It was almost 3 and I was about to leave to get the elixir. The boy was still unconscious, I was beginning to worry I'd hit him harder than I thought. I looked at my watch and saw it was 2:50. I left the cinema, locking the door on my way out, I got in my car and headed to the warehouse, grimacing at a limo passing by.

"Probably some stupid kids going to some dance." I drove on, smiling at the the thought of finally having the elixir in my hand.


We all held our breath as we saw Rufus pass and grimace at the limo.

"Do you think he saw us?" Patricia asked Jerome, who was driving.

"He couldn't have, these window's are pitch black." He answered back. I sat in the farthest row of seats, but the sound of three phones going off made me, as well as Jerome and Patricia jump.

"It's a text from Amber, their all ready." I read from my phone.
I went back to drumming my fingers on my lap in anticipation.

"We're here! Nina, I assume you wanna go get him?" Jerome said, stopping the car.

I nodded, "But can one of you come too? Just in case."
Me and Jerome circled to the back of the theater where there was the only door that didn't have a pile of trash piled in front of it.

"It's locked!" Jerome said, jiggling the handle.

"I got it." I said, pushing him aside, and picking the lock with one of my bobby pins.

"Fabian?" I called out. There was no answer but we we're definitely in the right place.
We split up, I checked the balcony's and Jerome looked backstage.
I was looking through rows of chairs and was about to head back downstairs when Jerome called, "Nina, I've got him!"
I ran to where his voice came from and saw Jerome walking towards me with Fabian slung over his shoulders.

"He's alive, but unconscious." Jerome assured me when he saw how worried I looked. "But he has a bruise on his face and a long cut on his left cheek. Run ahead and open the doors, would you? We'll put him back with you."
I did as I was told and got comfortable int he back when Jerome walked in, he set Fabian down and I adjusted him so he was lying on his back, with his head on my lap.
"You all good?" Jerome asked, once he had gone back to the drivers seat, and started the car.

"Yeah...but I'll be much better once he's awake."

"Maybe a kiss from his 'Prince Charming' will wake him up." Patricia joked.

"That might actually work..." The boy in my lap whispered.

I looked down at him.
"Hey..." I whispered, my eyes tearing up.

"Hey." He whispered back. "I was so worried about you." He sat up.

"You were worried? I get back and the first thing I hear is that your missing and then I find out it's Rufus. I was scared he'd really kill you and I wouldn't get the chance to tell you that I..."
He grabbed my hand.

"Don't. Don't chicken out like I did all last term.
I took a deep breath and kissed him. He kissed back his hands going to my cheeks and mine rested on his chest.

"I Love You." I whispered as I pulled back. Despite him being kidnapped, hurt, and halfway starved he beamed his 100 watt smiled.

"I love you too." And we kissed again. We broke apart to the sound of to the sound of Jerome saying, "Yuck! Couldn't they have waited until we were out of the car?"
I looked and saw Jerome wincing in the front seat.

"Oh shut up slime ball! You know if a girl was all over you, the last thing you'd be thinking about is some one's comfort." Patricia shot back.
Jerome stopped the limo at a stop sign.

"Of course I would. I actually have manners." He turned and winked at her.
I blinked and next thing I knew Patricia and Jerome were making out.

"You're seeing that too right?" I whispered at Fabian.

"Well if you can't beat them, join em' right?" He whispered in my ear huskily.
I kissed him and he instantly licked my bottom lip and I eagerly granted him entrance.

"You should get kidnapped more often, it makes you sexier." I said as he planted kisses on my neck.

"You should rescue me more often, you're much more confident. I've never heard you say anything close to 'sexy'."
My phone rang and we jumped apart.

"Nina? It's Amber, we're waiting at the main road, where are you?"

"We're on our way," I said, looking at Jerome who had already started the car again. "We'll see you soon."

"Nina?" Fabian asked after I hung up the phone and put it on my pocket.

"We are...together right? This wasn't just a kiss because you were happy to see me?"
I looked at him and saw the old Fabian: shy, inspoken, unsure.

"Fabian..." I said waiting until he looked at me. "I Love You, and I should have told you before last term ended. I hated wondering about 'us' all break. And now that I've got you back I'm never letting you go. And I know that sounds creepy, but what I'm trying to say it-"

"Nina?" Fabian said interrupting my rambling. "I'll take that as a yes. So shut up and kiss me...girlfriend."
I smiled. "Sure thing...boyfriend."

And I did

So that's the end...I was gonna keep going and have them trying to keep Rufus away and more adventures and what not but I like this ending. PM me if you think otherwise.

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