This started out as a one-shot parody vignette, but I was asked to follow up on the story, so it went for four chapters. You may have read this first chapter in my Jedi Vignette series.


Luke Skywalker was tired, so very tired.

His sister was tearing open the leg of his flight suit so she could slap bacta patches on his bruised and infected leg. Mara sliced away the pipe and engine tape he had used to brace his injured limb. He could feel Mara and Leia's concern for him through the Force. They were worried for him, but he couldn't build up enough energy to care about himself. A part of him died when the Eye of Palpatine exploded. Callista was gone.

In the distance he could hear Threepio greeting Artoo-Detoo followed by Han saying he picked up a signal from the debris field…an escape pod.

'It must be Cray, she decided to live after all,' Luke thought.

Mara worked the tractor beam and pulled the small pod though the shield. Once inside the lights on the hold door cycled green and the door hissed open. Mara walked over to the pod and peered inside. With a confused look she reached in a pulled out a small object.

Luke looked at the article in confusion. "What is it?"

Mara turned it over in her hands. "I think it is an old memory unit. Back in the day, you would have to use something this size to hold the same amount of information as our memory chips. It was made to update programing in shuttles or droids."

Luke turned and searched for his faithful droid. "Artoo, come over here." The small Astromech droid tweeted and rolled over to Luke. "Mara can you hook it up to him, it might be a message from Cray."

Mara nodded. She looked over the old piece of hardware and finally found a port compatible with the Artoo unit. She hooked up the memory drive and then flipped a switch. For a few seconds nothing happened. But then suddenly the droid shrieked. Its blue and silver dome spun around a few times and then the droid unit shot backwards hitting the bulkhead hard. Artoo sputtered for a moment and then with a sad sounding groan toppled over.

"Artoo!" Luke screamed as he limped over to the small droid. "Artoo!"

Mara and Leia helped Luke put Artoo back on his legs. Luke checked the droids output readings. "Oh no." The droid remained inert for a few more moments but then slowly lights appeared and the mechanical dome turned so the optical sensor faced Luke. The droid twittered and beeped a long series of sounds.

"Oh my!" Threepio called out in alarm.

Luke looked over to the protocol droid. "What is he saying?"

"I believe Artoo is having a functional melt down!" Threepio's mechanical voice took on a tone of panic. "Artoo said 'I couldn't do it, I couldn't leave you. I love you. Now we can be together and I can once again see the oceans of Chad. We are going to be in each other's lives for a long time.' He is making no sense at all."

Luke fell back to the deck, leaning heavily against the wall. "Oh Force." Luke muttered, not sure if this was dream come true or a nightmare about to happen.

"What is it Luke?" Leia asked concerned.

Luke turned to his friends. He said softly, knowing it for the truth as he knew the truth of his own bones, "Leia—Han—Mara…Threepio, this isn't Artoo…this is Callista.