Hey guys. I think I'd like to say thank you everyone? Man, even while this story wasn't active it still got a shit ton of traffic. I'm so happy to announce that now, roughly three years after the initial start of 'The Little Things', I will be rebooting it here, now, and updating as often as possible. I decided doing this was easier than editing and updating the old one. Please R&R to help me to continue to improve!

This story starts inside the borders of the Archadia. Journey farther, if you will, and discover the bustling Archades – the capital of the flourishing empire. And at the center of this rushing, blurred city is a palace. A grand palace made of only the most beautiful marble, flags mad of the most expensive cloth. Those flags decked the grand halls with signs of the ruling dynasty, with tired, drowsy guards beneath them.

Look up to the top and see a grand balcony with a shimmer of light coming from inside the large glass doors. The sliver of light leads past the expansive bed where the ruling emperor lay akimbo in the sheets, slowly waking from his dreams as the warmth of his wife grudgingly left the bed.

She made herself suitable to be seen in public, cursing the humidity of the gray and raining sky. The dark blues and grays of the royal bath reflected the mood of the sky. Reviewing herself in the mirror, she stepped out of the tiled room and into the bed chamber. She turned once to grab her books and turned again to see a tall, dark shadow leaning in her direction. She smiled sleepily as Emperor Larsa Solidor held her tightly, mumbling morning grogginess into her hair.

She smiled to herself despite the fact that he was causing her to be tardy again. The man was a huge world power, controlling on of the biggest kingdoms in Ivalice – but he also had softest heart as well. She waddled him back to the emperor-sized bed and pushed his arms off, causing him to tip over onto the blankets. He tried his best to articulate that he wanted her to stay, but the only sound that was made was a small grunt of "stay." She placed a kiss on his forehead as he drifted back to sleep. The young woman left for her studies at the Akademy.

This story has started inside the bedroom of Larsa and Ria Solidor.