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The cab stopped and I stepped out thanking the driver and grabbing my bags from the trunk.
"Nina! Welcome back!"
I turned and saw Trudy and my roommate/ best friend Amber running towards me. Trudy hugged me and helped me carry my bags while Amber gossiped in my ear.
"Thank god you're here." She said, "I was here first and I've been bored for hours. Jerome's here too but he's been in his room organizing this term's latest pranks."
"No one else is here yet?"
"Nope, but I texted everyone and they all said they'd be here soon. Except Fabian, no one's heard from him since prom."
I frowned. Fabian was the one I was looking forward to seeing the most. I kissed him at prom and he kissed me back but I'm still not sure where we stand. I'm kinda worried we'll be like Mick and Mara, where we kiss but then we don't get together until I do something drastic.
"He hasn't texted anybody all vacation?"
Amber shook her head. "And he was supposed to be back yesterday. Trudy's really worried."
By this point the two girls had made their way to their room.
"I have a bad feeling." I whispered. I got up and walked downstairs followed by Amber.
"Nina!" Patricia ran up and hugged me. Then she got that suspicious look I knew all too well and said, "Where are you two going?"
"I was going to see Fabian's uncle to see if he knows where Fabian is."
Patricia motioned for me to wait, ran to her room, and came back bag-less.
"I'm coming with you. Amber you coming?"
Just then Alfie walked in looking much cuter than he did last term.
"Um, no...I think I'll stay and...em, help Mara plan an outfit for school." And with that she ran after him.
Patricia looked at me and I shrugged at her.
"C'mon let's go, the bikes are out back."
Patricia led the way and we set off.
"So why are we riding down here again?" Patricia asked me after we had been riding for a few minutes in silence.
I sighed. "I'm not entirely sure. Amber says Fabian was supposed to be here yesterday and he hasn't contacted anybody since prom, and I just have a really bad feeling."
"A Sibuna related feeling?"
I nodded. We rode in silence for the rest of the way and even when we got there Patricia was silent.
I opened the door and yelled, "Uncle Aide?"
He stepped out from behind a bookshelf and smiled at me.
"Ah Nina, the beautiful girl my nephew never shuts up about. Is he with you?"
Nina stammered before responding. "U-um no, he's home with Mick. I was just shopping with my friend and I wanted to stop by and thank you again for the book."
"Oh no problem, but if you'll excuse me, I'm with a customer."

"Well that was a waste of time, we don't know anything." Patricia whined as they walked their bikes back towards Anubis.
"Wrong. We know something happened to Fabian between the time he left his Uncle's and the time he would have made it back to Anubis."
"Not something, someone. Me."
Nina turned and saw Rufus sneering at her. "Lost something?"
"I should have known...where is he?" Nina yelled.
"Oh he's safe...for now. I caught him walking to Anubis and I snatched up the opportunity. Literally. You see, I realized very quickly you gave me a fake elixir when I saw a picture of you and Fabian at prom with that boy, the one who would have been dead, dancing. Very much alive."
"So what do you want from me? Just let him go!"
"Not bloody likely! He'll die if you don't bring me the real elixir by Thursday."
"But that's only three days from now!" Patricia protested.
"And a half," he corrected, "So you better hurry. Fabian's alive, but not well. And he's bored out of his mind since I took this from him."
Rufus threw down what looked like a book and turned and walked away yelling, "Three days!" over his shoulder.
When he was out of sight I ran and picked up the book. I gasped and felt tears threatening to fall.
"What is it?" Patricia asked.
I turned to her. "His second favorite copy of 'The Solar System Is Your Friend'. He burned his signed copy at the first Sibuna meeting."
"So he's not lying then? He's really got Fabian?"
I counted to ten and then looked at Patricia.
"Not for long. We're getting him back."

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