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Chapter 14

This is what we choose

The sun was over the horizon. The snow clad hills glittered in the low sunlight and everyone, Thor and the Warrior three, Sif, the soldiers and last; Loki, Lily and a sleeping Nanna in her arms. Loki had taken the fabric laid over him around his waist and Sif had found a clean fur to drape over his shoulders. The cold affected him more now. Lily had gotten one too, but instead of putting it on herself she tucked Nanna in it.

"We are finally free of the Jotuns." Thor turned to the group and smiled.

"Lily has once again proven she is more than a mere human. She is more than a simple Asgardian." Sif smiled at her, knowing she could find a true friend in her.

"That is easy to see. Just look at the child those two have made. She is the purest of Asgardian gifts anyone could ever dream of." Volstagg stared adoringly at the sleeping child.

"There is a warrior to be made in that girl." He grinned and looked at the Warriors. Even though they smiled and nodded in agreement, Lily shook her head.

"No. Nanna will not be a warrior. Not unless she chooses it herself. She has seen enough death. Enough danger, for such a young age. Let her grow up in peace. As her namesake, the Goddess Nanna stands for. Peace. And joy. That is what she will know and only that." She looked up at Loki.

"Thank you for coming for us." She whispered.

"Thank you for not killing me." Loki replied with a crooked grin. He bent down and kissed her softly. God, how could it have been so long since the last time he had kissed her?

"Alright, Heimdal. Take us home." Thor said with a smile to the skies. Within a second the gate opened and they all stepped inside, leaving a desolate Jotunheim behind.

"Grandpa...?" Nanna's dark eyelashes quivered as the tiny body finally came awake. The first face she saw was of the smiling, bearded face of her grandpa, Odin, whom had his hand on her forehead.

"Yes, child, it is me." He spoke in his deep bear voice. He smiled and stroke her hair as the child's smile grew wider and wider.

"Mama! Pa..! You're okay! I didn't kill you!" She threw her tiny arms around Lily's neck and squeezed as tight as she could. The bistanders all laughed, quickly drying away tears.

"No, my sweet, you saved us! You truly saved us!" Lily didn't want to let go of the little girl, her heart was brimming with so much love.

"Mama, is all the ice gone from you now?" Nanna's big eyes were filled with worry.

"Yes, my dear daughter, every little bit of it gone. And gone from your father too. There will never be any ice in any of us, ever again." Nanna turned to Loki and smiled.

"Pa." She said, smiling from ear to ear.

"Come here, you brave little bug." Loki picked her up and spun her around to Nanna's great joy. She squealed and laughed happily.

"She doesn't seem to have taken any damage from the battle." Odin placed a hand on Lily's shoulder.

"No. She seems to be okay. For now." Lily sighed and looked up at him.

"And you don't have to worry about the jotun's anymore either, Odin. They are all gone. Even Laufey." Odin saw the heavy burden she now carried, in her eyes.

"You have done a brave thing, Lily. You have sacrificed so much, to ensure the safety of our universe. Of us." Odin paused briefly. "You and your family are free of your sentence. You can come and live here, with us in Asgard. I have a house for you in the outskirts of town. It's guarded, Nanna can play safely in the yard. And..." Odin glanced at the others, who were out of ear shot. "I get to be the grandpa Nanna deserves." He smiled, which was truly a rare treat.

"Thank you, Odin. I appreciate that." Lily smiled thankfully, but she knew it would take some convincing of Loki to get him to live here, permanently. She watched as Loki played with Nanna, twirling her around on his shoulders.

Or maybe not. She thought. After Nanna had seared away all the ice and all the frost giant in her and Loki he had changed. She had seared away all the hatred too. She could feel it, whenever he touched her. He was warmer, softer. His eyes sparkled more and they had a brighter green color. Like fresh spring leaves. Nanna's and Loki's laughter echoed between the marble pillars of the gazebo as they came bouncing up the stairs from the lawn. She watched him, closer, now. He was dressed in casual Asgardian clothes, but still with his colors of green and black. Yet...he looked so incredibly more happy. At peace, in his own body and mind.

Lily could feel her chest flutter with joy at the sight of them.

"Come here you rascal!" Big Volstagg bent down grinning, grabbing Nanna by the waist and lifted her up in the air.

"Look mama! I am flying! I am flying!" The girl squealed with all the joy a child can feel, her legs straight and her arms out wide.

"So I see, Nanna! Be careful so you don't fly in to a pillar!" Lily laughed and eyed Volstagg with a look of concern.

"Oh I will be a good co-pilot, do not worry!" Volstagg laughed and went off with Nanna, huffing and puffing like the wings of a big bird.

"We can stay here, Loki." Lily said and took Loki's hands in hers.

"I know you don't like..."

"Yes." Loki cut her off and Lily looked at him. His face was open and smiling. "Yes, let's stay here. I heard about the house. The yard. Let us stay where Nanna can be close to family. All of them." He looked over at Volstagg and Nanna.

"This place will help her forget. And thrive. There is no doubt about that. And, staying here will mean I am free too. So I can start afresh." He took her face in his hand, brushing her cheek with his thumb. "With you."

"So we choose this." Lily kissed his palm. Warm. Soft.

"Yes." Loki pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her.

"This is what we choose. Asgard. Eternity. Family... Love." He whispered and kissed her.

"Love. Always." Lily's whisper was as always music to Loki's ears. It drifted off with the wind and settled out there, among the trees and the birds and the blue sky they would never leave again.

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