You kissed Feliciano and you were thrown back by some force."

"Hmm..." Gilbert hummed thoughtfully. "I guess that probably means that I'm not supposed to kiss him."

"Nice try, I'm not going to kiss him again."

"You're always complaining about how no one wants to date you, and you're passing up this opportunity? I don't believe in soul mates, but maybe I should start. He's as close to one as you can get."

Ludwig swallowed, unused to his brother yelling at him. "F-Fine...," he said, walking over to the side of the bed. He looked at the injured wing and cringed at the sight of it. It was bleeding profusely and barely looked like a wing anymore. It was shriveled up and tainted red. Slowly, he lowered his head and pressed their lips together. Once again, a soft glow enveloped the angel. Ludwig kept his eyes open, ready to pull away if things got too dangerous. He noted, with slight awe, that the wings were disitegrating. Heat began to radiate from the angel's body and transfered over to the blonde. His heart began to race, scared at what was happening to him.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the glow disappeared and the heat left his body. He pulled away, panting because the process had left him exaughsted. He examined the brunette, noting that the wings were gone. He also realized that no breath passed his lips.

"Feliciano?" Ludwig called out carefully. He reached out and felt his neck for a pulse. Nothing presented itself. "No, no, no, no! I didn't go to all this trouble just to have you die!"

Carefully, he tilted back the brunette's head and began preforming CPR. He was so glad that he forced himself to learn it. He began compressions on his chest then quickly felt for a pulse. Nothing. He did the procedure again, then felt again. Still nothing. He began to become increasingly nervous. He did it again, and during the third compression, Feliciano's eye flew open as he coughed harshly. He breathed in and out, shakily, trying to regain control. Ludwig let out a sigh of relief and pulled the brunette into a hug.

"What's going on? Why can't I feel my wings?" Feliciano was close to hyperventilating.

"Shh... I... Your wings are gone..." Ludwig said nervously.

"Gone? But that means you finished kissing me... and..." the former angel's eyes widened and he threw his arms around the blonde, squeazing tightly. He was so filled with joy that he never wanted to let go. He inhaled the scent of his lover and smiled. "Thank you."


The two released each other and looked over to Gilbert, who had been watching the whole time. He wore and amused smile on his face. Ludwig blushed, but Feliciano smiled brightly. He made a strange noise that sounded something like Ve~.

"You two are cute. Kesesesese!" Gilbert turned around and walked out, heading down stairs.

Ludwig turned back to the Italian and smiled nervously. "S-So... I guess now we're..."

"Dating!" Feliciano finished and threw his arms around the man's neck. His attitude torwards the German was no longer cautious, but happy and out going, which threw the blonde off. His blushed deeped at the excited tone in Feli's voice.

"Y-Yes, well..." Ludwig could think of nothing to finish the sentence with, so instead he remained silent.

"Let's go down stairs!"

"Uh... okay."

That was all Ludwig could get out as he was dragged out of the room and down the stairs. The twins ran to the stairs when they heard something coming down.

"Feliciano!" Alfred yelled happily, reaching his arms out.

Matthew ran past Alfred and hugged the brunette's legs, before looking up into his eyes. Feliciano smiled at the younger twin then to the older one. Matthew release his legs and turned to Ludwig stretching his arms up, showing that he wanted his uncle to hold him. Ludwig was surprised at the gesture, but smiled and picked him up. The boy wrapped his arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. Feli slipped his hand into Ludwig's free one and led him to the living room, where Gilbert and Elizaveta were discussing the new developement between Ludwig and Feliciano. They walked in the room and immediatly caught the two's attention.

"I see Birdie loves his uncle now." At hearing his nickname, Matthew held on tighter to Ludwig, causing the man to chuckle lightly. Gilbert looked at the joined hands and laughed. "See hunny, I told you they would make a great couple!"

The End


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