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A Loki fanfiction

Chapter 1 - This is perfection

I thought I knew perfection. In Asgard everything looks and feels perfect. The winds even smell of perfection. I tiled my head back and let the playful winds tug at my thin shirt. The sun felt sweet and tender against my skin, not too hot. No, Asgard holds nothing as perfect as Álfheimr. The rolling, green hills, the glowing lightelves, the constant rainbows. Yes, all are object of beauty and perfection. I looked down the hill, down to a tiny wood-built house. A garden of stone, holding several small pots of herbs and flowers surround two sides. Smoke drifted slowly up from the bricked chimney. The figure sitting in the soft grass is the perfection I'm talking about. Someone who outshines Frigg, even fair Freya. She is my wife, my friend. My soul. Lily.

"Pa! Look! Look!" My eyes drifted from the perfection of my wife's face to a dark haired girl, bouncing up and down next to her mother. Over her head, in her chubby, little baby arms she holds a puppet her mother just helped her assemble. Her sparkling blue eyes are identical to Lily's, before the Change. Her black hair is mine, but the soft curls are also Lily's. I smile and stand as the child runs on her short legs up the hill to me. She is just three years old, but she's already proven she's a bright little woman, retelling all the tales of the Gods she descends from and even telling her mother whenever she's taken the wrong herb in the wrong pot.

"Pa!" The girl squealed happily as I grabbed her about the waist and lifted her up, swirling her around before settling her on my arm. She holds the puppet up in front of me, her face alit with a huge smile.

"Look at that, Nanna, you sure are a talented baby." I said, smiling at her.

"I'm not a baby anymore Pa." Nanna's face turned serious, with dark eyebrows pulling together over her bright eyes and her lower lip slightly pouting. I can't help but burst out laughing.

"Indeed you are not, my gem." Her arms wrapped around my neck and I held her tight, carrying her back down the hill.

"She finds joy in every small thing. Pray it will always stay that way." Lily stroked Nanna's hair, already fast asleep on my arm.

"I too take pleasure in the small things." I said tenderly and brushed my thumb over her blushing cheek.

"Go put your daughter to bed." Lily chuckled and quickly kissed the palm of my hand.

I took my sleeping daughter inside. Inside the warm, dimly lit house we had several rooms, more than you would think, seeing it from the outside. The house stretched out far underneath the ground and, along with a huge study, an art room and two bedrooms, Nanna's room was located on the bottom floor. I gently placed her in her bed, tucking her in without her even moving a muscle. She had a perfect sleeping-heart. After closing the door behind me I hurry out, instantly spotting Lily on top of the hill, stretching out towards the sea. Our house was located between two rolls of the hills, secluded and shielded from the winds that constantly rolled over this small planet. Now I watched Lily, caught in the yellow sunset. Her white dress being pulled on by the wind, along with her dark hair. Even from a distance I could see her green eyes sparkle playfully. As I slowly made my way up to her I watched as she, just as slowly, let her dress fall. First pushing it of her right shoulder, then the left. The fabric is light and soft as it slowly fell from her tender, smooth body. She stood naked in front of me, holding the fabric between her fingers. Just as the wind took hold of it and snagged it out of her hand I snatched it and wrapped it around her back, pulling her close to me.

"It took us almost 50 years before the Gods granted us Nanna. I think it's time we tried for a sibling." Lily's voice was tender and her fingers gently tracing my arm heated my insides.

"Then lay down in the grass, my love and I'll show you the stars." I whispered, brushing my lips against hers.

"But there are no stars out yet." She whispered back with a smile.

"Oh, there will be, lovely, there will be." I murmured teasingly and lay her down in the soft grass.

"I can't quite believe we've served half our punishment here already." Lily curled her warm body close to mine and I relished in the sweet smell of her hair and the feel of her heated skin against mine.

"Am I horrible for not wanting it to end?" She chuckled lowly and wrapped her arm around my waist, gently scratching her fingernails down my back, making me growl pleased.

"I have no intention of leaving this place, ever. They will have to pry my dead, cold fingers out of the ground and off you, if they ever want me to leave." I murmured before rolling her over on her back, once again.

"Odin would never do the mistake of separating us again." Lily whispered and the shiver in her voice made me look at her.

"My love, speak what is on your heart." I took her chin in my hand and her eyes glittered with unshed tears.

"I fear he will separate us as soon as our punishment is fulfilled. This all seems too good to be true, Loki. How can being here be a punishment, fit for what you did? We are happy, at peace, we were granted a child. I fear something else will come between us." She turned her face away. She always did that, when grief took her.

"My Lily, he will not separate us. He may be an old man, falling in to the Odin-sleep one too many times, but he is no fool. Separating me from you will only cause him more headaches." I smiled down at her, reassuring her as best as I could. But I knew nothing was certain.

"I love you Loki." Lily whispered and took my face in her hands.

"I love you, Lily."

We had barely dressed, when the familiar sound of the Bifrost gate opening shattered our peace. The sound was familiar to me, but still ominous to Lily. She clung to me as we watched the bridge open down in the low valley, just next to our house. I expected to see Thor. Or even the warriors Three. But what we saw was guards. Five Asgardian guards. We watched as they quickly made their way into our house.

"What…?" Lily stuttered and squeezed my arm. We began our slow decent, expecting to see them emerge quickly, searching for us. But when they did, they were not looking for us. The gate opened and three of them disappeared. The last two emerged and my knees buckled as I saw the last guard was holding a dark bundle in his arms.

"My daughter! He has my Nanna!" Lily freed herself from me and ran down the hill. I followed right behind, but my mind can't fathom what is happening. The last two guards glanced at us, without a sign of understanding, before they quickly entered the open gate and disappeared.

"Noooo! My daughter! !" Lily almost made it, but she grasped at air, before falling to her knees.

"No….no…" My voice was barely a whisper as I stared up at the dark heaven.

"Nanna! Why! Why did they take my daughter?" Lily sobbed silently and I fell to my knees behind her, taking her shaking shoulders and held on to her tightly.

"I…I do not know. I don't…understand…" I whispered. A sickening feeling rolled in my gut. There wasn't a doubt in my mind. Those guards were Odin's personal guards. He had just stolen my daughter.

Loki has become a soft familyman. Will it last?
Has Odin really stolen Nanna?
And Lily's fears has just begun...