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Jim Moriarty was standing calmly in the middle of a darkened warehouse as he waited. Normally he would be the one to keep others waiting, but this was a meeting he had been looking forward to for quite some time. He let the corner of his mouth twitch into arrogant half smile when he saw a black sedan heading toward him. "The other Holmes brother." The thought sparked a competitive interest in him and he readied himself for the entertaining conversation that was about to occur. Though his thoughts came to a rather disturbing halt when the back passenger door opened and a woman appeared. She shut the door behind her with one hand and the other holding a phone.

"What is this? Did the Ice Man feel that I am not worthy of his presence?" Jim asked in a lighter than air tone, but still audibly dissatisfied with the change in situation.

The woman looked up from her phone calmly. "Not all, Mr. Moriarty. He is unavoidably detained." She looked back at her phone, continuing the e-mail she was composing, and easily made her way over him. "However, he did want you to know that you did not go overlooked."

Jim watched her carefully and wondered what could possibly be holding up Mycroft Holmes. He had not set up any games lately. "Is that so?"

She lifted her gaze from her phone when she stopped a few feet away from him and gave him a short smile. "Yes. He was quite upset that he would have to reschedule your meeting." Her eyes fell back to the phone again.

Jim was starting to become annoyed with that phone. He always demanded the full attention of whoever he was talking to. "I never work on anyone's schedule." The words were low in volume and almost sinister. "Your boss should know that." The tone shifted again to be lighter and to appear friendly.

"He is well aware of your conditions, Mr. Moriarty, which is why I'm here." Her eyes did not leave the screen this time. "Shall I ask what day would be convenient for you, or will you contact him yourself?"

His jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed. He had had enough of that phone.

She was too distracted to notice Jim's change in attitude and could do nothing to prevent him quickly snatching the phone out of her hands. At first she wanted to scream at him to give her the phone back, but Mycroft had warned her about him and decided to react much differently.

"Mr. Moriarty, might have I have that back?" She asked politely holding out her hand.

"Oh, no no. I quite like this arrangement much better." Jim flipped the phone in his hand looking at it briefly. He looked up at her and saw that she was becoming nervous. "Don't worry, my dear. There's nothing on this phone I don't already know." His thumb pressed the power button to turn it off and then he slipped it into the inside pocket of his suit jacket. "Yes, this is much better. I require a person's full attention."

She let her hand drop and took a deep breath. "All right, you have my attention. Shall we get back to business?"

Jim let himself smile a little at how she had changed. Less nervousness. He could physically see the boldness in her come out and replace the nerves. "Yes, to business. I will be contacting your employer. And do tell him that I do not like to be kept waiting."

She nodded keeping her eyes fixed on his. "Yes, sir. Anything else?" Her eyebrow quirked slightly to punctuate the question.

"I'll be keeping your phone as insurance." Jim replied sliding his hands into his trouser pockets. "Just a little something."

"I cannot agree to that." She said as she absentmindedly took a step forward.

"Surely Mycroft Holmes can afford to get you another one." Jim watched her move toward him wondering what she was going to do. Most would have fled and accepted the loss.

"He could, but he would be most dissatisfied if I simply let you keep my phone." She held out her hand again. "Now, if you would hand me back my phone, we can both be on our way."

Jim took a step forward casually to almost close the space between them. He looked down at her and smirked. "Make me." His voice was dangerously low, but held no tone of danger.

She looked back at him studying his eyes for any clue of what he would do, but could find nothing that meant harm to her. The first thing she thought of was to try and take the phone by force, but she knew that he would overpower her easily and the proximity only prevented her from attacking him successfully.

Jim waited patiently watching the ideas flow through her head. There was one idea, however, that he did not see because as soon as she thought of it, she acted almost impulsively.

Her hands slid around to the back of his neck and she quickly pressed her lips to his before he had time to react. She was tense, only for a short moment before she relaxed knowing she would have a better chance at getting what she wanted.

He had not expected this, but returned her kiss without hesitation thinking that she would end it when he did. The kiss did not end there as he thought, but he felt the gap between them close as she pressed her body into his. Her fingers were threading into his hair and his focus was starting to shift from the little game of theirs to how warm and soft her lips were. He could not let his focus be shifted and refused to let a woman be the cause of it. His focus had almost returned back to normal, but was shifted again when he felt her bite his bottom lip and pull gently. That seemed to be the final straw for him. His hands slid beneath her open coat to rest on her hips as his tongue slipped from his mouth and into hers with no difficulty.

She did not even flinch once he started to respond entirely. This was the plan. To distract him and it seemed to be working. She had not thought it would work, but she had clearly been wrong. Once she felt his hands inside her coat and his tongue slipping past her lip effortlessly, she felt her pride start to swell, but pushed it back down. No early celebrations. She could celebrate after she had her phone back.

An unexpected moan slipped from her mouth when his arms winded around her waist and pull her closer to him. She felt embarrassed by it, but could not help enjoying the feeling. Her own tongue glided across his as her hands slid from hair and down his chest until she found the buttons of his jacket. They unfastened effortlessly and she soon could feel the soft cotton of his shirt under her fingertips. She deepened the kiss to try and further distract him. It earned her a love bite of her own, just like the one she had given him. A soft sigh escaped from her lungs while her hands roamed over his shirt carefully not wanting to seem too eager.

Jim felt a warmth starting to radiate from his body after hearing her moan and wanted more of it. His arms unwound themselves from around her waist and then slid his hands into her hair which surprised him. It felt like finely spun silk sliding between his fingers. He pressed himself closer to her, deepened the kiss further, and added more passion to it. His reward was another soft moan which stirred something in him. Her hands roaming over his chest felt like a teasing preview as to what they would feel like against his skin. He thought he might find out at this time.

The kiss was starting to make her mind go fuzzy. She could not hear anything beyond the small space they were in and she was finding the temptation to throw him in the back of the sedan growing stronger. Another embarrassing thought slipped into her mind. She had been kissed before, but nothing like this. Why did Jim Moriarty have to be the one to top everyone she had kissed? It should be wrong and not feel so amazing.

Soon she forced those thoughts away. One hand slipped down his chest to rest on his waist as the other carefully dipped into the pocket that held her phone. Her first two fingers trapped it and she wasted no time in sliding it out while stepping away from him.

His hands slipped from her hair as smoothly as they had in. The lack of warmth that was bordering on intense heat escaped and left her a slight chill that made her want to shiver. She kept her breathing in check, but could nothing about the flush that was sure to be on her face. He looked just as flushed as she imagined she did and could not stop the smirk that formed with a mind of its own.

"Thank you, Mr. Moriarty." She held up the phone for him to see before turning and walking back to the car.

Jim watched enter the sedan with his hands in his pockets again and a playful smile. "Another player. How refreshing."

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