Regan woke with a start from another nightmare. She gasped for air, and realized she was hyperventilating. Lisbeth woke up soon after, and then immediately began trying to calm her down.

"Regan, it's alright. Just breathe." Lisbeth said quickly, sitting up and turning on the bedside lamp. The wheezing teenager nodded and struggled to control her breathing. Soon enough, her breathing quieted and she managed to calm down.

Regan sat up slowly and wiped away at the sweat on her forehead. Lisbeth rubbed her back sympathetically and Regan gave her a weak smile.

It was 7:00 in the morning, and both girls got dressed. They kept everything packed incase they needed to make another hasty escape. Lisbeth decided that it was time to come up with a plan to bring down the sex trade operation.

"Where did they take you after you were sold?" Lisbeth asked, opening up her iBook and then accessing Word. Regan only had to think for a second before answering.

"Pittsburgh. The west side of town. They pretty much bring all the new girls to Jim's Motel. Jim is one of the group, so they get to stay there for free." Regan explained, shuddering at the memory of the place.

Lisbeth nodded and quickly typed down what Regan said, word for word. She also had a tape recorder going in her pocket.

"Do you know any of the leaders' names?" She asked next, looking up from the laptop.

"I was told to call the man in charge 'Sir', but I think I heard one of the other guys call him James." Regan said. By then, goosebumps were forming on her arms.

"But I'm not exactly sure. I was almost blacked out, because it was after one of my, um….sessions." Regan confessed, shivering again. Lisbeth felt a pang of pity, but decided to press on.

"Regan, I'm going to Pittsburgh to take down the men who did this to you. I know you don't want to go back there, so I'll find-" Regan cut Lisbeth off.

"No. I'm coming with you. I want to help you. I want revenge." Regan admitted.

"Regan. I don't think you really should-" Regan interrupted her again.

"Lisbeth, I'm coming with you." Regan said finally.

Lisbeth shrugged and raised a bleached eyebrow. She didn't argue back.

"Are you sure you can go back there?" Lisbeth asked after a few minutes. She doubted how Regan would react when she was faced with the men who had violated her countless times.

"I have to. I don't think the nightmares will stop until I do." Regan replied. She looked up from her hands to face Lisbeth.

Lisbeth saw the determination in the younger girl's eyes. But there was also a pleading that she couldn't ignore. "Fine. But we're heading out tomorrow." Lisbeth said. Regan nodded and then stood up.

"I'm going out for a smoke." Regan said, grabbing her lighter off of the bedside stand. She pulled her last cigarette out of the suitcase and exited the hotel room.

Lisbeth sighed and closed her laptop. She wasn't pleased that the 14 year old was coming with her. But the stubbornness reminded her of herself, so she respected it. Lisbeth had to admit; she like having Regan around. It was the closest thing she had to a sister she actually loved, except this one was younger.

Regan went outside of the motel and lit up the cigarette. She took a long drag from it, and leaned up against the side of the building. The young girl became lost in her own thoughts, and didn't see the van pulling up on the side of the street. She also didn't see the door open and two men come flying out until they were already on her, pulling her into the van.

Regan got out one good scream before her mouth was covered and she was thrown into the van. She prayed to God that Lisbeth had heard it in the room, and that she would come running out to the van any second. But the 24 year old didn't, and Regan watched as the door was slammed shut.

The van sat still for several minutes. Despite her struggles, the large men who had kidnapped her got her arms taped behind her back, as well as a strip over her mouth. She recognized two of them, both of which had had their way with her before.

Lisbeth swore under her breath as there was a knock at the door. It wasn't the knock she had taught Regan to use when she needed back into the room. She stood up, grabbed her knife off of the nightstand, and opened the door. To her surprise and suspicion, there was only a note taped to the door, and no one in the hallway.

Lisbeth took the note off and began reading the harsh handwriting.

Thanks for keeping out girl safe until we could get to her.

Lisbeth swore, louder this time, and ran out into the hallway. She quickly scanned the inside of the motel, but could find no trace of Regan, or her captors. A car horn caught her attention and her head snapped towards the front doors. She ran out into the street.

Just as Lisbeth got out onto the sidewalk, the van sped away, leaving tire marks on the pavement. Salander was sure that Regan was inside the van, and she wasted no time running back to her room and grabbing her bag. Lisbeth strapped it to her motorcycle and took off towards the direction the van had driven in.

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