Author's Note: I had a really difficult time writing this chapter, but I'm glad I finished. This chapter wraps up season one and the next one will branch into season 2. I know not a lot has happened because I didn't want Marie to get her powers back right away. but she does get them back. So far I've mostly been following season one's plot and not much else; however, when Marie gets her powers back, things will change. After this i'll be changing season 2 possibly a lot, and going more into the x-men world. I've never read the comics this is based completely on the movie. Marie's powers will change the way that I think they could. If you don't like that then don't read. Reviews are always appreciated as are critiques.

Marie drained her glass staring around the room glumly. Partners whirled around the dance floor, looking blissful if not necessarily coordinated. What's the point of being able to touch people without killing them if you don't get touched regardless? She's not a great dancer but she's not that awful.

Sookie had more offers to dance and she's in a foul mood. After Bill left she'd dragged Marie to Bill's with her. Marie had no interest in sleeping in the bed where Sookie and Bill fucked incessantly, so she slept on a comfortable couch downstairs.

Sookie had found a cute collie on the way there, and she slept with him upstairs.

When she woke up rather late, Sookie was in an awful mood and Marie had stayed out of her way. Neither really had the urge to attend Arlene's engagement party, but they really couldn't get out of it.

So they had both dolled up and put on a smile and headed to Merlotte's. And now Marie was sitting here by a grouchy Sookie jealously watching other people dance.

Sam had tried to talk to Sookie several times but she seemed especially pissed at him. Marie beamed when he extended a hand to her. "Care to dance?"

Marie nodded and slipped her hand into his, and was swept away to dance. Sam was a surprisingly good dancer, gliding effortlessly and leading her with ease. They didn't talk and Marie started to forget all of the drama of the past few days.

He was also quite warm, which wasn't unpleasant. When the dance ended, he led her back to her table and smiled charmingly.

After that Hoyt asked her to dance and then Renee. Sookie disappeared to the bar to go get something just as Rene deposited Marie back to her seat.

Marie sipped her drink for the remainder of time, and her brow furrowed when Sookie and Sam came back, looking shaken. Sookie only shook her head when Marie raised an eyebrow curiously.

They left early and Sam accompanied them back to their house. Once in the car Sookie explained that the mysterious killer had been in the bar hunting her.

Sam talked Sookie into staying with them and Marie had no problem with the good -looking man sleeping over.

Marie wiped her makeup off wearily and collapsed into bed, not bothering to listen to what Sookie and Sam were discussing.

Marie woke to the enticing smell of sausage and eggs and stumbled out of bed, not bothering to pull on her robe.

Sam was in the kitchen bare-chested, hair tousled in a very handsome way. He was chowing down on the food Sookie had made.

Sookie smiled at her and said cheerily, "Morning sleepyhead. Sam and I are planning on driving down to go check out a lead."

Marie rubbed her eyes blearily and sat down. "Okay. Do you want me to come with?"
Sam shook his head and said through a mouthful of eggs, "No. I actually need you to cover for us at the bar. If that's all right? I'll pay you double."

Marie blinked and nodded. "Yeah sure. Whatever I can do to help."

Sam smiled "Great. I know you'll do a great job."

Marie bathed in his smile until he turned his gaze to Sookie. "I'm just going to make a quick phone call and then we can get going?"

Sookie nodded, handing Marie a fresh plate.

After she finished eating, Marie got dressed hurriedly and Sam and Sookie dropped her off at the bar.

The bar is extremely busy and Marie does more work than she's ever had to. Amy, looking equally tired, works just as hard and they say very few words to each other. Tara's not there so the waitresses have to make their own drinks and Marie gets felt up twice. Without Sam there the people at the bar become more rowdy and courageous.

At around 1, they ushered the last of the customers out and collapsed at a table. Lafayette had left early and Terry was the only one at the bar with them. Amy and Marie talked while cleaning the tables, both dripping with exhaustion. Terry cleaned the fryers in the back, content to be silent.

At first the girls talk about silly things, but when Marie asks how she and Jason are doing, Amy breaks down.

"We're not doing great." Amy said, eyes sparkling with tears. Marie grabbed Amy and pulled her over to sit down, handing her a tissue.

Marie nodded and prodded her further, "Why not?"

Amy sniffled gently. "I did some things that he didn't approve of and things got out of control. I just, I really love Jason. I don't think I can-" Amy broke off and swiped at the tears in her eyes.

"Have you guys talked about this?" Marie inquired.

Amy looked up at her. "I tried to, but he didn't want to."

Marie stared at the table thoughtfully. "Maybe he just needed time to cool off. You should go home and talk to him, hon. If anyone can work through it you guys can. You're good for Jason."

Amy smiled tearfully and then sniffed. "You're right." She stood brushing stray hair off of her shirt. "Do you want a ride?"

Marie beamed. "I would love one."

On the way back, the two girls talked more about Jason. Amy sounded like she really cared about him. When they finally reached Sookie's house, Marie and Amy made plans to go do something outside of Merlotte's.

Marie entered the house to see furniture knocked everywhere, and Sookie and Sam cleaning up.

Sookie looked up at her and Marie opened her mouth. "Uh. What? Actually I really don't want to know."

Sookie smiled weakly and Marie bent down to help. At least everyone was okay.

The next morning Sam gave Marie the day off, saying she'd done enough. Marie tried to protest but surrendered. She really could use a day off. As they were eating breakfast, the phone rang and Sookie answered. Marie watched her facial expressions change, from sadness to anger.

When she hung up Marie prodded her. "What is it?"

"Amy's dead and Jason's in jail for her murder. They're saying he's the serial killer." Sookie said in a monotone voice.

Marie clapped a hand to her mouth, eyes wide. She had really liked Amy. Thoughts swirling, she listened blankly as Sookie planned to go visit him.

Sam offered to give her a ride but Sookie refused and soon both left. Marie slowly got up and stumbled to the shower, trying to block out all thoughts and feelings.

She spent the rest of the day watching TV, not even bothering to put on pants. She wore a sports bra and a pair of boxers that she might have taken from a certain mutant. Which wasn't creepy at all.

Around lunchtime she numbly prepared a TV dinner, too tired to cook. As she was waiting for the microwave to beep, she heard the door open and Sookie babbling away.

Marie peeked her head around the door to see Sookie and Rene. Marie glanced down at what she was wearing. Fuck.

She tiptoed as quietly as possible and snuck around the corner, heading for the stairs as the pair wandered into the living room. She'd just gotten up the first flight when she heard Sookie call, "Marie?"

Marie didn't answer and she heard Sookie say, "She probably went out. Okay how about that lemonade?"

Marie breathed a sigh of relief and entered her small room. Her room was a mess, as she'd severely neglected it for several days now. Reluctantly, she bent down to make her bed, brushing aside several shirts and pants.

Just then she heard a loud commotion and Sookie scream. Marie froze for several seconds, and then pounded down the stairs. When she got there Rene and Sookie were gone. She darted to check the kitchen and all she saw was a pitcher of spilled lemonade.

Had the murderer come and attacked Rene and Sookie? Marie swore and raced around the house, checking for any signs of a struggle. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the front door was wide open. She raced out the door and stared around, looking for any sign of where they'd gone.

Jason's truck was parked outside, and she imagined that Rene must have been using it. Just then a new vehicle raced up the road, slamming to a halt right in front of her.

Sam jumped out of it and asked with intense ferocity, "Where is she?"

Marie shook her head helplessly, "I- She's not. There was a-"

Sam pushed past her, strangely enough sniffing around the house.

"Sam! We have to find Sookie and Rene." She screeched impatiently.

His sniffing became more pronounced and he pushed past her again. He started running swiftly towards the graveyard, pulling off layers of clothing. Completely bewildered, Marie sprinted after him, and her jaw dropped as he shifted into a dog.

"The fuck?" Marie exhaled, still chasing him. Still, she'd seen weirder things.

She followed him farther into the graveyard, still far behind him. She leapt over a grave and gasped when she saw Rene in the distance, standing over Sookie, hands around her throat. She barely had time to process this as she saw Sam the dog jump at him, biting at his neck.

Marie raced forwards as Rene turned his anger on the dog, kicking furiously at it. When she finally reached them, Sam had shifted back into himself. Rene looked stunned but continued kicking him.

Gasping for breath, Marie jumped forwards, tackling Rene to the ground. He rolled her over and put his hands around her neck, squeezing until it felt like all of her air was gone.

As she desperately tried to gain more air, his grip slackened and he started choking for air too. She could feel a thrumming in her body, electrifying and wonderfully powerful. She reached her hands up and grabbed his face tightly, hanging on for dear life. His eyes bulged and she could feel his life being sucked away, feel it surging into her.

A strand of drool leaked down Rene's face as his eyes stared at her, pleading with her. And then he dropped to the side, completely lifeless.

Sookie ran to her and grabbed her shoulders, trying to hug her. Almost immediately she started spasming, eyes wide in confusion. Marie stared at her, trying to rip herself away. Slowly, painfully, she pulled away, resisting the urge to feel Sookie's life force surge through her. She could hear Sookie's thoughts, and Sam's like a buzzing in the back of her mind.

She gasped with relief when she broke their connection, falling into the grass, breathing heavily.

Sookie lay a few feet away, trying to recover. Marie panted and said "Don't touch me. I'm not safe."

She was trying to keep a handle on her emotions. How had this happened? She had been cured. She had!

Sookie looked to her left and Marie followed her gaze. Lying nearby was a incinerated body, slowly smoking in the sun. "BILL!" Sookie screamed, tears leaking from her eyes. Sam sat up, extremely naked.

Sookie was panicking, begging Sam to help her. Marie would have but she couldn't touch Bill. She watched as they buried him, doubting that he would be able to recover. Her mind strayed back to what had just happened. Her powers had come back.

She slumped against the grave, trying to keep the tears inside. She should have prepared herself for this, been ready for it. But instead she'd allowed herself to hope, to believe that she'd really cured it.

She would never be able to touch someone skin to skin. She would never have a relationship with anyone. Distantly she could hear something buzzing in the back of her mind, annoying and persistent. She focused on it and almost screamed when she realized what it was.

So much pain. It was Rene. Sookie's safe. Marie-what was that? She- with one hand- it was like- gotta move him.

Bill ohmygod Bill he's going to die. I can't . There's too much. And Rene. But Jason.

Marie shook her head fiercely. This was all a dream. She wasn't touching Sookie which meant she shouldn't have her power. She shouldn't be able to read minds. But she could. What did this mean?