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How to woo the resistant.


It had been over two months since 'The Press Release' capital letters implied, and things were slowly starting to calm down.

Tony had been summoned by the board and had somehow managed to charm them over with his ARC Reactor stats. He still had a large press following but that was nothing unusual at least now they had pretty much stopped attacking any Stark Industries employee and just stuck with him.

And the worst part of the last two months seemed to be ending. Pepper Potts, his most prized employee and friend of sorts that Tony had, was finally talking to him in a not-quiet-an-employee way again. The icy glares and cold, professional demeanour had gradually given way to the familiar teasing banter that lightened his days. It helped that for the last few months Tony had gone to most of his meetings, had been relatively quiet and professional to both the press and the board members. Also every couple of days Tony actually emerged from his basement and helped Pepper with her quadruple load of paperwork, something that Tony doubted had lost him any brownie points.

The two months of the cold shoulder treatment had been extremely painful for the man who had spent so many months dreaming of the amazing red haired woman whilst planning his escape from a cold Afghanistan cave.

"I had a plan." Tony thought to himself. "I was going to sweep her up into my arms and tell her that I loved her, but there were two problems with that. I had dislocated my shoulder in that bloody fall and she still thought that I was the same Tony Stark, playboy extraordinaire, who left. I had to show Pepper that I truly had changed, I'm not sure this was the best way to do it but it's my way." Tony unconsciously grimaced at Pepper as she worked at her desk opposite himself. Thankfully she was so immersed in her stock figures that she didn't notice that her boss was staring at her distractedly with a look on his face that wouldn't look out of place on a man with constipation.

"Thanks to this mess though, I doubt she would even think of me like a lover, a potential husband. I could show her but knowing Pepper she'd still try and keep it professional. Gods I hate that word. I could do it subtly. Slowly. Ease her into the idea." Tony's brilliant mind suddenly got to work on the idea.

"Well that's settled then I, Tony Stark, am going to court Pepper Potts, my personal assistant, without her knowledge."

"How the hell am I going to make this work?"

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