Marie stared at the dog tags, tears glistening in her eyes. She swiped at them, angered at her inability to control her emotions. She was so sick of this. Moping around all of the time because he wasn't here. Her classes were dull, and training held no entertainment without his presence. You can't base your happiness on a guy.

He was rarely there anymore. He was always leaving, and she recognized his receding back, more easily now than she did his approaching front. She'd been miserable for too long. Marie had been here two and a half years. She was 19 years old with nothing to show for it. She'd tried out teaching, but it didn't make her happy. Everything in this place reminded her of him. And she couldn't handle it anymore. It was time for a change. She'd given her farewells to everyone at the school, and promised to visit.

She was no longer a mutant. The cure had worked. She could have a normal life, without killing people accidentally. This was the right choice…wasn't it?

Marie stared around the bare room. She had a lot of memories invested in this place. Good and bad. Smiling wistfully, she traced a small hole in the wall where he had accidentally smashed his elbow while they were sparring.

Still clasping the dog tags in her left hand, she picked up the envelope lying on her bed. Her former bed.

The only thing decorating the envelope's front were the slanting letters that spelled out Logan

As Marie reached the door, she glanced back at her room, one last time. She wasn't just leaving memories and friends. She was leaving Rogue behind, forever.

Storm hugged her carefully, eyes brimming with tears. Marie gave her a watery smile in return and handed her the simple envelope.

Storm glanced at it, but said nothing.

"For when he comes back. He'd be pissed if I didn't at least say goodbye. " She chuckled softly, unconsciously fingering the dog tags around her neck. Storm nodded solemnly.

Marie squeezed her hands once more, before releasing them and heading to the door. She paused, her hand grasping the knob. "Please…don't tell him where I went. I really need a new start. "

Storm considered this for a moment, looking hesitant. With a little sigh, she nodded.

Marie smiled weakly, and then disappeared around the door, finally prepared to start her new life.

Sam glanced up from wiping the bar as the door creaked open. His mouth fell open as he surveyed the customer. It was a girl with dark, dark red hair trailing down to her back, dressed in simple jeans and a blue blouse. Her eyes were brown and they shifted around the bar searching for something. None of this was particularly unusual. What made Sam's jaw drop were her facial features. They were a perfect replica of Sookie Stackhouse. But she wasn't Sookie. He could clearly see Sookie in the corner waiting on an older couple. So who was this girl?

She walked forwards, looking around timidly. Sam watched her curiously, the rag in his hand forgotten.

Marie stared around the bar, looking for her cousin. She hadn't seen her in forever, and wasn't even really sure what she looked like. The bartender in front of her was staring at her very obviously. She avoided his gaze, and almost died with embarrassment. Maybe she should have waited outside? But Sookie had said it was fine . . .

She shifted her feet awkwardly, still standing by herself until a redheaded waitress came up to her. "What the fuck?"

Marie's eyes widened, as the woman stared at her expectantly. Was she talking to her? Marie cast a hesitant look behind her. No one was there.

"You know I'm the only redhead at Merlotte's and I always have been. How could you be so fricking selfish? God! I'm telling Sam." The woman gave her a nasty look and said as a parting shot, "It looks so fake. I liked you better as a blonde."

And with that she strode away, fuming. Marie stared after her, thoroughly confused.

Just then, her exact replica walked up to her. The only difference between them was the hair. The blonde looked dumbfounded when she saw Marie, and then burst into laughter.

"Oh my gosh. You must be Marie. This is just freaky. Didn't think cousins were able to look so similar."

Marie laughed uncomfortably, still freaked out. "Me either. You must be Sookie. Thanks for agreeing to everything. I can't thank you enough."

Sookie waved her hands. "Don't be silly. We're family."

Marie smiled back. Sookie was being incredibly gracious, considering Marie's parents had basically cut Sookie and her relations out of their life. They preferred not to associate with "people of their character" as they had put it.

Sookie clapped her hands together. "You must be exhausted. I told Arlene I'd cover for her so I'll be working later than usual, but I want you to get settled in. I'll call Jason, my brother, to come pick you up. You're welcome to everything in the house. Do whatever you need to get comfortable. I finally moved into Gran's room, so there should be more than enough room in mine."

Marie nodded gratefully. Sookie was an angel. She was one of the nicest people Marie had ever met, and the type of person you just gravitated towards. They chatted for a bit, and then Sookie introduced her to her good-looking boss, the one who had been staring at her awkwardly. At least she knew why now.

Sookie had to get back to work, so she left Marie by Sam. They chatted for a while. Sam turned out to be very easy to talk to, and didn't pry. He was rather sweet.

They were discussing accents, when someone tapped her on the shoulder and drawled seductively. "Don't think I've seen you 'round here before. I'm- Aarrrgggg" He gave a yell and stumbled backwards when she turned to face him, questioningly. "Sook, Jesus Christ! What did you do to your hair?"

Marie sighed, "I'm not Sookie. I'm Marie. Her cousin."

He stared at her for a long minute, and then reached out and pinched her shoulder, hard. "OW!" She shrieked, recoiling from him.

His eyes widened incredulously. "You aren't Sookie! She woulda hit me!" Still staring, he reached his hand forward and poked her cheek with a finger. "Woah." Marie wasn't sure what to do, so she just sat on her chair, looking uncomfortable.

Sookie walked over to them. "Marie-Jason. Jason-Marie." She smiled reassuringly at Marie, and then grabbed her brother's arm, pulling him to a corner.

Marie took a sip from the coke Sam had given her earlier, and waited silently. After a minute they walked back towards them. Jason clapped his hands together, smiling at Marie. "You ready to go?"

Marie nodded, hopping off of her stool. Sookie gave her one last smile,and Marie returned it before following Jason out of the bar.

It was already around eleven, so it was simply muggy instead of searingly hot outside. Jason walked over to a huge truck and opened the door for her. He'd already put her stuff in the back. She stared up at the ominous vehicle before clambering in. Jason got in on the opposite side, and then fiddled with the radio. He stopped on an upbeat country song and glanced over at her. "It's so freaky. You and Sook could be twins."

Marie nodded, twiddling her thumbs. Jason pulled out of his parking spot, shaking his head. They drove in silence for awhile, until Jason seemed as though he had finally dealt with the look-a-like deal. Then he relaxed and they started a conversation about Bon Temps.

"It's still a little backwards, you know. But once everyone gets used to ya, it's a nice town." They were driving down a pretty deserted road, surrounded by trees.

"I think I'll like it here." Marie offered somewhat truthfully. Jason nodded and they turned onto a a road leading to a relatively large house, that looked old but well looked after.

They both got out when he parked the car, and he grabbed her suitcase out of the back. They walked to the door and he unlocked it for her. She moved to go inside, when he grabbed her shoulder "You want me to stay until Sookie gets home?"

Marie shook her head immediately. "Thanks, but I'm just going to shower and get unpacked. I'll be fine."

Jason nodded and set her stuff in the door. Marie went inside and turned back to face him. He rubbed his neck and said in a friendly tone, "All right. Give me a call if you need anything." He handed her a slip of paper which she accepted, smiling. "Thanks."

He nodded and walked back to his truck. She watched him until he got in, then swung the door closed.

Marie spent a while exploring the house, careful not to displace anything. It was quaint and comfortable, the sort of place you could feel at home in. After putting her stuff in the room she would now be living in, she grabbed a big fluffy, white towel from a cabinet and found the bathroom.

She hadn't showered in two days, and was excited at the prospect. The water was blissfully warm, and she felt the dirt and grime wash away and instead replaced with Sookie's scented shower gel. She had also borrowed Sookie's shampoo and conditioner, vowing to buy her new bottles. When the water started to become cold, Marie sighed, reluctant to leave her wonderful sanctuary.

She slid back the shower curtain, grasping for the fluffy towel. She wrapped it around her and stepped onto the bathmat. Her hair was still dripping so she grabbed a nearby towel and twisted her hair up carefully into it. She felt restored and wonderfully content.

Exiting the bathroom, she made her way to her new room, her bare feet slapping on the floor loudly. She thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye, but when she glanced back it was gone. Rolling her eyes she entered her room, and then turned to close the door. As she did, someone grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back in one swift movement. She shrieked in surprise as her attacker swung her around and pinned her against the bed.