Warlock in Service


I ducked as the Uzi opened fire on where I was just standing. The Red Court thug yipped its high pitched laughter as it closed in on my position. But then It thought I was a White Council lackey. It did not know I served the Grey Council.

I gripped the shafts of my twined, skull headed canes, took a deep breath, and struck. The blessed silver plated horns on the skull slammed into the goon's gut, robbing the black bat-thing of its breath. A minor silver burn caused a puff of burned flesh smell, before I uttered the Word of Power.

It dropped the Uzi. The body flew across the room to smash into the wall, breaking every bone in its body, before the flesh burned from the inside out. Quickly all that is left of the thing is the pile of ash and the impact mark on the wall.

By the Gods, I love my Power. There are times that the Price I pay is worth it.

Tucking the Uzi into my messenger bag, I move towards the doorway out of this stone warehouse. As I hit the center of the room, eight more goons step from the shadows. Before any of the nine of us could take this little dance to the next level, the eight of them screamed, before they exploded in flame.

"It wasn't me."

Picking through the ashes, picked up a few knives. The with the help of my canes, I stumbled out into the night.

I later learned that at that one moment, all Red Court Vampires were wiped off the face of our relatity. And my Code, Honor, Ethics, what have you, demanded that I repay the bastard who pulled my ass out of the fire.

I then learned he was DEAD.

Or was he?